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This is the Army Today.
Petty Officer Matt Gleeson tells the tale of a high tech wedding unlike any other.
Today we have the privilege...
It's a wedding thousands of miles in the making--
--with one partner taking their vows from Denver, the other in Baghdad.
It was the most convenient way to go ahead and get married--
--and it became a little bit more of a priority to move our wedding up--
--and so we decided that this was our best option to get married and do it over Skype.
Although proxy marriages have been around for a long time--
--having the option to actually share a ceremony online is relatively new.
This is the most unique ceremony that I've ever done.
I've done a lot of them in the chaplaincy and a lot of them in the civilian ministry.
This will be the first time actually doing one with the video cam--
--and with one of the spouses present.
Usually when there's only one spouse present at a wedding--
--you start getting a little nervous and wondering if the other one is going to show up.
This one, we just want to make sure we have a good connection so she doesn't disappear.
Advancements in communication and the internet have made it possible for service members--
--and their families to interact in ways never before seen in the U.S. military.
We're very fortunate in the fact that not only is Ash able to call me--
--but we are also able to Skype, so we usually see each other at least every other day, which is really nice.
At this time, place the ring.
Once we were actually able to start seeing each other, it was just that much better.
The communication of really being able to see each other is almost like being there but you're not.
The internet's making it possible for service members to get married in theater.
Now the only question is who's next.
Petty Officer Matt Gleeson, Baghdad. [cheering]
[♪techno music playing♪] That's the Army Today from Soldiers Radio and Television.