Hot Body at Home Workout | Perfect Form With Ashley Borden

Uploaded by LivestrongWoman on 01.08.2012

Hi, I'm Ashley Borden. Welcome to Perfect Form. Today, we're gonna be doing an awesome
in-home workout that requires no equipment, just your bod, and it's gonna be a 20 minute
round, as many rounds as possible within 20 minutes. We're gonna start with your warm-up,
and then you're gonna get into your circuit. And let's start with an Active Hurdler Stretch,
first. The important thing with this stretch is your placement of how you're gonna start
with your feet. So you wanna make sure you have about a foot in-between your knee and
your heel. You're gonna bring your fingertips down. Your back foot's gonna be based through
your first and second toe, and I want you to keep that back heel like it's a high heel.
As you push back, tuck your chin to your throat, look at your bellybutton, and then bring it
back down. So that's 1. So you're gonna go 3 times on each side. So you're gonna push
back, hold 1, and down. And you're gonna feel a deep stretch in the hamstring that's the
foot that's in front. And tuck -- 2. Real important that you tuck that chin when you're
doing it, so you get that nice stretch -- I don't wanna see you like this. And 3. And
down. And then switch feet. So make sure you have about a foot, fingertips on either side,
back toe is curled under -- 1. And down. And you're gonna push back with this heel -- 2.
And down. And one more -- 3. Feel that hamstring, and down. So, now we're gonna do what's called
Hollow Rocks -- Hollow Rocks are really good for activating that entire core and getting
everything connected. You're gonna start on your back -- we're gonna do 6 of them. Start
on your back. You're gonna take -- your hand grip is gonna be here: Hand, and then griping,
okay. You're gonna push those arms -- fire those triceps from here, and you're gonna
push them above your ears. You wanna keep them right in line with your ears. You're
gonna extend your legs long. If your hamstrings are really tight, you can start with your
legs up here. If you can handle going a little longer, squeeze your quads, squeeze your glutes.
Extend the arms long, and you're gonna rock -- 1, 2. Squeezing those glutes, reaching
through your toes -- 3, 4. Squeeze the bum -- 5. One more. And 6. And now we're gonna
do an Active Chest Stretch. So you're gonna extend your arms real long, fire your triceps,
fingertips are really wide, and then you're gonna throw the arms back -- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
One more -- 6. Nice. Okay, so now that we warmed up the whole body, now we're gonna
move into your circuit. So real quick about your circuit: You're gonna set your timer
on your phone. Or if you have an app that has a timer, you're gonna set it for 20 minutes.
I'm gonna go through the whole workout with you one time through for the full reps for
each exercise that we're doing, and then you're gonna continue doing it for the rest of your
20 minutes. And what's cool about this is that you go at your pace. So if you can only,
you know, do one round of everything within 20 minutes, great. If you can do five rounds
that's fantastic. Or ten. So you move at your own pace. Keep track of how many rounds you
did the first time -- and then you can go back, and when you do the workout again, you
can see how much stronger you got. Okay, so first thing I wanna start with are your Air
Squats -- Air Squats are tremendous for hamstrings, abductor, quads, glutes -- I love. So we're
gonna get into the position: You wanna start with your heels in line with your shoulders.
And your toes, if this is straight, are about 11 percent turn out from there. Again, hand
position: Hand holding, okay, because you're gonna be pushing. You're gonna sit back into
your heels, push your arms forward and push those knees out. Those are your cues -- 1.
Back -- 2. So really driving my hips back and pushing my arms forward -- 4. Good, keep
that bellybutton in -- 5. Big push back -- 6, 7. Make sure you're breathing -- 8, 9. Push
-- 10. Pushing those knees out on the way up and down -- 11. And push -- 12. Make sure
that you're really keeping your core tight -- 14, 15. Drop those knees below the tush.
I'm sorry, drop your tush below your knees, if you can. Three more -- 3. Push it back
-- 2. One more -- 1. Twenty, excellent. So now we're gonna move to your Posterior Fly's.
The position to get into there: You wanna have your feet in jump position which is a
little bit more narrow than your shoulders. And, you can see, I'm out of breath, so you
should be very out of breath and already feeling that heat. You're gonna go flat back forward,
tailbone out, and I want you to have hitchhiker thumbs right in front of you. You're gonna
bring your elbows back. I'm squeezing back and down. So the motion is similar to when
you're pulling down is the same feeling from here, okay -- Fifteen. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Notice
that I'm squeezing back and down. 8, 9. My belly's in. 10, 5. My eyes are looking straight
in front -- 4. Squeeze -- 3, 2. Very good. And 1. Nice. Okay, so now we're gonna move
to your Alternating Lunges. Now, Alternating Lunges: You're gonna see from the side, when
you step back with an Alternating Lunge, you wanna make sure that your weight's still loaded
in your front heel when you come up to the top. So I don't want you stepping back and
sitting back in your back foot. I want you to stay loaded in the front heel, push up
through your front glute -- 1. Then you're gonna reverse it. Down -- 2. Drop the back
knee -- 3. Again, keeping that core tight and keeping that aligned with your knees -- 5.
So we're going ten on each leg, twenty total -- 6, 7. Now, if this is too easy --8-- interlace
the hands behind the head --9-- it challenges your core more -- 10. Ten more. Drop it down,
and up -- 10, 9. Or the hands can be here -- 8, 7. Or if you need a little balance -- 6,
5. Take your time. Connect to the leg that's in front. Connect to this glute -- 4. Three
more -- 3. Very good -- 2. One more. Very good. Okay, last one I wanna do is a Hand
Release Push-Up. Hand Release Push-Ups are fantastic for really engaging your core, full-body,
especially upper chest, arms. And there's two ways that you can do it: There's on your
knees, which is a little bit more beginner. And then there's full-length body, which is
a little bit more advanced. I'm gonna start with the beginner to show, and then I'll show
the full-body. Okay, so you wanna start on your tummy, okay. The knees are gonna be bent.
Your thumbs are in line with the base of your chest, and your shoulders are back. I'm squeezing
my bum and squeezing my quads real tight, okay. You're gonna push up -- 1. All the way
down, release. Push -- 2. Very good, okay. So, now full: Squeeze the glutes, squeeze
the quads, same thing. Pull straight up -- 3. Release -- 4. One more, squeeze the quads,
squeeze the glutes. And 5. Very good. Okay, so that was the whole workout. And remember,
you're gonna set your timer -- you're gonna go through that entire circuit, not including
the warm-up, for 20 minutes. Make sure you keep a note of how many times you went through
the first time, so you can beat your rounds each time. And again, I want you to remember
the most important thing about working out is connecting to your body.