Canal do Otário (Sem Palavrões): Internet 3G MAX - Claro 29 [Eng / Esp / Bra Sub]

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Hi, How are you doing?! My name is Otário (Sucker)!
Guess what happened?
The CLARO Telecomunications gave me an amazing deal!
Besides they also gave me a next-generation mobile phone, Touch Screen...
And I will have access to the new 3GMax technology
which has the highest speed conection
And unlimited internet packages.
Woooow ... that's cooool!
Huff... For sure I'll be fucked, huh?
According to CLARO, you can navegate UNLIMITED on the INTERNET
and use the super 3GMAX speed, which is 3X faster than the standard 3G speed...
for just (about) $11/month (in the plans CONTROLE and PRE-Paid)...
and (about) $ 15 / month (Plan POS)...
or, navegate UNLIMITED at a speed of 1Mbps for just (about) $ 0.25 / day.
Well, in the ads, everything is wonderfull...
But the reality is quite different...
According to the dictionary, UNLIMITED means: - that has no limits, indeterminate, indefinite...
But in the CLARO documentation for the Unlimited plans, not only the speed is limited
But the amount of download is also limited,
And when you exceed this limit...
The speed drops to values that would make you missing that old little noise!
[dial-up noise]
The only thing that is UNLIMITED in this s@#$%&, is the f@#$%&*ing brazen (literally translating: wood face) of these SOB!
You are f@#$%&ing kidding me, right?
They are so SOB that they replaced the words DOWNLOAD LIMIT for the word Franchise
because this way, they're free to use the word UNLIMITED
It's something like this:
Imagine that you rented a Ferrari for one day...
to drive unlimitedly in a speed of up to 200 miles/h...
but your FRANCHISE is for just one kilometer... and when you overcome this distance...
you can still use your Ferrari Unlimitedly, but you will have to push it!
Cool, huh?
And to make things even worse, this super speed that they advertise, has no warranty at all!
Basically, what they are doing is the following:
Imagine that you went into a bakery that makes a beautiful cake...
divided into big slices of 250g for only $ 0.25 and you buy one of these slices...
The clerk gives you a slice of cake and you eat your cake very happy.
The next day, back to the same bakery, but this time is crowded...
And you see that delicious cake on the counter.
Then, you choose one slice, which has the same size as in the day before...
You pay the same $ 0.25 for it ...
however, when you receive your slice, you realize that the slice has only 20g...
and when you complain to the owner of the bakery, he says the following:
- This claim makes no sense, sir! - Didn't you read the sign?
- It clearlly shows that we do not guarantee the size of our slices!
- Although the price is the same, if the bakery is crowded, the size of the slice may vary.
What would you do?
a) Call the police
b) Spit in the face of the SOB
c) Shove a slice of 20g and $ 0.25, up in the anus of the SOB
d) Break down everything
e) All of the above
Because that is exactly what CLARO is doing to you.
In CLARO's contracts, besides being clear that they sell aproduct totally limited and unflexible!
They do not guarantee the speed they advertise...
This way it is easier to sell, eh champ!?!
Infinite speed! Unlimited download! But no f@#$%&* guarantees!
It's only guaranteed that the money is going out of your pocket and goes directly to their pockets.
Are you fucking kidding me?!
If they spend less money on fancy advertising
And use these values to train and pay better salaries to their employees...
or improve the infrastructure... Probably, we would have much better services
But it seems that their number one goal is to fuck the costumers...
And not to provide a good mobile or internet services
CLARO's President! Is it incompetence, or is it deliberate?!
[Counting down]
And this is not a CLARO's privilege!
All other mobile companies are using these methods to you fool!
They are selling beyond their operational capabilities...
overloading their towers, sites, networks services... and you are the one who gets screwed!
It's not a surprise that the fourth largest mobile companies in Brazil are competing to each other see who is the one o the top of the worst companies (by Procon), or websites like 'Reclame aqui'!
Or even the Anatel, which is the agency that should regulate this crap
Is there something wrong with the Brazilian Telecommunications?
How long will we keep watching this skit from Anatel pretending to regulate the market...
... as companies pretend that provide a decent service?
Don't f@#$#% with me!
The most efficient way to improve these services, is boycotting these bastards ...
Do not use data services provided by them!
But if you can not live without internet on your mobile ...
Use free wi-fi to connections ...
Available on bars, restaurants, cafeterias, malls, airports, libraries, hotels ...
... at your work, at the bakery, at the butcher... In many places!
And only use their services in very urgent cases!
Or if you do not have absolutely any other ways to connect!
if each of the 6 million customers that use these broadband providers ...
... did not use the internet for just one day, these companies will have losses up to 1,5 million dollars daily
Or about 500 million dollars per year!
The power to change this situation is in your hands!
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