Aam ka Pana Recipe

Uploaded by NishaMadhulika on 03.04.2012

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Indian traditional drinks like aam panna, bel ka sharbat, faalse ka sharbat,
nimbu ki shikanji, thandai etc give a lot relief from the heat of summers.
these drinks are better than artificial drinks available
in the market which contain artificial essence and colors.
today we will prepare aam panna which is effective in curing heat strokes.
Let's see what all ingredeints are required for making aam panna.
Raw mango - 1
mint leaves - 10-12 leaves
Sugar - 4 tbsp
pepper - 1/4 tsp
roasted jeera - 1 tsp
black salt - 1 tsp
aam panna is prepared in two ways.
we can boil mango first and then mix pulp with spices or we can boil only pulp and then mix it with spices.
Peel the raw mango first and cutits pulp.
make the small pieces of the big pieces.
Take these pieces of mango in a container and add 1 cup water in it.
boil these pieces till these become soft.
these pieces have become soft now and it tool 7 minutes to cook these.
Turn off the burner now.
we will grind it when it will cool down.
boiled mango is cooled now and put it in th ejar of the mixer to grind it.
add sugar, mint leaves, black salt and jeera in it.
add twp cups of water in it.
aam panna is ready.
you can drink it with or without rice.
garnish it with mint leaves.
relish the aam panna without any artificial essence.
prepare aam panna and share your experiences with us.
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