DMTN - Dalmatian Interview with K-Colors of Korea [English, German, Spanish, French Subs]

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Yo! We are DMTN, Dalmatian! Let´s say hi to our fans!
I always wanted to be a singer. Really.
I created choreographies to the songs of Manhwa or collected several cassettes and always told myself: „I want to be like him!“
When I was younger I was mostly interested in clothes.
That's why I always wanted to become a designer.
When I was a child I wanted to become Superman.
Hey! What's going on! I always wanted to be Batman.
Ah let's be superheroes together!
Even as a child I had imagined a lot of things. One was being an athlete, a film director and of course a singer.
You know the FBI or CIA that was one of my many wishes.
Oh! Maybe you are a...secret agent now...?
That's a secret...
It's strange because he leaves us every evening...
Ah!! That's a secret!
As a child music was to me like....
My parents never studies music but my dad for example taught himself to play the guitar
my mother sang opera and when I look at it like this I grew up with various music genres.
That's why I had a little interest in music the turning point was in school choir...
Do you say it like that…?
Yes.. I was in our school choir. When I joined my teacher said I had a beautiful voice and that my it was well suited for singing.
After I heard that I made progress and started to love music.
It started in second grade. My teacher told me: „Jeesu! Would you like to participate in a talent show- a competition?“
And I said: „Unfortunately I don't have anything what I could show. How am I supposed to take part?“
He then said I should partake as a representative of the class.
Then I did a cover dance to Psy's song “Sae” (bird)
That was in second grade??
Yes,...I was in second or third grade then.
When I went on stage the elation was very...
He laughs!
Don't laugh!
Yes, what was with the elation??
Yeah, the screams were incredible.
I was 20 at that time.
Go on.
Ok, where was I?
Oh yeah! When I heard the crowd I had goosebumps and after that I always wanted to perform on stage.
But the right thought with music started in middle school.
When I used to go to karaoke with my friends they said that I could sing well or that I was like a real singer.
Then I always thought: „Am I really that good...?“ That's how I started to make music.
In my case my parents had a big influence on me.
For me my environment was filled with music and music can be looked at as part of my life. The music has always agreed with me.
If you believe it or not, when I was two years old there were the Olympic games in 1988.
„Hand in Hand“ was the official theme song for the Olympics.
At that moment I was living in America.
My parents said, I sung that song in Korean and English.
I was just two years old back then.
The parents discovered my talent. However they didn't want me to follow the path of an artist.
But I saw it differently. I liked standing on stage- to sing there.
That's why I can say that music has always been part of me.
Yes... My dream was not to sing but I liked the clothes.
The Hip-Hop-pants were really in style at that time.
I actually wore size M but at that time I wore size XL and boots with size 47.
Then I entered the world of hip hop which turned into my profession later.
Ah....shoe size 47?
You actually wear size 42... Very bold!
My parents for example had the dream to be singers.
Yet they couldn't achieve their dream.
I was also influenced by them and loved it to sing and to dance.
Therefore I decided to fulfill the dreams of my parents.
Yes...We have heard even we have fans in Europe!
Wow!! I love it. It gives us courage and strengthens us.
It's not been too long ago that the European fans started to love K-Pop.
However it's really surprising to us how many fans love K-Pop. And we would like to come to Europe of course.
Unfortunately we didn't have the chance to go to Europe before but we definitely have the wish to see you.
You are really precious to us.
And we are looking forward to the day when we all can see each other in France, Germany, England, Italy, Spain – there are so many to mention.
What I would like to do is to buy a house for my parents,
all their debts paid and to support my sister with her tuition fees for university.
Personally, I want to become a good father, a good son for my parents and a good member of our group.
This question is really hard for me.
You should really think about it.
At first keeping my obligations to my family comes to mind. That's really important in life.
Second, I would like to succeed in my profession.
And at last I want to love someone endlessly.
We were only allowed three... So that's it for now.
I don't have a family picture hanging at home.
Therefore I would like to have a nice picture of my family taken.
You should do that soon!
And second: I would like to get married.
A friend who was really helpful to us recently got married.
We were at his wedding and on that day I thought that I will also get married one day...
We will sing on your wedding!
At last I want my name known to the world no matter what I'm going to be or do.
You have two names. Which of them? Inati or Jang Intae?
I would prefer Jang Intae.
Yeah~ You are a real man! Ok. Then your real name!
Yo, my family are my first concern. I want to take care of all of them and have a healthy life.
After that it's important for me to take care of my family's health.
If they are ill I would like to be able to support them.
Thirdly I wish for a profession in which I can still carry out happily.
I love the Alps and would like to eat chocolate there.
I see! And to yodel!
We have been traveling a lot since childhood.
But my wish would be to fly to Europe
and to backpack for 2 months and make a tour through Europe by train.
It's even more fun by yourself!
I also really like to travel by myself especially to Europe and Italy.
There is no specific reason for that. Naturally I would also like to travel to other countries
but my parents met in Italy for the first time.
That's why they always fly on their own to Italy without us on every anniversary.
I've never been there before.
I know at which airport they've met. Someday I will be at that airport as well.
Maybe you will meet your future wife.
Yes, maybe...maybe not... but probably not.
And something else, but later I would like to visit North Korea.
That country is close however it's not possible to go there.
How about you?
I want a trip around the world because I really wish I could have been to every place.
We could do that together!
We will travel to Columbia and somewhere else.
Then I'll be your bank.
My wish is to do a trip around the world with my family, alone or with my group and to try a lot of different local dishes.
Ah! We have a plan for September.
Terrific something we can strike from our list.
To be honest,...
Please lie now!
In fact I feel like I have been on a journey for six years now.
At the beginning when I came to Korea I didn't know Korean. I am still not that good....
But you are good!
The six years have been precious and I will stay longer.
In fact I miss my mother so much that I get homesick.
For these reasons it feels like a journey now.
Looks like you are going home.
Ah! So you're going home!
Stop it now!
Should I start?
No, I would like to say it first.
In the South of Korea, Kyeong- Sang – Namdo, the town Tongyeong is also called the Asian Napoli.
The seafood is really famous and you can see the sea.
If you are bored you can go into the sea, catch fishes, visit the fish market, eat oysters and try Chungmukimbab.
It's a place where you can relax easily. Go there!
I have a good idea for the people from Germany.
In the South of Korea, Kyeong- Sang- Do Namhae!
There is a German village.
After the Second World War a lot of nurses got sent to Germany.
Those people returned to Korea later and built a village where only those people lived together.
They are living like a family until now. Go visit them!
My personal suggestion would be the Haeng- Ju- San- Seong where we currently are.
There are many famous and good restaurants which are close to each other.
From our residence it only takes 2 minutes to the landmarks. We live close. Come visit us!
Since we are living here now it didn't cross my mind.
But it is a really historic city and that's why a lot of people come to visit.
In addition to that the air is really fresh and healthy but most of all the distance between Seoul and Haeng-Ju-San-Seong is short.
What I want to show you is a place where you can have fun and enjoy yourself.
Who wants to do it? Do you want to?
Yes, first Shinsadong- Alley...
There are a lot of places where you can drink your coffee or go shopping in the Shinsadong- Alley.
Like I mentioned before, I talked about North Korea...
If it was me I would suggest Panmunjeom.
Only foreigners can visit although I have been there before.
You have to sign up first to be able to visit.
It was a different experience than usual and very interesting.
Indeed I have the dream of becoming a world-known Korean star.
Which role would you like to have?
I would be the werewolf.
A large amount of vampire movies are being released at the moment and I would like to have a role as a werewolf.
It doesn't have to be a lead role it's enough if I can be part of it.
Just a scene where you're running? Or where you are standing in the corner?
Ah, I just want to be a werewolf.
To be an agent is not that bad either or being part of an action movie would be good.
Do you know the movie “Ray”?
I like the role of Jamie Foxx.
He also looks like Kim Heung Guk (an old Korean singer)? - Well,
Jamie Foxx is really cool. If I would get such an opportunity, I would do it.
I want to be part of fantasy movies.
Ah.. It would suit you.
Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings...
You would be really good as "Gollum".
I can copy Gollum well.
Should I act it out? Count to three. Three. Two. One.
Is everything okay? I'm open-minded. You can choose me. I can do anything.
With me,... I don't know if I can do it.
Yes, yes, you can do it.
Since my childhood I always wanted to be/act the Italian mafia.
My favorite movie is "The Godfather".
It's good, isn't it?
How old were you when the movie came out?
Before I was born.
When I look at you, you like music and movies that got released prior to your birth.
You were born in the wrong time. You should be older than I am.
If I could be in a Hollywood movie,
I would like to be a friend of the main actor in a comedy.
Recommendable for foreigners is the movie: "Brotherhood".
I watched this movie with my brother and cried a lot.
It was really touching.
The movie "Ray" which I mentioned before.
If you haven't watched it. You should. I highly recommend it.
The content is fascinating and the music is also really great.
At first I would like to recommend the comedy "The Beast and the Beauty".
It's really funny mixed with something romantic.
And you definitely have to see "Nameless Gangster"!
There are so many movies I would like to show you.
One which I have seen with the group was really impressive.
A European or rather French movie: "Intouchables".
It's about a rich man and a young African man who is living under bad circumstances.
These people then become best friends that also tells a true story at the same time.
It was really impressive. You definitely have to watch the French movie.
Nothing comes to my mind right now since it's so sudden.
I really know various of movies.
I will introduce you to one.
"Ben Hur" is an old movie which I have seen with my grandpa.
It's the most exciting and fascinating movie from my childhood til now.
From Michael Jackson. Muster.
Of Michael Jackson Muster?
Monster! Monster!! I would recommend you “Monster”.
What are you doing?
It's my way to sing.
I recommend you “Monster”.
I listen to the song “Guilty” of the Korean Rap-Band Dynamic Duo a lot.
The lyrics are really good and convey the lyrics really clearly.
I suggest to listen to the whole album of Dalmatian which reflects a sad feeling.
Just in case you haven't listen to our song yet, give it a try! I recommend it!
Hm... there is a song which I currently listen to a lot which gives me a lot of strength.
The song will certainly give you strength as well. Recommendable.
The song "Bubibu" of A Pink.
Ah! A Pink!
It doesn't give me any strength.
It does for me... it does...
For me.. it doesn't.... it does! Hwaiting!
I want to recommend you something of Mun Myeong Jin.
I want to guess! "Can't sleep night"!
He always listens to it and in the car it's so loud.
The artist Mun Myeong Jin was my teacher or rather a close friend who helped me at the beginning when I came to Korea.
I started listening to it since last week.
Because you couldn't sleep?
Yes, that too. The song is really beautiful.
(they're guessing)
That's not English.
Eins! Something like this...?
Round 1! Is that right? Is it?
I solved it!
Wow~~ During high school I've invested a lot of time into German.
Don't lie!
Support me guys!
I'm giving my best!
So... I want to try the next one.
(they're guessing)
I know! (the others: Me too!)
Okay, I will guess first.
(they're guessing)
The pronunciation til "Ch" sounds like this..
(they're guessing)
I know!
Give me a chance, Jeesu! Lovercop!
Wow~ You're good...
Yes. Right. Polist... Polizei...Lovespolice~ oh that...
That's it! Goodbye~
No, no that's "Drive".
Yeah! I got it!
Also, we have tried to read it right. We are not that good...
Guten Tag! We will greet you in Europe as soon as possible.
Wait til then and we know that you will cheer us on and support us.
All the encouragements- we will treasure them wholeheartedly and we will give our best on stage.
Until now it was: Dalmatian. Dankeschön!