Aasuvaasam - Tamil Short Film

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'Aasuvaasam' - The Solace
Maria in your church
I lit the enlightenment
Maria in your church
I lit the enlightenment
Mary, for your appearance will change the destiny
Mary, for your appearance will change the destiny
Mary, for your appearance
Marry, for your...
Sorry mom, i'm late
- No matter, i'm delighted that you came - I know you rejoice over
- You come so rarely, but try to come more often - Yes, i will mom
In the kitchen, the water line is leaking, could you send someone to look after ?
My friend know someone who can fix that
Hello sir
- Are you Bala ? - Yes it's me
- Do you do the handwork ? - Yes, i can
- In my mother's house, there is a leaking pipe in the kitchen - Yes i can do that
Please can you help me ?
- Where is your house ? - Around here
So, give me your phone number
- Hello madam - Hello, come
Your son told me that you have some problems in the kitchen
Yes exactly, the is kitchen is on my left
- Hello ? < - Mom ? >
- Priya ? < - Yes mom >
Yes tell me, what are you doing ?
< Meera has fever, that why i went at the doctor >
When you came to see the doctor, why you couldn't come at home ?
< Yes, but I had a lot of work at home >
Without your father, i'm here alone
If one of you comes to visit me, i would be happy
- Tomorrow is the anniversary of the death of your father... < - Yes i know >
I thought you had forgotten it
< - Do you want to make a memorial meal ? > - Yes, a small
Could you take a little time and come over ?
< Shall i come and cook ? >
No, i'll cook, you do nothing
I will cook and i'll wait for you
< Ok mom, sure, i'll come >
< Tomorrow, i shall again with Meera to the doctor and then i will come with Meera >
< - All right ? > - Do not forget
< I will not forget >
< - See you tomorrow > - Ok
< - I hang up mom > - Ok
Madam, i have no tools required
I will get it and come back again tomorrow
- Hello madam - Hello
I have bought a new cable, i will fix it
Yes, come
It rings, but he does not answer
let's call Priya
- Priya ? < - Yes mom >
- Where are you ? < - Sorry mom, i'm still at home >
I cooked and since this morning i was waiting for you
< Meera has a fever again, and Vikram is still at work, so i couldn't come >
If you do this, i feel let down... I have only you
If you leaves me so alone, what i'll become of me ?
< Why are you crying now ? You was crying all the time ! >
< If the child is sick, why you can't understand it ? >
I am so lonely as an orphan
< Who said that you are an orphan ? >
< Stop crying now... I will be there soon >
- Ok < - When Vikram comes home, i'll leave Meera with him, and i'll come >
< On the way i'll try to call my brother and come with him >
< Please don't cry mom... >
Don't take it wrong
Like our culture, think that this meal it's for god
I heard your phone conversation
Are you busy ?
No, i was watching TV
Can i take you out with me..?