The Rules & Basics of Soccer : Knowing the Basics of Soccer

Uploaded by expertvillage on 22.02.2008

Hi, my name is Christopher Howell with Expert Village and today I'm going to talk to you
about how to watch soccer and it's basics. Is the goal keeper. The goal keeper has a
goal line in which they can, inside that goalie box, not the net itself but they'll actually
have a white line across the floor which is called the goal box. Anywhere within that
goal box, they can pick the ball up with their bare hands. Only the goalie can do that. Once
he leaves that goal box, he can no longer pick that ball up with his hands, he's got
to use his feet just like anyone else. Those right there are the basics. The goalie can
use, pick up the ball right there within the goal distance. If the ball goes out of bounds,
you know it's the other team's ball and you'll have the side official will say, you know,
whose ball it is. Or you'll have the actual official on the field who says you know, it's
this person's ball, whichever is the easiest and the quickest way to kind of see what's
going on. You know, no hand balls, anything from the shoulder down is considered a hand
ball and you've got to play the ball, not the other person. That's your basics.