CGRundertow SAINTS ROW: THE THIRD for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

Uploaded by CGRundertow on 25.08.2012

I feel like character customization has really gotten out of hand. For some reason, people
think...yeah, it’s very important to be able to adjust the height of a character’s
skull and the width of his irises. I mean, there’s detail and then there’s...who
does this stuff? But you know, I gotta hand it to THQ. Labeling my hairstyle “voluminous?”
Used in a sentence, “My Derek, your hair is so voluminous.”
Flattery will get you everywhere, Saints Row: The Third.
So this freaking game and I got off on the right foot. And by the right foot, I mean
the foot that flatters me and makes endless customization options seem somehow seem necessary.
Yeah, give me a thong, because when I do wear underwear, it’s usually something unusual.
And yeah, let’s steal guns from a military base. Sounds good to me, Saints Row.
Frankly, you had me at Star Wars. And “do ****.”
Saints Row is basically Grand Theft Auto with a sense of humor. You’re a member of the
Saints, and the Saints are like N*Sync, only a criminal version and more so. So as you’re
robbing a bank, a hostage might ask for an autograph.
Later on, you can beat up the hippie guitarist.
Celebrities get away with murder. Literally.
It’s just all so wacky and over the top. There’s a mission in which you fall out
of a plane, you grab your friend, you pull the chute, but then...well...
And all this craziness contributes to that sense that you can do whatever the **** you
want, but what I actually like most about the game is feels streamlined, too.
The freedom is there, but personally, I prefer a more linear experience like you’d get
from a shooter. And the game blends those two approaches really well.
In terms of motivation,’re in a new city, your gang wants to be number one,
you do that by **** **** up. The game constantly throws you some insane new gameplay elements,
so doing so is never repetitive or boring. And the more carnage you’re causing, the
more respect you earn...and respect earns you upgrades.
Just like real life.
There are certainly people who should avoid this game, particularly children. Nonetheless,
if you dig fun gameplay and lots of customization, if you’re able to laugh at the ludicrou,
Saints Row: The Third is a must-play.
But for the love of God, respect the parking lines. Have some decorum!