''As Vapour'' - An Everloop Film & Original Poem

Uploaded by beauch on 28.07.2011

My name is Amara Mansaray.
I am nine years old.
I am from Freetown, Sierra Leone.
The war came in from our selfishness.
And no love within us.
It was a struggle time.
They never came back among us.
So there is no home.
Since then, I cry.
"Demons in him," they say.
So Mama left me on a doorstep.
I can never, never forget it.
Grandmother raised me.
No money for food. Selling only bushsticks.
She feels she will never make it.
There was a change. Attention you paid to human beings.
I extend greatness and kindness to what they do.
Today is a new beginning! My heart is rejoicing!
Great hope to be educated. To be a great man in society.
For me, I like to win souls for the Lord.