Food City Kitchen On WVLT, Chef Walter and Jan Charles - Kale Chips

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bjbj Walter: Kale; everybody knows you chop it up, put it in a pot, and you cook it all
day. Jan: You can. Walter: But you don t have to. Jan: You don t have to. I will say, this
is a magic trick. This is one of those things that is so awesome. Walter: I have seen this
so often and I don t believe it yet. I just know it s worked every time [inaudible: 00:23].
Jan: I know you take this green, which my son says tastes earthy, and you end up with
this crispy, fabulous . . . it tastes like a potato chip. Walter: All right. If you say
so. No, I know. I ve tried it, and it still doesn t make any sense to me, but it works.
Jan: I told you we had been experimenting a lot with how to make it just right. My daughter
s suggestion was cover it with butter; I thought that was a little counter to what we were
trying to do. Walter: It does go directly opposite to this. Jan: Right. Instead of tossing
it in olive oil, which after it s done, I think it s just oily, no matter how little
you use. Walter: Exactly. Jan: I got the olive oil spray. Walter: I have to tell you, in
the weight management program that I ve been a part of for the last 4 years, we swear by
the spray. Jan: I have not used many cooking sprays, but this time, I have been converted;
I m a big fan. You want some . . . Walter: But not too much. Jan: . . . but not very
much. You do want to make sure that you re getting both sides of everything. What I do
lay it all out here. You also don t want to crowd it. If you crowd it . . . Walter: If
it overlaps, the magic doesn t happen. Jan: . . . the magic doesn t happen. It steams,
is what happens. We re going to pretend I just did all of those. A little bit of salt,
and I use Kosher salt, I forgot to bring it. It doesn t matter. Walter: No. We won t go
there. I almost said something inappropriate and I don t do that. Jan: Of course not, never.
I will say, my daughter, this was her discovery, a little bit of garlic powder. Walter: When
you weren t watching, I cheated and tasted one of the finished ones. Jan: You cheat a
lot, Walter. I ve got to say. Walter: I do the best I can. Your daughter s exactly right.
That little touch of garlic just does wonders for it. Jan: You don t want much because your
garlic will burn. Walter: s remind folks, we re not talking garlic salt; we re talking
about garlic powder. Jan: Right, it s garlic powder. This is just garlic that s been dehydrated
and crushed, and you can buy it with or without parsley, but if you do buy the garlic salt,
I think it s too harsh. Not my favorite thing. We ve got a 350 degree oven. I have experimented
with a couple of different ovens now. I got to say, I think about 10 to 15 minutes is
the way to do it. This is magic part that happens. Walter: Show this right-quick. The
important thing is it s crisp. Jan: Listen. Did you hear that? Walter: It is crisp. There
s no way that can happen; it does. Get the recipe. Jan s worked it all out for you. Go
to Chef s Recipe, 6450 Papermill Drive, Knoxville, Tennessee 37919. Send a self-addressed stamped
envelope or you could just go to Got it right on the first try that time. h1*6
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