Minnesota History: Building a Legacy (2012)

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Legacy funds are delivering more history to more Minnesotans than ever...
Legacy history grants have been awarded in every county
So all Minnesotans can preserve and share historic treasures...
Preserve and share our state’s unique stories.
It’s time to tell these stories... without hate. Without… historical anger.
The U.S.-Dakota war of 1862...
It’s a terrible, tragic event with far-reaching consequences.
Fought in southern Minnesota 150 years ago.
You can’t really appreciate where Minnesota came from and how it started as a state without understanding the consequences of this particular war.
This year... the Legacy Amendment is giving all Minnesotans new ways to learn about the war,
how it shaped our state, how the war and it's aftermath are still felt today.
To us, history is a healing process.
History is what it is. We better not start to launder it and white wash it and make it anything other than reality.
[Jack hammer]
In St. Paul, high school students are recording history as it happens.
What are your concerns about the light rail being built on University Ave?
Documenting how a major public works project is changing lives.
These kids are learning about history, learning about relationships, learning about what community really means.
In Minneapolis…
I was on, I was on the bridge. There’s a fence opening right over there.
On the fifth anniversary of the I-35W bridge collapse...
One of the most tragic nights in the history of Minneapolis.
Legacy funds will ensure a remarkable rescue story is told.
To have everyone who needed medical attention transported off of a scene of that scale in 87 minutes is just unprecedented.
All right so these are touch screens.
Legacy funds are allowing Minnesota to lead the way...
Can you help me find my stop?
In creating field trips for the future at the Minnesota History Center.
Just get it in the center and it will take the picture.
Hand-held technology is helping students learn in exciting new ways...
Oh sweet!
Allowing them to personalize their experience and meet historical characters.
I feel like I’m learning a lot because
you get to actually have a conversation with them instead of just reading as if it was in the past.
Is that the book you were looking for? Yes.
Minnesotans of all ages... from all parts of the state...
Are preserving our past... sharing our story...
It’s just been such a remarkable thing for us to have.
Building a legacy...for future generations.