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and welcome to sec sportsround table
this is your host Shane Bailey back for another episode of talking a little
s_e_c_ sports. we're mainly football basketball and baseball for him middle
of all season so compounded the majority of we don't get off topic is going to be
football related
tonight in our podcast we've had
the ballgames related to the s_e_c_ so far
we'll talk about the results of those in the news
this other game that might be
thousand signatures to some folks tomorrow night
uh... we're recording sunday so that the c_s_ mascot status you can
by his tomorrow before i get to the floor of the things i want to take a
second unwelcome not other cohost or from
uh... left to right on the ruble hangouts blair smiley welcomed the
thank you for glad they're roger macdonald had a couple of days
uh... hiatus for use of land may get another person is
there's been a long m_i_a_ wasn't travel when simpson
conflicting schedules prefer a welcome back to the park adds
basically shane graybeards we're glad we're glad to get away from that i know
you do a lot with the n_f_l_ as well
tonight the issue with me for some analysts and the action today on
yesterday in that
that's awful as well so
at least the fantasies that for you is calm down a little bit but
i know you're also begin hockey so that's also been keeping pretty busy
some things are getting finalized on that side of things in the n_h_l_ cell
uh... going to be glad to have you and we came here with all that the heating
up so
right into things and
like i said we've got eight ball games that are under the
under our belts in the s_e_c_ nineteen is this year
uh... made it vulnerable eligible since play games
the kind of talk about some are
some of the the good the bad and and i will say there was a muslim
this this year are bowl season so
uh... i don't know
is wide open is there a particular team we want to start with her
workin' with where he was going to get your job away i know
so that was a a disappointing
uh... results for you and disappoint disappointing relief
too many claim from from mississippi state
it was a does
thoughts also
before the game it's like uh... yeah this is the if there's one thing i could
have told you before the game
uh... but i knew that message state working days
that was how russell broker xd and guess what that's exactly what they did
defense actually played well
uh... and uh... yet one more question to be attained uh...
they were at the current difficult match up in
baseband trading paying the bills got underlined that
tech gains of was saying was riding p longest national orange three to five
consecutive wins
and northwestern with running the warmest
the nation's longest losing streak at night
i have uh... or society forty eight
uh... answered
and then this is their fifth consecutive ball game today and four straight years
was all that stuff
uh... obviously knew that they were going to give a good effort and uh...
genesee st me actually
uh... he can do anything with what our russell bearded interest rates
inopportune time to have probably the worst thing he's ever had
uh... unit from baccarat
warmest day recruited bits unit six dates and
in uh... in the last two days that support for the rest of the year cirque
i'm pretty disappointing is the first time it
and a m owns there the state's governor go into the off season with time with
the loss and uh... so we'll see how they actually bizarre checking out the staff
uh... panels that is
spain's economy came out of that uh... here
disband bonuses also televisions of coordinator for the last uh...
out three years and uh... chris wilson is who
road ahead play caller tune just days away from spoke in addition flute jeff
problems in uh...
after the games quickly promoted jeff collins two
defensive coordinator and uh... chris wilson is now so it is a
david salon churches position at george's should now states got to
assistance bus after their quarterbacks caseload for all of us
uh... so
a little bit of a shake-up on the defense of staff which i think that's
salvation ceremoniously shop where they go from ask will part of that come from
a neighborhood is printed you're talking to sacramento
abuse is not only infections is went into her car sales
yeah i uh... i think one of the very first was return for test and then uh...
horrible pixies the the second when he was just laid off the road uh... but
your i mean we're inside the twenty yards so uh... it's a horrible time
baxley says you're trying to respond uh... with regards
food uh... you know that we actually
clear that this ad barbarity shane is
we actually get a ph to turn it forty eight yards
were down inside the twenty first flight
he's listened triple crown
when the work speaks of seen for all of the year home
and uh... vineeth
you know you don't know what to do i mean ballroom
seceded from all years uh... uh... seventy-five attacking your within seven
with eleven minutes ago
authored by vicious first of all around seven
live for another day in sydney said to his plan for a decent gets another
and try to extend the damon
you try to run down the field and out of four pickin pretty much settle game
uh... which they were turns out to ecosoc thank god for ten years old
it's a little bit that lasted wasn't touched down but it was you've narnia
cause they turn federal reserve a place to invest
but for those in the second really really urges that and not only were they
blown up by
they've returned for a touchdown when they drew and basically had such an
office of the fourteen points at the difference in the ballgame yeah right
there animals with thirty four point that right
developer mark it you really want to
that had those in a different eight oh four pics dot but doesn't necessarily
kill you
i'm generally usually
use the turnover gain you lose that began itself
but you had a chance to review our is our have the ability uh... expanded you
can choose where you turn of all over but yeah
have been building for the defense to come in at least
took have not reached out the first quarter
here really didn't have their own easels possessions he has a disappointed or me
the last two days you know deleted all missed and pressure that thirty five
points the first have to make it one seventeen years the tabloid
saying to you know they just
and it's northwestern you know
live pictures dot the evidence dozens of the holy
uh... which is one of those things that uh...
uh... religious were crucial
poor decisions avatar russell as a man for all your clothes
found was that was something that uh... world's jump start them into some change
into the off season a great thing about inflation hits skin look at his age
and that is a very disappointing
into the season at missus statement
there's not too many times the last forty years a oxygen status but it is
important season so uh... the expectations of that raised him several
times that
with the schedule that we had you know you should come out of the report
but we'll see what ah...
what happens i gotta get this defense is out there in states uh... which i am i'm
looking forward to see if they actually selling in uh...
because of this is the stays out of the seriousness of the senate's dolphins
that it sure goals but i think there's ah... all the time is going to be
developed philosophical
forming you kind of hit on it then presided achieved famine here today to
see that hangs are unfortunately though i i i didn't watch much as i can
soon and i don't feel that they were giving out of the but facing a uh... you
know one of the things that they think i hit on player was
was the end of your performance and you start up the season eight no right seven
at seven oh so
in one will only last week for being without even trying
five-six and that's that's where really depreciated hurts
and i think that part of that was in the envelope
uh... for you guys anti-apartheid over into this i mean when you look at
and all of these match-ups were going to talk about three losses in the s_e_c_
and realistically in my opinion they should have been eaten one of those to
be a loss
uh... when we look at them beforehand myself and route
uh... that on paper there's no way
you can give away into these other programs that that one baseball games it
worked through the duty but if you compare them with what mississippi state
has my career been prepare the year
and how they perform against
some of the building to get in there also is because they have some clothes
losses they also tough games
you expected them to be able to handle that day
you know with will roll right over the next
clawson we do both
what researchers came in as far as the the other thing that that as you were
expecting for them to come in and have a loss
and for me
uh... known to losses this year analogy schedule is all i have correct
uh... letters club but they were telling stories
or whatever
campbell who also happens they can be directly contributed
to left moscow urging decisions plain and simple
the alabama game
uh... when we made those calls and then at the end of this ball game
when he chose to half of all three straight hours
to to to basically take no time off the clock and given the opportunity to
support the end i was ridiculous
praiseworthy mood
it's one of those things you know i i said a lot of times of war about how
they go up and i a m uh... unless miles is coaching style but
i think it's the same thing uh... deferred and really when it comes to we
see in this manage time before we've seen him mismanaged a certain aspects of
the game i think you said it best deadly against bama with one situation there
but i think what we're seeing is uh...
is really just got a trust
is corners mourn what they're doing a beat they work run the ball all over
cleansing without a problem
to not score single when the fourth quarter it really shows you that itself
was never a missionary and we all know member has limitations
ideas that you got it
yeah i did something going to get back to what your big success with url in the
game run the ball control it and keep it out of the weights and that he said he
really was a one-man show for a concert
but what he said i mean the easement murders limitations
yet you relied on his on the last years of the bombing with what you have
minutes letters of the murders
design three dealer one exits that there are three minutes and twenty seconds
who has the factions may was the freshman running back i always forget
his name building
if he comes in ideas like thirteen fifty
in a good sign
that they should have at least one carey's
yet as i don't understand how you don't run the football
and that was in the midwest miles got to get that out often straightening
i'm thinking well you know if you
used in
sorry been off a little bit of a team geographical she is going to look back
over about a year stretch
and be very disappointed even though they warn young eleven bargains haha
appeal ten years
that they had an opportunity
there i would have had a typical brief their special teens and their defense to
be as dominant as it is
not to use these almost been
very stubborn
with his often its creativity his game playing itself and national championship
last year
was high school
uh... immediately wasn't even funny
terrible of a game plan that wars in
foray into
do they do in the first at the edge clinton and show that they can actually
dominate that game
it in the kind of way were they give the game up you know i mean it n in granite
i have a pass for their uh... just off a drive toward you know they get that for
you know pastor across the limits with regards
but who knows what happens when you believe it
for the that's it for granted at this very good for me
exclusion of all free people
gawkers i was gonna say i think
i'm tired is excuse are all i heard i'm sure he has been here in the same thing
the s_e_c_'s not up for the state yes easy you know
l_s_u_ while did mom in the peach for or a considerable freedom and we just heard
that wants to chat football but we've had a sixty uses
uh... from the media saying only in the s_e_c_ to stand up for i think what
you're seeing is
the the rest the things that it out i think we've been waiting for cleansing
to counter but things they gather play a strong game i'll check my that's your
money they have a really good shame uh... they obviously came in there ready
to play ellis you look flat
due to really look inspiring came the offense i have all the defense i mean
mean on those guys
i mean you can't say enough about how good they are but
automating it you know maybe less use its logo and maybe we deserve a
basketball game but that's on coaching and i as much a cholesterol stairs and
you've got your guys ready
to play a game like this in a gala on top in development and it
i think we all expected l_s_u_ to go out there in just boat race these guys in
women the dust and then to put in the back of struck from fourth quarter
okay i think you're showing interest
and usda update
what people forget is you know if clinton had to go
employees five s_e_c_ gains in the six-week period i think we have a
different story but when you allow somebody thirty five days
to can't prepare for a game it didn't cause the s_e_c_ at somewhat of a
disadvantage i believe
in that in the last like getting an s_e_c_ team at the very beginning of the
year it's like the michigan plan alabama they've got a whole
or nearly the casting for that game where they're not actually
they're fresh
there they are recovered uh... and it makes it much more of a challenging
competitive game
uh... from their standpoint where your back and beat up in a death doesn't
become a huge issue from our standpoint but
yeah i think that's what happened with foreign gamble one i will talk about
that as well as
bindles at any rate applies and cleansing generated apply you know if
uh... munich i get in that glad that the s_e_c_ and and also it looks like a a
none take a break and it's hard to get that cutting back on uh...
handled as so much is that problem is that it
worked with israel he lost half is that i'm going to put it on last mile so yeah
i mean
there's there's no reason egg in a back to that one for that one series at the
end of that cost of the body then where you mentioned all the chances that they
had with her
you know they've been in the mad hatter for something out of hand
that this is the democrats on his way to with the two million dollar bill for
kids the women
if it did not accept the changes in a big hit the road well there what might
have different outlook this one
wide decided however gained a few years ago rephrase that transcends board now
euthanasia with one second win if the if there's a complete passage it is that
there's a bomb it and then his parents at inflatable in i kind of respect and
you look at what's happening on a tuesday the clinton
you know three week three four weeks prior
l_s_u_ beach south carolina
they know they are the better team so they should have any problems against
them so there should be no reason why i think it complete that acts
at least one of those passes that says that his mom said i know that's what is
my incident
this is the reason why i think it let me go back to the quarterback if he's got
the limitations
and they didn't live within those make they needed to say okay at this point
we just got a window balding filemaker
to with that either in the heart we just need to call in particular because
that's all we're doing right now because it was allowed all over it
it with a new high impact and do that now was a lot of transitional women
leaders here
uh... global florida
impact on armstrong
and those guys normal
uh... book i think i need a player optimal from here
uh... they came ready to play
uh... i think it's a blessing that uh... teach he chose not to go to tennessee
uh... for women
you know for me to be an update on the team
uh... in the s_e_c_ if it fits towards the bottom paragraph is the while who
can work with kentucky right out there
but then we look at our markets were related to bring them up
into you look what
he did with those guys and he had them ready to play in that situation out
we'll activity
he had the time to prepare he had those got set my mind set that there's no game
we can't lose his notes he we can't play it
and then they had the momentum going against them
uh... floor
but i had some disappointment by you know they had a chance there is
absolutely real into making to the east and even some things to fall into place
uh... you know they they didn't have pulled their own figure on hand at the
end of season but they had a chance
and they let some of that swept for it
they were on they were a little disappointment disappointed they came in
uh... and must check for the first time this year to me even as losses baptist
minister the
and and and
mayor ami ended up in the crazy thing and you can proceed nl issues and
valuable to admit that they actually throughout my day more teddy bridgewater
you know determined through miami because french and actually gets fired
a five star quarterback in he is going to l issues for a visit and they call
them inside dot com for your visit because their brain and met her yeah
bandages and so he takes a trip to warnings that time charles frog
this is kind of crazy when you take a look at those things but i think that he
was a really don't think that visited vietnam all the time though
notebook and yet
he did even though there was a big city and uh... is if this is one of the
things that uh... you know v
isn't really a quarrel backend you know he picked those guys off
or or
at main
must until it up like
office you know there are things that showed that solve your he holds onto the
it's at a lot
uh... india's travel will be a good making the reason
uh... inundating on and so
when the old shop owner
unit for still passing
sent back to the house
news just exactly what they needed because start that game get out early
exhilarated that they can play with them
and it it just was enough to deflate florida ended and i'm not that many of
our political cover
and then mix and that you know you're doing with the smallest crowded sugar
wilson statewide forty five years
uh... you know in florida if basically what that showed you is the florida bay
leaf and basis and so much a yet
uh... because
tearfully we're disappointed they were going to the stricken sugar bowl and
they met
yet been they basically didn't show up
and uh...
and now they are part of the four allele
father five worst uh... attendance
at a funeral
is florida played in the day it seems to me that to me that's that's always the
georgia wouldn't it would've been able to do that spa more deserving
and that will come at the winners
uh... this whole thing later but i think that one of the month of the great game
lula georgia
uh... and academic guarantee in the florida just a word at this point and
that their flannel
and had been figures indicate most people in vegas and began because their
t_v_ sets in
uh... is filling up waiting until they are
uh... they were before it was more worried about talking trash
um... you know they they didn't help that noble who had thirty seven players
from the state of florida so
they're ready to play with their opportunity to show you
um... they belonged
i'll tell you what they
they jumped on it
never got off
there's nothing
yet what you know let's try to do you guys all week where you guys were
talking about global is
is to look at the recruiting class and see how how much better it's gotten
since charlie strongest taking over
and i think i had a little bit about what how i feel a little was that right
they're probably my favorite team
that i have no connection to i mean this is a gene that i've been a little about
friends up in that area it's a great town it's of great college account
atmosphere in his brother's blair said
it's not that little
it's a great place that i think if you have the right coach which i think we
can all agree charlie strong is the right now is a good job there
if you break it like a bridgewater
they're gonna stay there if you can buy them into this is the cost around you're
gonna get supported uh... this is going to set you up for the past possibility
uh... for modeling school has a lot was a good at school for education lines but
also to get to the n_f_l_ when you look at how respected charlie strongest i
think this to be a good gene for a long time and is one of my friends eh...
he said look at a cc lolz comet
i really think they
i agree that the court is going out so much and i don't think he has the best
you know gravatar repertoire carries the worker who agree with
with the media and he's kind of
i don't think it will exceed them scream at people uh... it doesn't bother me put
i think i think you're still waiting to see
his offense kinda come around he has been there very long may have been a run
the ball twelve
uh... but i think really this just a okay so
lou will be a lot better than people expected
well i and the problem flores offices must have
to defense ago lead and they face off in support of the last few years that he's
been there as well as as a new offers the coordinator
uh... widget weiss the first year uh...
united charlie weis
and then do you know the the proposing this year so
you know that's not his strong suit he's got the defense and so
uh... you know that's that's all we're going to be an issue with him is to get
the record and that's not an we got a welcome written burton do that to the
with that
with what little organ systems analyst national championship game tomorrow
now there's a great week one on a lot done
fit into that
enough is enough to thousands of other which is i have a yahoo really
concentrate on the issue beyond particularly
well you you you missed the the conversation so far has been talking
about the losers in the s_e_c_
so uh... if there's anything you want to add to the l issued by the ventilator
letter to president of the mississippi state the bottle
degenerative wrapping up on the floor
uh... mishaps there
uh... anything you want had any of those it before we we start talking about the
uh... five letters in the s_e_c_
uh... detection of the tunnel which is said and did he say sooner rather than
repeated anger faultless move onto the next thing was sounds wonderful
well what does that mean
that we have a teams in five of them were winners uh... uh... realistically
think that pat
i don't know who lived in a minute either scenario for mississippi state to
of their ballgame
i was northwestern produce eggs but i do think that if the roles were reversed
and georgia playing or they will still be able
uh... and i think that will what i had a better opportunity
uh... with with
george's upon so in of that that could have
and uh... in jordan happier than an n_b_c_ asking i think okay
as low as you know that of all this is a games
the one that was the only underdog was necessary
so that has grown to love letter that are too small clustered but
then i had read in the paint this year all
basin we now have a new turned out so if you look at their being looked at some
of the losses though
that often michigan or ford downplay that they should've never also mean
basically three boys who have been undefeated
incidentally i don't believe they could have been six loss so invented will
honor clothes instead said let's talk about that than about program
you know that's
james franklin tears in his eyes overjoyed new contract extension couple
weeks before the boring
that they have you heard the the number that they're saying that he's been very
made reasons well yeah
he stay in a rather than a little girl shift purged from ets expects vietnam in
china in writing in his contract you're going to be done since the soviet rates
uh... he's got a role in a yanking and i think he is doing well from the
assistance to that's that
that's the key is the papers resisted to be able to get those months for the
assistance as well as you want to
those guys are wrong
they they hope they have aspirations of being in the shoes that franklin aso you
know you want to pay them like you can as long as you possibly can
and to keep the best talent
uh... from from an office ever defensive coordinator type positions better
the number of performance from those guys are defense is what really came in
one that game for them new beverly president
i see you know i think
we guys were hit on the salary on frank i think that's what they really has to
do to keep a dialect franklin
i mean olivia if you're going to be in that situation
i mean it's not as i would still put in a city state
is far east potential
above federal
in there's still a little over two year
uh... when you think about the s_e_c_ chains and if you really want show a
commitment on a veneer you know they're doing some things about
redoing athletic facilities in this that the other
when you're talking about really getting tutsis are committing neustine gatineau
park you know out there more across the nation i think you've got a nice guy
that much money and security in the long term so they're players from an anarchic
if you like well you know a bigger school i got my any error
you know somebody like that in a comedy just buys contract out pay more money
and now it's a lot more difficult to point out a national
ganna be our city i think nationalists the
is the best college town of anybody in the f_c_c_ i mean it is a
it is a
very very
also always
to be a at the celso arms remember bill
uh... in the institution uh...
uh... does is low ad page
i think frank has done exactly what you say is happy i think uh...
i think she will be sent to spend
cava shining light for him yet this is a galloping ghost appalachian state or
somewhere like that or not say that there should be
uh... nearest bs for at first c_s_ school
we haven't had that program there's always another the
playoff there you're almost for for the s_t_s_ championships all-male height
in miami and divisions use goes we used to call it a those guys play people
yeah i played football to make that jumped from there to the s_e_c_ is that
texaco results fast program takes some guts what it takes to be able to make
that moved but it's worked out well uh... used uh... he's done it well i
think the i think it was good for me
city bowl i think it was a good atmosphere uh... do you know that you
were here in irrevocable
or somewhere else that i think for
the way that they actually in the baird year last year after
get into a ball game
for them to you didn't believe the way they did last year to sarah palin
fizzled after the fall that back up this year with
uh... the longest winning streak in the s_e_c_ is pretty aggressive conservative
roadhouse uh...
you know he is ending its wrong it
here right now is a security
eddie head in the right direction
definitely think there was a sour taste in in brain development and the fans now
from from last season's bowl game and they had some reduction that that they
want to try to prove that this can
uh... inundated with it
he did today that they could put their hands in barrack obama hands as stacy
uh... and let him basically run while patent and run of all i know how many
times is the actually have
but it seemed like he has evolved units well over half the time it was if they
were trying to find ways to get into his hands
and that was to me the difference on the offense is that
uh... defensively
this is a kind of why they had some key turnovers
but then they have a key turnover early
and that will go into d'addario
that artillery
there from a military here at the
tried to say that play-by-play here mentally impaired you without proper
chris but i think that they have one real harahan it's kinda like that
fourteen we were just talking about nelson
uh... that for the game to play just because of that to pass returned for a
uh... and you get some of those things that that happens will happen for you
because you do in the right things
you can really help moment stay on your side of the ball and an help you propel
you just do it
reform of what the heck is to me i don't think they were challenged with the
whole gang
defined occurs
and look at our thinking
well that i haven't had a couple pics early in the first time
i was a floor there are some that happen early on and on 'em
looking thirty right
no there was a amir was um...
two twenty one the first
uh... might lead in intercepted by tenant lather
it was a car for a little bit which i think
used in
that was the only had one turnover in the first the first quarter of a decade
it was
they will get a lot of hits on the quarterbacking you talk about stacy yet
twenty five jerry's for just a little over a hundred yards
everything that i do not deny thrown for roger
i believe
i believe so that the yahoo check that on
but i think this will talk about before when we spoke about the o_j_ game was
frankly the exactly would last motion is done
which is just one of the ball run the ball give them
members limitations
just give it your honor that's an analogy that are running backs in this
case with
then we'll take a mouse and we're gonna play physical like we mention the
defense was very physical and also there were backside stacy's just he's a fine
gotta watch on the ball
and i think what's a way would you handle it early and often
i was having a tough act tough game for north carolina state
moving forward
and an actor
you know to give some credit the too
brain development there
you know we talk about the more memorable quote him you never know it
i mean disease data
you know they have been author because he was fired lafferty and go into all
being i think it was a disappointment for
is the status of you know you never know what's going to happen when you have
uh... when your system and it was a program either
well let's let's go onto the next payment
and where i'll have to say you might be the only one of the five of us
that that watch martha's vineyard this game that's the only thing
and i don't know what you did this because you never know when i tried to
watch it
uh... network they jumped out so quick as but certainly not a about flight
this is any more questions for me
but yes i a lot sooner than you know hats off if you present when the state
that program this year
data mexico much attention to watched
but for for a job and then i think that
discord does sound like a fourteen the set
uh... now on the senate after running away with it but uh... yen
that the value jet airways
gondoliers situations that was his first search for a trip to
walk tall for that medium
uh... pics came out that they're going to perhaps that you used to be very
difficult for them carried out their plight
and uh... you know
they they uh... and run away with it a huge crowd
they they actually had more
uh... but a large crowd or the park and the kids shiver also uh... liberal to be
a good attendance record of yahoo so they uh... they brought in about ah... i
would say anywhere from forty five two five fifty thousand
almost as it is a nightmare so it's a perfect
uh... discover perfil specially for pen-based
guy reminded me a lot of units to be saying we went to jackson built the
first time you know you have been appalled and three years your caramel
usually around uh...
uh... slaying jamison
but with a very short distances there but the drive to another
they're all his friends yet here in nashville actually nearly drove
alphabetic metallic copper national you have a home as contained in this area
yet in this area obviously but this is an area that i mean if you
you're talking about it hard to get you have a lot of hope as friends as well so
uh... pretty easy it was a good time
while i think a lot of people realize that c_e_o_ chambers first floor
december thirty first
you know there's a lot of time for people or kathleen cerca
uh... planned so that saturday farm after
after a new year's day s
it's really kind of ed period so
uh... you know cotton bowl
both days headed up by labor leader transmittal spots for people to be able
to pick up here
but uh... yeah predominant opera formance
uh... i think you know they have thirty eight students uh... uh... seven six
after after one year and a m
of course uh...
illnesses dot durham
near the recruiting trailer or
uh... pretty earlier about
anybody else one anything about that
uh... viet
and uh... they're going to a mixture
can't be a patch on it
of course but but
now and then we've really got some good match ups and began to talk about uh...
and after eleven dot george eligaya n_a_m_
uh... and weepy ash soccer south carolina
i think you did these were offered to some awesome football games collateral
s_e_c_ fans perspective and applications and that's all
uh... classes uh... pressure really because they said five minutes on n_f_l_
countdown this morning on it
behalf of the talking about and one handed over another year
so hello or update
well-being winning
united to win in a fashion that they want but
uh... you know i think i think what you saw
using biosphere resolve this crisis moments
uh... that catapults him into
really i think an opportunity next year to be the first vision trudy defensive
player to win the heisman
netanyahu is needed
activity like they had gone from west virginia with his name uh... corvallis a
jane alexander latinos where he keeps you are
uh... valley but you never know it and we know the time and so was you guys
two weeks into the same and we're gonna talk about him a few minutes but there
were no i don't have either drive yaaaa put in a statement out for next year
yeah you know you got to front runners right there
yahweh is histamine and it was
i mean the athletics is on that he had
basically in in what people don't realize is that
he literally shifted to the side
addis ababa all demonstrate upper-middle
get the money back and then they had the awareness that the balls laying down
their any
myself so i can take
uh... call and was that your honor
what the baltimore city make your way
can using
most unbelievable thing billy ray wasn't that big hardly a parental all like
american idol really a device shackled basketball finals courage is ridiculous
is really but whatever it is that there are less back-to-back eleven wins
uh... see spurs one twenty two ls twenty six up your honor uh... you talk about
god at i mean there's no reason that
probably two years ago it was pretty close to carry unit
caption under there
and indies reared june eight and i think he is a long term contract these
veterans rolling
uh... and multitude quarterback when that happened
i mean this is for those things where they're they're kinda sad i mean they
mcalinden totally different planes uh... in that connection make it work but
joby i think she's got really good athletes uh... i think they're taught
levels uh... impressive and of course you have a cloudy come back for another
year shippers
uses inside
over to me was amazing none
they hit and of itself was an amazing feat but just
how many times in the loss of all game where eight back all of my
in and it cost the other team the game
informant animal that for with it
for now
now where they went for it and i mean he clearly that the whole ashore
of the yardstick uh... the goal of the line to make and the whole offers down
so at you know how many times does something like that occur in a long day
the the opponent is the soccer on it doesn't have the opportunity
to get the ball back in just a very nice place for that
that to happen
you rarely see karma happen in such such forces that that it did not going to me
receive also said although a lot
hinted at it
now did only good news
ventured to go to the end of the though the funny thing is you know um...
characteristics operation southern black belt
um... with uh...
the crazy thing about uh... uh...
that jolly many just totally threw me off your she lost her naturopathic
anyway off a calibrated
contract with a i think what is the you know there is really boring presented
with south carolina is
with the way the world is kinda getting smaller
i think what you're seeing is the city's priorities they were due to his into
that program a dome and look at how great of a college campuses look at all
uh... you know your clothes that beat you at this very have a severe
he's a good left coaching heating that he started to beginning bringing players
are just because of his name but now you're starting to see that
because it doesn't matter if you're playing you know l_s_u_ alabama and that
you're going to get national coverage of south carolina because it's part
yes that's helping to attract kids like cloudy and now he's got
now he's got a quarterback deciding arrested every other weekend ur
being drunk when he shows up again whatever that garcia was doing that it
was just a mess well other than that of any consideration chris's that's
after last
producing really high school talent that haven't picked apart from tennessee and
georgia and florida andes government homie he had three twelve four straight
years where they got the player that year and that was
stefan gilmore that it was marked a sliding more than it was cloudy and it
chaperone from last year he really silly thing to cheer but they say she is from
our last week
are you doing those down seven states
yourself iran as a smaller stakes
uh... population losses are nice most like mississippi
you know when you didn't know if you just have a kid gratuitous that i have
an alabama or tennesseans when says she was in its heyday never going to have an
outreach worker from south carolina and bringing in tennessee
and i'm getting naked anymore and by the diplomats
uh... i think that's what strikeouts very enjoyable
if we also remember to ask her to about five years
report was the same day this year which was louis farrakhan six-year-old means
our memory loss are only more so i will
another fantastic dissolved you know and pronounced you you're four and five
eighths looking
six or seven years ago in the background work on it and she start
uh... so they just are shows you
he's doing things they're sakura must have been done before back-to-back
eleven twins
he's kind of a role in uh... and uh... so i'll be in choosing at the next
couple of years
well uh... let's keep going at his wisdom that
she had been to the national championship to talk about
and that's one well will will stay
uh... in the east and talk about that georgia performance
uh... it and i think the south carolina being to me was moved back and forth
found that the georgia game
that one with hit i'm down for a while then we get back a you know
yet i did not down i get back up again some
uh... for george until they finally were able to put some distance uh... behavior
bearing murray bro
crossing pattern in letting arafat yards with outside of the defense of man
but it wasn't defensive lapses from georgia
and then suddenly he didn't see before about george i don't think
i actually was was pretty impressive murray authority he'd make up classes
there that i
i hadn't thought he would make before i thought the
he really trusses receiver zero mako plays in
two of the past is really trying to get rank on it because i'm not a breast the
back on her but is it
in the beginning of a gamer election said it was really look like a breast
was taking it to him and i know we talk about this before with other teams
uh... i think when we talk about alia george care about
just by the end of the game i think he sought out little georgia come out where
they decided test images visible again that it was georgia just
has had more bodies and i mean they were running a welder they were thrown the
ball well that was
i thought one of the baskets of scenery play to be quite honest and i've not
been a big supporter and you guys know ox
my most hated team is georgia good
echoed murray where really really a i got my attention or naked
well including a link that come out and then i think we're talking about and as
performance i think and i think what and i think that has been for her
twenty seven dollars
uh... you're you're right in terms of his own performance of these what to
think so
that huh
there was critics
so many he has some flaws there for those who know him one of those i wasn't
yet to come out
if i can remember correctly so i can say it was all ibmus as to when they are
sometimes with with those up
miracles interceptions is is sometimes the receivers fall
and that was interesting story lines to regain millions
has been the storyline ever since he's been there is no cooling use and i
really don't know it's not as easy to do about going either though it's a
feel the good defense those delivers so the story was known for brigade and some
users greatness of court minerals you know let's really by a bit
they just seem to give up six hundred yards
by walking into the stadium
well whether this is not nineteen seventy and carlos force out there
yesterday on a traditional manners not fifteen powerhouses and that's it
you know i think abreast as a part time
on level playing field to million people out there army buddies
i mean it's a tough lot tougher place then
what people thought uh...
was laid out there in the seventies and eighties
ministers have changed
well not really help georgia at is if you have the headline with nebraska's
inability empties into a twelve seventeen am third out
have jerusalem
and some of those
work were not just for one-third to connectors six third any
and so
and when you're not able to stop the team
on third avenue other let that reset
uh... that religion can be taxing on a defense in can really put you behind the
eight ball so to speak and it's kind of what happened with those guys i think it
when it when it gets sent down at the end of august and what happened with the
inherently has also comparable to grow up all the spot
because like chocolate
it did you know i have had a promotion
catch if he doesn't listen that's beginning again we're talking about how
all colleges starts throwing technique is improved yet candidates they showed
throwing out of that customer formation it's like
he still looks like he's prob is that correct knots that maybe like all of
that which is the rooms lester might uh... bruno i hate to see how bad it
used to be motivated is attempting to upload all that there was a kitten
are at
did so
blaire you hit on the cotton bowl uh...
unit that's awesome remembers their it rated higher than to
of the four bc i think so far
yeah only anointed successor a
uh... well those visit to a four at that time
protocol result is all going on
henderson and is the rooms were also clean he has been a busy that's how they
talk about her
thirty hours out of twenty four the day before
have declared
the terrible recap or boleto
yeah i'm tied well
played a role in our earlier than gathered to this year
but two years ago they were the exact same uh... and you know so but yeah i
was estella frustrated stresses you had seen that you're rooting for
you don't really have a look at the other games at the highlights of and the
s_e_c_ kind that battle against apartheid tentative that the other side
of the s_e_c_ should be able to control
they know that insanity he can go into the spaulding
they know that it's up to get another bombing and they know whats up a company
estate neither holdings of all thirty of those ball games are s_e_c_ teams are
going to be in there
more times than not
so lockbox with yourself so that you're basically cannibalizing
the fan base of the f_c_c_ because
as a failure to do is try to switch back and forth an afterlife higher
and you don't wear as a bit if you were able to sprout
you're going to be a large even if it was a blowout
you as a fan of the s_e_c_ is going to continue to watch most of those days
with a halloween what does not like that the dvd aimed just talk about a minute
ago when you talk about a higher tier ballgame at january first fight all day
and you put a bump against each other that is repeated status of this is a
busy day for so i could sleep is all
and of course against a well it's also important to have a copyright say they
have to have harahan elmwood tactile had taxpayers tactics uh... selling
that that's not hard for him to management
you know let's be real
if he could see all three of the women what you think it's going to israelis
and uh... the recruits coming look at it remember for example if you want to pay
for the fans out of his takeover merck for example and now you've got a
recruiting can't watch all three programs
uh... so it it hurts cubans and the as as a broken as the s_e_c_ behold some
but the cotton bowl did not have anything up against it
uh... he had the heisman trophy winner going in
uh... yeah everybody wanted to see what what kind of performance you might have
we come in flat
and would it be
you don't have the heisman blues or anything like that
i think he quickly but that arrest
uh... you notice what twenty-four yarder tiptoe down the sidelines
you've are for the first person i never looked back
you know what i got her maganda bergen record
schooling at the whole lot of it but he uh...
unanimous cotton bowl making me he had again i hate that he's in the f_e_c_ for
three more years because
was fatally malleability up a little brat pops and learning quarterback birch
kroger opt-in
anecdotes the let me stop you know about
russell will soon be vince because tonight
you know just made a change for a little bit waldo
alligators and memoria 'cause he's a red shirt for us and so we can go after next
i mean is that where lenovo
death after is there a rare in quarterback bit
is through and they're not they're not popular
alkyl slacks like the organ quarterback of all these other palace brothers
incoming grows
dance to repair depot real-time appeal
and he has an unbelievable still play game amit it's remarkable that he's
nineteen years old uh... uh... he's just suggest ohio
thesis is that i was there
i watched him
pet store or what i played the city state
and you just alluded to that
bagmane he literally threw up guaranteeing you iffy three twenty five
twenty one oh
were within three or four stranded
they were the labels friends that type of stuff
but as the year when all of the next
here four games in any really if you watch the florida came early
that he wants to know what you think
use all of this is evolution of that often it's just kind of an expanded
and i think the floor actually seen within two years
uh... many so much more athletic and i think people getting carried out by
people who
you must be once he gets on the field
it just must be so much more deceptive
laying uh...
then they want they fade has the newsstand
with some of these
it is truly is pretty amazing in its just an effortless
so it's is for things that surely
is fascinating listening same watch c_n_n_ leads
you know a thing about this the other day and he just think about next year in
the f_e_c_ where yet as you see it all starts right away
numbers of poor blacks well-meaning
aging the care is going to be there
you know uh...
you've got uh...
members back l_s_u_ manzil back texas a and you know cal freezers getting it
back into the office is supposed to be known under mouse are uh... you know he
also got uh... your bone loss antar also message from the west
when you're talking about next year being loaded with or backs uh... than
met i was a house in a moment and then
you know he has had a casino hang up clothes characterize gold literary star
is a inside seventy loading
yet this uh... obviously doesn't living the life updates here little injury it i
do think that she read the rest of the over but i think that she will come back
to hurt a little bit just because
to two main reasons i mean because the court they're going to have
all season two game plan and then you've got to
tackle throughout athens on you know and i mean how many times in the history of
cultural ball
both faculty on the first round i would guess not very often
so i've not done not that you have a better at season but i do think
billy's medical commenter wilbur
now you're right and he had all kinds of time
uh... bacteria do everyone into and that's not going to be the next year so
penalties on some of that coming back to her thing for him
a_d_r_s so they could mean cheating stock c_n_n_ two hundred eighty pounds
is going to take the wrong track it some courage but now he's he's left the
discipline two hundred
at that
sod house listed you know
six five and two thirty there
but up to thirty now competitor they were looking ahead of you to the point
is that
uh... article of the iraqi outside a surprise it is very actually left
for texas tech
and he's got me so i mean under the law that quite a bit was
why it when you have this kid mansell that might be one of things which are
not that might cushion back
you know at this point he still kind in that same system he their prior in the
same plays with next year's you know if they
or they just can't keep going on they just wrote it now are they going to
bring in a new guy ari we'll see man so i had to adapt a little bit
but as i didn't
change very uh... you know this kid's going to be there for at least two years
why not stay there in gain weight
you know maybe you win another heisman with mansell maybe you get a shot of the
national title next year mean i think we all can
say they will be rape revived or next year if you need to al
and if latin player you know our early when you know in a happy today
uh... you know you don't know what happened you could have liked artistry
today and allow the bundy
uh... and allison if if that were happening being week your week three of
the texas and in season
now as then your stock as an office of court at this point where you go unit
at urethra hype right now i'm going to go from texas long the witnesses now
counsel paul
u_n_ messages that i've heard it before five year
even sometimes longer bill
you pretty much been guaranteed money you didn
you know that the money deliveries georg here at least three million dollars ears
if your if you're really good initiatives mansis scheller much about
make that leap if you have the opportunity
uh... because you
you can either parlay that down the road uh... i think i would have been the case
ten years ago i think he was seen assistance
uh... you know it around and really unhappy some bataao inserted they you
know what i have to be in ours
can do that and i think those forms that are beyond what that is
you got a job at it and
you know
they happen to him and i think this year six seven hundred might have been struck
by making some around at six seven
companies relatively do have to say that
i guess you know that's not a lot of money in ice look at it is
underscores the latest paralleling carolina over to the article weather
you know now her java daniels considering not leading new england
because a
you know let his reputation rebuild after all that he was temper
now may we see bruce syrians leaves
um... with a lot because is how
i guess what i'm saying is you know when you are young like this guy
and you look at texas tech is eighteen there the third listing a statement he
almost four could you look at how much value has gotten better
is that really a better job
then being yossi other than money putting money in a hot is a better job
because but is this is all part two
so that at
because it either
uh... floated does
so i think the last august
seemed to think that
battles or don't like them
you know get an example of a guided play there and felt like this was a the
orders those cutters
formally job type of billy have the life of former little rock courier
yeah right on the type of data copies of the national best that's all that so
i think i think he awaited especially with how we kind of paint
you know the s_e_c_ may ask turnovers and a couple years or even you know i
was in this just my personal opinion i was a coach now
in his position
and you guys might disagree with me on display
if i had known i don't want to go in the s_e_c_ at that age now i would rather go
to the pack twelve ory i wouldn't go big changes after a lot of stuff came
we feel about how
uh... the packet that beach and its contents
they're not you know you can't really play your
or your coordinators campaign your assistance they're leaving your user on
small tar i would go to the past twelve to eighteen like powell
or you know arizona state like rejoiced in the arizona
intro they can have an impact
organ state is hanging in there with those guys in entrada try to do
something out there become successful
and then i mean look at how the kelly right out and i think everybody wants
him out there and he hasn't he has to be in a cctv at this time he's gotten
killed while literally got beat by camera by saying i'm sorry card benefit
hide this file which is stated in your opinion stated italians a lesson arsons
these particular on that level
endured at that age where you can it you know you're not making changes very
quickly and you're kind of established then you come in
the s_e_c_'s itis are
i know it's is all a moderately at texas tech manages
nobody's done everything to do anything there since leach left
who and he talked out of the left texas that killed at cincinnati work i don't
think doesn't make any sense anitha now
that's going to be underrated
mister off topic but
mental does not allow the fact that he's in a place
where his football team is not the first thing on the
sports page as i got the bangles they've got the rare st dot
other sports any trying out a bit drawl that attention to your
uh... i think some of those terribly well there
but there's also a program sprig if i'm not mistaken debt
well then you look at texas tech eliminating five this year
uh... you tommorow wasn't any worry about losing his job you look at their
office oklahoma
uh... kansas state taxes oklahoma state baylor
uh... you know there's a couple of minutes possibly there
uh... for offering the placements and following
malcolm and win
eleven or twelve melvin
you know you do that and you've got a call or use of the texas tech and you
get that eight nineteen weeks season
salazar misses you opens up a couple years
now you can really
so summit meeting he's not coming in
dismisses shambles
and he's having to rebuild it had a good program there so
if you can just maintain entrada acting or take it to them
one step up in it for a mentor to
now almost certainly can get that really big payday
and you talk about in this statement
you look at what makes a good day before he got me he was not met his first could
head coaching job isn't successful
yeah so it doesn't always happen on the first trial
so here you go to a program like texas tech you're a mother
catherine's and pressures you were going to
a program like a olver
p uh...
usi if somebody like that
could have been running for earlier
and you'll have to deal with the same prices that you do that because in the
s_e_c_ are able to
this something you want to use a head coach
uh... implement the plan is you want to show that success in their own certain
you have a little bit more of a standoff
that is my calls
alright excuse that's how uh...
grand isle lets you candice popcorn we start talking about this time
i have to see that in your heart there you have the
spanking brand-new uniforms and i had looked up-and-down zoom in
uh... on the night u_s_ excited just to see what was different in this case the
it smashed okay so so there's fifty
photos of this new uniformmaternal billing for that
for the bc i think i have to match their discuss that
that's all they have made the best thing exciting for congratulate too
you don't have enough their names or back right
or a lover it's in alabama on the lab and that's what it looks like he's
putting out there cannot have a a player uh... yeah i think ill other names
international game but yeah
you don't like it use enormous of your poor your only
well into the program applicators he already was put in american lagana
traded froze up on the server and start all over again that
absurd well you know that's what the uh... well you know it was much data
even like three years ago amid a probe on that side of the ethnicity stabler
they only had all it put on there was an american flag in the most
they halsted pattern
i mean you couldn't see it unless you're holding it you know righteous prior
place on a large number of setback yeah it's not exactly oregon with the
analysts like there was all over twenty earned
and no the and
blogs and everything that they that got released from nike nice well eventually
methods section of the deathmatch
agrees either easier
buzz another way to make money by phone from different as dr pcf national
insecurities right yours for only a hundred and seventy-five dollars exactly
uh... so anything written
yes yes
hempton and
uh... determined person of cars
grant chance but i'll actually
i've got a lot of the national guardsman blowout whatever few brittany upset by
that name goes first
student employees for delivered it denial and i don't know if notre dame's
ability to stop the ron
uh... now thought nobody voted yesterday uh...
kids as five a_m_ eastern yellowstone's every
single season pass a record he leads the nation passing efficiency with us order
calistri according to most
and and then he agreed with me towns it's it's unbelievable how little
confidence we haven't no when when you consider all those uh... numbers and
everything about them because in the three biggest change where
we have in this but i will run over people early samples that i have heard
but you know your thoughts used to be state your joe when we needed and i have
a good game
he was terrible i mean he was in the is popular ok her
or you never get viable with awful three-quarters
and they'll see danny finally puts one driving at the end effects and endgame
group fourth-quarter gather
and jordan and basically do wonder past so
i don't know what to expect i mean if he's the agent here
and as the first seven games uh...
i think alabama does role but i don't think that there there were on the wall
one quite that hideous georgia i think
during startup should make
the passing in the down and at this stage every candidate stands on these
big gains
notre dame been traveling when maladies i don't know them
there's been a stroll does play makers they can
they can take advantage of allen's weaknesses which is you know the
not a great secondary like it's been a knock at great pass rush hour
but i just i just don't see economy keeps a never golson
young men so it's just looks ridiculous thing
i've ever heard he's a network or her back and ask for a comparison stops of
on earth is uh... i think it will be a good game because i don't i think that
it's good enough to keep our eye and checked but i don't think there are
times or ultimately make enough players park
mhm unesco
while you're at their britannica
things that
i think offense of woolly notre dame scad over time
then alabama lily instead of going to be finances are a look at it
something good out of an ict gets twenty one point a lot easier there
kids entertained and i think it's more like a twenty-point
uh... liked him boarding uh...
it is the way i think of it
allocator that
bad as that
this is ec two-minus kennedy and
yet it's been it's been a in noon we think
that it's not their deserved that's the only thing that's got me a little bit
entry is there
everybody's kind of
you know that if you have a look at
next year's
yes the ccn scene
if there's another storm is trained their uh... but uh...
you noted and i think it's got a trial balloon whatever tns and uh... it's
going to be kind of a shock to the system
actually is this year uh...
and i think uh...
i think you got a lot of gaza elephants' team that understanding
uh... here there's not
deal really quite understand went for our panel
as lecture actually planned program unhappy people realize that and four
dances than they used to bear journals though
the chance for max
all those guys to be able to go
i have watched history of the three out of four years and be a wet
uh... in alabama
uh... i think that's too much of the treatment
uh... pt a message
but i think it's a i think it's a diabetic uh... your letters on the
statesman unless there's beijing richardson's outbursts three pics
uh... you know we can have that florida asks
you know just complete letdown last suggestions that barring mentality i
have a term your mother's in white listened and went for it
dairy and that's something that right their case
kinky focus for for a program that
otherwise might be able to come into a national championship flat because all
we've done it before we've done it before
but now they do have something that they can prove
on the dates
that's not really been done before
that also
and all but they only also have a have also in the mail
uh... bed
and that
you know notre dame doesn't have
so they know that they can he beat
they know what they did didn't you baby and they know how that filter and susan
and jalan almost slipped in their fingers because everybody from day one
said that allen was going to be in the national championship with a chance to
so that they were able to experience what it was like or dislike threw their
hands and form to be able still come back in the in this ball game
that's something that notre dame doesn't have
and you can't coach that you can't teach that
you can't make someone feel and i think the experienced it
and so sold alabama has that benefit that the other program notre dame
doesn't have
and that
for me i don't seem someone issue because of that
don't think i would say it's okay well that's and i just don't want a real
close vote and vote for the fourth quarter
uh... lowell at least tattoos forcefully
because notre dame if it's uh...
tie ball game words a three-point ballgame given ten minutes left in the
they've got that what they are explained a little bit sheer that's just
drives you crazy and shows just one of those things i i think
i think what you get to the fore oracle truthfully you're gonna see alabamans
udah you i_d_c_ alabama when you know their last name first aid before it's
all to benefit of adding u_s_ empathetic luv
progress dot across those rumors vinik it had to throw out something
there is no looking ahead it clearly steady
all of that quote the other day the guy gets the chick tell us that he stay in
because he never told us the instrument but that have been updated daily are
denied fossils rumors when he was at miami
hearings and
the bloggers also say that
we got a pic
innervation do nine points and thus consistent with the uh... with the odds
makers and stuff in it
never in a spare car alabama's
uh... take sixty what the senate are likely the
them when it is like fifty four point six
but i i i one of the house on that
i guess what you're hoping for pure alabama
that the intimidation factor there be alabama
is gonna conaway variably with iraq
if you guys lost again neighboring baltimore
and opportunity hapless
it how ray lewis where yet like energizing eager to talk about a defense
in the book
even when he was playing before it in this ten days
and notre dame has been titania
that guy
he can make something happen i think that guy blakely inspired
uh... have senior leadership across eighteen
and i think he has a right alabama's got a whole that they're not hanging around
the fourth quarter
and i do think that membrane had that scare is your remember the picnic
a lot of people said that never made it deserved to be is highly right because
they almost lost it and upload overtime are not stated
in squeaking out so
while they were does have a loss and i think they have that feeling i think
this is an arrangement that i mean they could have much pressures on them
because year after year they do it
town is the u_s_ rate even make it
you know ran over by u_s_ iran override michigan they play there
and now you've seen them actually clicked on physical football
i'd just like are just worry for
during thinking that
just like
in the georgia game we're talking on t_v_ and became
george's talent just
they just had so much that it just so much talent nebraska playing with them
is never going to control
it keep this low scoring the over under store owners across or the total source
was the forty one points
if they can play physical
employees as slow paced and i think they can hang with alabama and they've got a
run the ball i i don't believe mccormack's much
is always a neutral clock keep alabama steve hurst orange us really play field
position i dot e
i think i was gonna play smarter and just try to keep it out there and not
let store forty one last point one think my math correct with with covers as
brett and his burner
and if mass media that that's not
forty one pdt
twenty months whatever okay
twenty-one it's not very good it sullivan now i think i had a really
deficits lower not another goes our accounts under is that a good trip but
so interesting debate that's been going on the has waited on
is this notre dame defense better than the l_s_u_ defense the last year because
out of office clearly better an alabama was able to move on
bills he vetoes last year
i think does the defense
allot better than this yesterday in defense
so and avocado what you said earlier but i think it's a lot easier dollar remove
the boxes litigants
according to the custom vice versa
uh... which he had i think you have strengthened trade i think you have the
front seven notre dame is like an s_e_c_ front seven
but i think alabama's from florence
is is
as good as it's gotta be as good as it can be and i think what that does is
you know more into the room
uh... you know those people that you're not even thinking about uh...
you'd be able to get the britain material but it's just me
uh... i think internship protocol that ceo
uh... and i think that often slide if you know but i could do that
uh... so axi at the same or or both
a twenty one to ten
you know dat uh...
do you know where
you know it's just
it's never really in doubt but it's never really completely
you know
an amendment
and kindest takes over weight third and fourth quarter and really never concept
big deal
repair it
all right
well guys i think we've we've covered everything in the s_e_c_ willing to
learn about an hour and power fifteen minutes or so they're outside
so not too bad as much as we had to cover of this weekend as far as games go
so i think my host players smiling for common on britain burton chris grant
it's that time of the podcast where we have are open mic
uh... so it's open for any work almost as a down where they can be followed
where you can keep track of impartially and anything they want to talk about
chris will start with you in the house asap so set me up
before we get started before it hits on the sofa michael notes if we get some
votes here so is there a wouldn't go in with alabama the windward
well you are britain don
but i think that's the f_e_c_ completely across the border
uh... the market
you know i'm gonna go gets up i wanna see other language uh... not because i'm
using its alabama quick
just because i want to be a close yeah i think alabama can win this game
um... in
they probably more likely will put up
i think his fans we are told that there is absolutely real today when it ends
here without you missed out on the clock and somebody's got to let you know
edward could follow me on twitter and into the great
uh... i got a little bit exciting
uh... info
despicable for certain internship over twenty five a gain so uh...
he held out there will be uh... start on the seventeen th committee mesti are a
block a record of yes that is correct algeria where like like my last night
c_r_b_ hate alveoli george classes on those guys out of there any afternoon
end on that i want
but make a quick comment on the tennessee hara
uh... which shows that i haven't been on subsided i want to say that i think that
was a good time
a lot of the news on here and also was positive
and i think that they got a god actually cares about the program wants to be
there and i'll be looking for to see you then be successful over there
enough as ammunition so it's very simple aaron uh... did he bring for the first
britain will throw out to you
all right now you can call me on twitter archaea ridder we are a few days
real data reporters enjoy it
everyone enjoyed his national shannon showed because we're about the
remarkable long dark where they might as well
cultural only on another murders
you know we've got the n_f_l_ playoff loan
shes not the same so
they're also going up in your drink a beer
issue chilean your provoke lewd
enjoy because on what's going to be gone for the next eight months tony said
brown wondering when uh... spring balkan began and talk about that
the back of long-term critical of the talk about everything else that we could
talk about the company that nothing else to talk about so enjoy it
you can call me at blair smiley essay on why oh why
i would actually sequined you know one of the things that that happened today
and i'm pretty sure you excited about a cynic shellfish locked out so we now
have an idea that's we said earlier that i know you're a big fan of that kind
actually a very very excited that
timbers far enough for a hockey game or two but uh... uh... now actually uh...
shane i was going to want to know that uh... take my three-year-old uh... uh...
for his first uh... bowling excursion this afternoon
and uh... it's the is the one thing that my wife
can this be divergence lar
steamrolled over one forty eight to ten minutes and all women
ball in the last two years
and uh... so she is pretty much choice meets their needs enclave when you're
rolling on the bigger
i've never been understood but
but uh... they liked it
he he can actually hold in a town hall
failed so you have available
used rails within if little barbara rails to read it
you don't have the war
or the will ramp the unit chief in setting up and
but it brought down the weekend and good seniority car
for himself with a little bit alphabet so
so yeah it was uh...
is all good it's hard
to my wife detroit mi
but how do i do uh... too does the uh... tennessee higher
uh... i think tennessee needed at agree tennessee needed at that uh... is used
to having to go out of my car
and market is uh... program and i think this guy's got wrote that was the
tennessee supposed to get out tara
do you see enigmail
i will start up you can call me at kyshin bailey a haha think everyone is
listening he
in so far that might be listening skill
uh... we appreciate it we'll do it though because we love it went off a
basketball even though i will be kept out of our conversation today just
because britain we worse were so impressed about how the s_e_c_'s doing
so far
good decision business
personnel them
and so and so we're not talking a lot of half of all that you know what happened
to fill in some holes
uh... and marjorie right around the corner will still be excited about that
but uh...
you know as a a any
they no im fantasy i don't like the hiral
i think it's a horrible higher protected fan
the committee on a better person disappointed by that
but have been repository that he's a good coz i think he's going to be good
for the programming dress up and its neighbors for a different team in the
eastern ekkada geetha i i'm not happy about that
uh... so
mathematicians on the planet and see higher but uh... one i think everybody
again for policy if you're still with us
grievances for options upstairs a radio check out the video version of this
meeting on goodwill hangouts but we do it last week and
he'd check our spring follow me and a little class and you can
follow along and watch a lot of if you choose to
or you can get in a town are you teaching load as you see a thirty
in gone with that we're gonna call this podcast