Pickled Zucchini and Eggplant

Uploaded by RawFusionKids on 26.10.2012

Today we are making Picked Zucchini and Eggplant.
So we have 3-4 zucchinis and
these are the green and we're going to place it in our bowl.
And we are going to have the same amount, 3-4
yellow zucchini squash right here in the bowl.
And we have 1 eggplant and we've
peeled it and cubed it.
Now we're going to make a dressing for all of this. We have
1 cup of purified water and 1/4 cup
of vinegar with the "mother" and that contains
some probiotics, so that's always good for your health.
And we have 6-8 cloves
of garlic. 1
tablespoon of fresh sea salt.
And 2 tablespoons of honey,
and we're just going to put that in there.
And we have 1/4 bunch of oregano
and 1/4 bunch of thyme.
And blend.
So you're just going to take your marinade and you're going to pour it over the vegetables
like so. Now you get to go to work.
I know all of the recipes are pretty easy for the most part,
but this one's going to take a little bit of work because you are literally going to have to
rub this in and just give these
vegetables a good massage.
So, this is the time that I like to
think of cooking as therapeutic.
It's the time where I can just kind of meditate or go into my own thoughts or
not have any stress of the day, so
you're just going to keep doing this
for a while and
the secret ingredient to most of my recipes
is love. So
imagine yourself putting that love in right now.
Alright. Okay, so now that that's a little bit worked in,
we're going to take a glass jar
going to be a little bit tricky.
So you take this and you put it in the glass jar and you're going to fill it all the way up,
you're going to pour all of this liquid in here, and
you're going to smash it down so that the liquid rises up to the top
and cover it with a cloth.
Let it sit on the counter for
2-3 days at room temperature. Now, the
high salt content of our marinade is going to
preserve this. It's going to keep, it's going to kill all of the
bad bacteria and then only left will be the good, beneficial bacteria.
And so, that's how the pickling
fermenting process works. So, we have all that we can do
with that.
So then I just take
the remaining liquid.
Fill that up.

It's very important that the liquid reach to the top because
you don't want any anerobic bacteria growing in there,
or aerobic bacteria, I forgot to call it this.
The liquid absolutely has to the top.
As we work with this and massage it, the salt
is going to continue to pull liquid out of here, so.
I feel so aggressive right now
with my food. Okay.
see how fast
this salt literally brought the liquid out. It's shrinking
in size as we speak.
Okay. So there we go. It's at the top.
And then we're just going to take that,
cover it with a cloth,
a clean cloth. It should have a weight in there,
to weight it down, and cover it with a clean cloth. I'm just going to leave this
open here.
Sit it on my counter, 2-3 days, 2-3 days, it's done.
We've already made one for you, and this is what it's going to look like,
and there you go. Yummy
and delicious. Thank you very much for watching.
This is full of probiotics, which is really going to help your digestion
and rebuild your natural flora in your intestines.
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