2012-2013 NRC Information Digest has Arrived!

Uploaded by NRCgov on 19.09.2012

By September every year, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission publishes its Information Digest
an award winning publication that provides a summary of information about the NRC and
the industries it regulates. This year, we’re publishing our 24th edition.
The Information Digest is used by a wide array of folks, including the public, industry stakeholders,
government agencies and the media. It strives to provide a handy primer of the agency’s
regulatory responsibilities and licensing activities. This year we have incorporated
InfoGraphics to help provide a visual representation of information and statistics. We’ve reduced
those pie charts and replaced them with visually appealing and – we hope – more understandable
graphics. It’s part of our agency’s efforts to be more open and transparent.
Where can you find the Info Digest? The easiest way is through the NRC website. Go to our
home page and look under “Popular Documents.” Click on “Info Digest.” To get a hard
copy, contact the NRC’s Office of Administration Publications Branch for your hard copy. Call
1-800-368-5642 ask the Office of Administration Publications Branch, E-mail: DISTRIBUTION.SERVICES@NRC.GOV
or fax at 301-415-2289
So, let’s look at what inside the Digest this year.
We start with “The NRC Facts at a Glance” a handy tear-out reference sheet that has
quick facts and short answers to commonly asked questions.
The “Table of Content” provides an outline to the Digest’s different sections, subjects
and elements. However, though out the Digest you will find embedded hyperlinks -- a quick
“click” gets you to a new page or to further clarifying information.
The first section, the NRC: an Independent Regulatory Agency explains the agency’s
Mission, Major Activities and the accomplishments highlighted for fiscal year 2011. Then the
Organizations and Functions helps illustrate the Commission make up and the senior leadership
with corresponding positions and major office responsibilities. The NRC Budget describes
the agency’s budget authority; specifically, what funds and rules that Congress appropriates
for the NRC and how much the NRC must recover through fees billed to licensees . It also
shows how many people we employ by program and location .
U.S. and Worldwide Nuclear Energy sections -- helps to put some perspective on how the
U.S. compares to the rest of the global community and what international duties the agency performs
supporting the United States government compliance with international treaties and organizations.
In the Nuclear Reactors sections, you can see where the 104 nuclear reactors are located
in maps of the United States along with information on the different NRC programs
In the Nuclear Materials sections, you can see information on the Materials License programs
and learn about the different ways nuclear materials are used in Medical, Academic and
Industrial areas. Furthermore, learn how we regulate and license the transportation and
security of nuclear material. In addition, you canlearn about the Nuclear Fuel Cycle
in a picture and then get more details about the NRC role in the different Fuel Cycle Facilities.
In the Radioactive Waste section, we show the difference between high and low level
radioactive waste, and the NRC’s role in radioactive waste disposal, transportation
and decommissioning
In the Security and Emergency Preparedness section, we show the requirements for nuclear
facility security, cyber Security, Materials Security, Emergency Preparedness and Incident
Nearly at the end of the Digest, there is an Appendices, which serves to provide more
data details such as the ever-popular Appendix A: U.S. Commercial Nuclear Power Reactors
providing plant location and dates of licenses et. al.
For further clarification, you will find a GLOSSARY that has both ABBREVIATIONS AND TERMS
Also, the Web Link Index provides Web addresses for more information on major topics.
We made it easier for the public to access all the graphics and photos on the NRC Flickr
Photostream where you can easily download images.
We also published the popular appendices information, such as demographics around reactor sites,
as high-value data sets. The NRC did this in collaboration with data.gov as part of
its Open Government initiative. The data sets are in an interactive format making it easier
for you to download, search, manipulate and analyze the data.
While we continue to enhance and provide new information in the Information Digest for
the public, we are still finding new and innovative ways to improve. The Office of Public Affairs
welcomes your comments and asks you to share your ideas on how we can make it easier to
read and better understand the next version of the Information Digest. Go to our blog
and make comments on the post about the new Info Digest. Or send an email to opa.resource@nrc.gov
Thanks for watching
NRC Information Digest (NUREG 1350, vol 24), go to www.nrc.gov