Is Facebook Going to Start Charging?

Uploaded by chrisaltadotcom on 30.03.2011

Hey what's up guys, Chris Alta from here and today I want to talk to you about
the rumors surfacing that Facebook will start charging and I'm here to tell you that Facebook
will not charge.
And the reason I know this is because of this. Go ahead and log out of your Facebook ok,
and you'll notice that whenever you log out of your Facebook you'll notice that where
it says sign up it will say its free and always will be.
Now that's pretty set in stone. Now either somebody else higher up in Facebook said that
or Mark Zuckerberg himself said "hey I want you to put this on the website these rumors
need to stop."
So from that right there being on the actual Facebook homepage itself it says a lot. And
another reason that they won't start charging is because they just passed $1billion at the
end of 2010. Now unless Facebook starts getting greedy and wants to start charging I can guarantee
you that they won't.
So for everyone out there worried or concerned that Facebook was going to start charging,
they're not. You guys can calm down because everything is going to be okay, your social
lives will not be ruined
Again my name is Chris Alta if you want to know more about me and what I do you guys
can visit my website at and I'm out of breath!