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Hello, this is BalconyTV Crimea. My name is Yolly. And visiting with us today MAD NOT BAD band
Helo ,Guys, how are you? Good!
What's name of song do you sing to us? It is called "Last day of summer". Ok, take it away!
Thank you, guys. The song with the right touch of the Crimea. Tell us about its history. How does it come from?
A song about love, how he said Sergei Kuryokhin - all songs about love. And probably about dreams
To dream that there will still be that no one cease to love. About hope.
That's how the song appeared. And recently we recorded it as a single and decided to sing here.
Clearly, it is very cool. You guys - from Odessa. Please introduce yourself
Sergei. Ivan Solonin. This is - Sergei Yuzhitsa. MadNotBad band from Odessa
And you've got a guitar covered in blood, why?
We have had concerts in Sevastopol and Yalta, and I was playing so hard not to notice as a cut finger and a guitar filled with blood
It looks very colorful. Yes, we just now looked this, was put it from a guitar case.
But the blood has dried up, I think so :) So should be left to remain, I'd better change your guitar. That's right, but it nailed to the wall
Thank you very much, well done. This is BalconyTV Crimea and Mad Not Bad band. GoodBye.