Curse: High Stakes

Uploaded by LoLChampSeries on 10.01.2013

There's nothing else - if we don't make it we don't make it, and we're all out of jobs.
It's all or nothing right now.
We're fighting for our lives for a spot in Season 3.
If we don't qualify at that event...
Unfortunately I'll be put in a position to perhaps change the roster.
So, you know, the impact to the lives of the players is significant.
If we don't make it into Season 3, I'm gonna probably have to stop playing League.
I'll just go back to school, study, and probably become a doctor or something.
So no more dream video game job for me.
If I win, my dream becomes true. If I lose, like... I might cry, I don't know.
I'll probably have to go do something else, unfortunately, I mean...
I love what I do and I hope I can continue doing it, so it's all or nothing right now.
Unfortunately, we were unable to qualify at PAX Prime.
Immediately after PAX, when we placed fourth and we lost to CLG,
That was, like, a really hard time for the team, I think.
I felt we were good, I felt we were the team, I knew we were better than, you know, other teams.
I knew we should have been in the World Finals and it was honestly devastating to lose that.
That kind of remotivated them to...
Focus on training as hard as possible so that we go into Season 3 as the top team in North America.
There's not a single day that we don't practice... it's probably 10+ hours a day.
We actually have, like, a picture of the minimap that's like,
"So you guys come in from this angle at level 1, we'll invade here, we'll drop a ward here."
We're just constantly looking for ways to improve.
Like a fire under our feet, essentially, for Team Curse, and I think everyone's been stepping up their game,
Like, exponentially. And we're just flowing better as a team. We're communicating more.
We're not arguing as much. We're all feeling the heat, and we're all preparing because... yeah, it's it.
We definitely have the most pressure. Like, everything's on the line.
If we lose this, like... no, not possible. I don't want to think about it. It's like...
100% we're gonna win. 100%.