Mindless behavior Takeover fan mail

Uploaded by raissalovejaden on 10.06.2012

hey I'm Raissa
hi I'm Livadi
hello I'm Evelyne
Raisa: and we are... Livadi: mindless behavior Raissa/Evelyne: the fan of mindless behavior
Raissa: Your mouth whore
Livedi: Little of held girl
Raissa: Well me my question it is h'm....When you return in France, because we have not stink go you see
Livadi: Then to me which are your words to prefer in French je t'aime... and here... is hahaha
Evelyne: And me it is what Ray Ray's real first name and Princeton, parceque I become muddled all the time
Raissa: who is the bravest and the most Fearful of the team
Livadi: The most fearful it is Princeton hahaha
Livadi: They are going to say Raissa are too violent you
Raissa: who is the most talkative and the most quiet Evelyne: then there
Evelyne: And we look forward to seeing your movie going out in 2013 Raissa: And your new album
Raissa/Livadi/Evelyne: Here is
Livadi: And I hope that I pourais apparaitre inside lol
Raissa: what you love your french fan
Livadi: what your French favorie food
Evelyne: All what we have to say to you it is that we LOVE you
Raissa: We are mindless Livadi: Especially me Evelyne: no me Raissa: no me
Raissa: h'm...h'm...h'm...h'm... I forget my question
Raissa: and we hope you return soon in France,Because I frankly I did not see you, I was thus disappointed I waits for your return to see you and your concert by hoping that it will be longer long because I have enttendu to say that it was not long
Livadi: and why...
Livadi: why you put 5 hours to do your homework Raissa/Evelyne: yeah
Evelyne: [...]
Raissa: And... and... which are your artist feminines to prefer
Livadi/Evelyne: Nicki Minaj, Rihanna...
Raissa: No but me ever demender to you eh
Evelyne: No but we said between Rihanna,Niki minaj Etc.
[...] Livadi: love you guys
Raissa: We hope that you soon go to return in France [...] and I hope that you will stay longer. And we hope that you go to answer us
Raissa: We look forward to having your poster and album especially, we hope that it will go out soon in France Evelyne: me there I have no money(silver) to buy it
Raissa: Your mouth shit Raissa/Livadi/Evelyne: hahaha
Raissa: It was Raissa Livadi: Livadi Evelyne: and Evelyne
Raissa: we love you so much kiss Evelyne: peace!!!!!!!!!!! Raissa/Livadi/Evelyne: Peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Raissa: bye bye