The Story of a Blooming Flower (North Korea)

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Korean Film
What are you doing here? It's raining!
Seedlings come to Iife when raining
Get back into the house!
No, I'm afraid!
Why do you keep planting them?
To bloom flowers
The flower is the gift from the sun for us human beings
From the sun?
It's raining, let's go inside
Long time ago people asked the sun how to live a beautiful life
The sun bloomed flowers with warm light and said:
"Live like these flowers"
People planted seeds in gardens
And in flowerpots at the windows
But few people lived a beautiful life like the flowers
I'll live like flowers
Good my dear
Love flowers and live like them!
Look mum! The sun!
If the sun was to become a flower
If it became a flower
Where would it bloom?
Where in this world?
Would it be the fairyland?
Or the dreamIand?
It would be the land in my mind
Where it blooms
The Story of a Blooming Flower
Where is he from?
All I know is that the lightkeeper avoids him
And that he keeps bothering him, nevertheless
Is he a detective?
Spying on a famous mountaineer who now is a lightkeeper?
He may well be suspected
Don't go too far with your guess
He's not a spy, but the owner of a flower garden around Mt. Fuji
Who wants to climb the Andes in South America
to grub up a flower bulb
To Andes?
Isn't he crazy?
There he is again...
I don't mind God or ghost
If only he'd drink with me
But never ask me to go mountaineering with you
I bartered a friend for money in mountaineering
When a promoter organized an adventurous mountaineering trip
As a special show for money
l took him there against his will
I knew it was a weathered gneiss cliff
but for Money.
For this fucking money!
A horrible scene it was
My friend fell from a precipice screaming
TV cameras which were waiting for this moment
Shot it for a special show
People were amused with it
So l turned my back to this world
So, you want to go to the Andes to pick a begonia?
For a trifle of money?
I can't
- I can't!
I still remember his mother
Wailing over her son's death
Be carefuI
Get away!
Please have a smoke
What are you going to do with the begonia bulbs?
I want to get a flower from it
You couId get it elsewhere too
Old man
l want to make a rare fIower unknown to the world
I need a pure begonia bulb there
I'll survey its ecological character
Please heIp me
A rare flower unknown to the worId?
You seem firmly determined
Will you tell me why?
My mother raised irises all her life
She made desperate efforts to make an ideal flower
Permeated with her souI
But unfortunately she...
Leaving you alone
I can't die relieved
How can you earn your Iiving?
Don't say so
Without you how couId l...
You're my son's best friend, aren't you?
Please help him all your life
Don't worry, mother
We're like blood brothers
Our friendship will never change
Thank you
As a phiIosopher, you know well the law of the world
I've nothing but a small garden to give you
I tried hard for several years
To make a new iris
One or two years more
and a beautifuI iris will be born
Go home and rest
You didn't sleep several nights for my mother's funeraI
Don't worry about me
You're to issue your philosophy essay soon
I gave it up
What do you mean?
There's no ideology to worship
No doctrine to hold fast
What can l write?
My old teacher who I respect most
confessed yesterday that his philosophy too has shortage
He had adhered to his belief
Though labeIed a red
A great master of philosophy
Why are we getting hopeless?
I lost my mum
And you...
Let's march perseveringly
We'll see the light
After my mother's death
Yoshida, a friend of my late father
helped me complete the research for the new variety of iris as my mother wished
But one day the flower taught me a serious lesson
that a botanist should have a true conscience and a lofty ideaI
Sorry I didn't visit you, as l was busy
Which is your invention?
Here they are
Ah, mild and beautiful!
You've made your mother's garden better
It's all thanks to your advice and support
Don't mention it
What did you name the flower?
Not yet
I know a man who wants to buy the patent of this fIower
I've made profitable contract for you
Sell it to him
You want me to sell the patent?
If you sell it, the flower's name, together with your ideaI
And fame, will be handed over to him naturally
But from your status now
You should think about money
Will you keep this small garden as it is?
Expand your business!
Be a great master of horticulture field
You need money for this
But it's permeated with my mother's devotion
Poor guy!
If you become a great man
She'd be happy in her grave
I saw numerous due bills you have to pay off
Then I will entrust all to you
Believe me
Money is everything after all
Shimozawa speaking
This is Yamakuchi
Come to my first recital today
I'm so happy
Bring Takedo with you
He seems to be in agony after giving up his philosophy
He could relax
I was going to meet him
When my mother passed away
He helped me wholeheartedly
Like my blood brother
I'll come with him
I was surprised to see the advertisement
I'm disappointed
Sell the patent of the flower you bred yourself?
Got angry with me?
I can't forget
Your mother's endeavour for a new variety of iris
You told me it reminded you of your mother
And how can you sell it?
l am at the threshold of a new philosophical world recently
It's called the Juche philosophy
I fully sympathize with it for its ideal
Man is most precious being in the world
He's the master of his own destiny
He has the power to hew out his destiny
A profound truth!
Here is a book on the Juche Idea
Read it once
But I'm not interested in it
What's the good of getting excited by a philosophy or an ideal?
You mean, you only want to cultivate the flower to sell it?
I already sold it
So you sold even the flower of your mother's souI
for some money?
Don't insult me
Sorry if you feel insulted
I can't forget your mother's last words
A botanist too, has relation with philosophy
A botanist's soul and faith is reflected in his flower
To breed a good flower
He needs a right desire
Thank you for your advice
But I have my own idea and ambition
So I sold the patent
I want to chat more but I'm invited by Yamakuchi
come with me
I have to attend a meeting of the study group of the Juche ldea
Good bye
Will you sign here?
Thank you
Take it
It's my own flower
Thank you
How beautiful!
I'll give it to Mieko
She also has an important performance today
Does she?
Let me go with you
Please leave one for me
I'll bring money, don't worry
Buying another dress, Mieko?
Even in heavy debt?
She has to follow the fashion, no matter what
Mieko is the most sensible to fashion
Her job requires it
Come out
come on
I must be on the stage now
My friend Shimozawa
Here you are
What do you take me for?
It matches you well
Don't think bad of her
She's angry with this flower
With the flower?
Don't you know?
This is "Tsubakihime'' named after the whore...
from Dumas' "La Dame aux camélias"
Whores wander around the streets at night
with this flower in their hands to seek men
The patentee named it after his own pleasure
Mothers are obliged to bring up their children well
But the colonel of US Air Force
Who dropped the A-bomb at Hiroshima
Wrote his mother's name "'Enola Gay'' on his plane
Dropping A bomb is a great sin
But writing his mother's name on it is a bigger sin and disgrace
This is an unbearable insult to us mothers
I'd like to ask his mother
What do you think of having and bringing up such a son?
We, women hope to live in the ideal world
In which onIy good people live in
We want to raise our children in such a world
It seems a dream, an ideal now
But praying for such World
I'd like to present you the flower I have raised
This is called "Good will''
Please keep "Good will'' in your mind
I disgraced the flower of your soul
I'm an unfiliaI son
I differ little from the American pilot
Whom you hated most
l'll breed a new fIower with my mother's wish
The flower which will fascinate people and purify their hearts
With its ideal colour, shape and scent
I will make such a rare flower, to hand down gratitude to mankind
To mothers who give birth to lives
An ideal flower
l'll breed a new flower that will carry my mother's soul
To wash away my sin to my mother
You're a dutiful son
You moved me at last
Thank you
It's an avalanche
It's a bad omen
What about going down?
No, I can't
Isn't your life dear to you?
My friend, too, fell from this cliff
Then, please show me the way up, and go down
It's not my life, that I'm worried about!
Ok, Live or die
Please drink a cup
I don't drink while mountaineering
Ok, Give it to me
Mountain god!
Please take care of these sinful servants
What's up?
Get away
You'll offend the God
We are here not for fortune nor for prosperity
Please take care of us
I've found it!
You really helped me, mountain god
Thank you
Let me see
Here it is
This is the progenitor of begonia nodule?
You've found it at last
What a strong will
We're a good team
Goodbye Shimozawa
Goodbye old man
I wish you success
Good health to you
Write to me Shimozawa!
Bon voyage!
Hi, dear!
How long will it take for you, to get the ideal flower from it?
An English botanist wrote that it took over ten years
Only to adapt it to the cIimate of his country
We may get our flower
When your hair turns grey
Dear me! So Iong?
Why? Afraid?
Water them Hanae
The root is rotten?!
All rotten
Neither goodwill nor conscience
No god, no soul!
He got over the critical condition
How did you knew I was here?
You should've let me know first
You're always busy
It doesn't apply to us
Narrow-minded pal
Tell me what l should do to help you
Thank you
What's important is that you have confidence
Try again
There might be some roots alive
It's alive
Ah, devotion is paid off!
Thank you God!
It's a miracle, dear
Three roots are alive
When Hanae has grown up to be a girl
I'll be able to present this rare flower to the world
If the sun was to become a flower
If it became a flower
Where would it bloom?
Where in this world?
Would it be the fairyland?
Or the dreamland?
It would be the land in my mind
Where it blooms
If the sun was to become a flower
If it became a flower
What colour would it be?
What colour would it have?
Would it be the rainbow colour?
Or the burning red colour?
The flower's colour would be
The colour of my mind
Why do you stare at me?
You're so lovely
It's too much, I dislike it
If I didn't see you for a while, I'd die
A sham!
CIose your eyes
Do it
Look, Mr. lwai! You didn't die
Mr. Yoshida's new greenhouse
He's my father's senior
I know, and a client of my father's bank too
Perhaps he made lots of money with the patent of a new flower
Your father's new flower is striking, they say
Did he name it?
Not yet
It's tour season now
Flower price is skyrocketing
Sell the patent and you'll make a fortune
Then you will be a reaI princess
Real princess?
So, I'm a false princess now, since l am poor?
I didn't mean to insuIt you
Forgive me if I offended you
Will you?
Shall we go to the cinema tonight?
I want to, but impossible
We have invited Mr. Takedo's family for dinner tonight
As they are moving to Tokyo
CongratuIations on your nomination as the director
of the International Institute of the Juche Idea
Thank you
Thank you very much for your invitation
Help yourselves
Eat to your fill
Director of Juche Idea Institute
Greater is I, who once wandered
Has become a follower of the greatest idea
I shouldn't mention philosophy before you
What a guy!
You, too, have to visit the DPRK
You'll understand why I became a follower of the Juche Idea
Political propaganda is of no use to a botanist
You have to go and see how ideology and system
cultivates a human flower garden
Your story makes me
Recall the Korean girI
What's her... Ah, Eimi
Who's she?
There was such a poor girI
Motherless, she lived with her father
Her life got more miserable because of me
Whenever l remember it. l feeI guilty
Is she the Korean girI from the upper village?
Did you ask her to weed the garden?
Not at all
I decIined but she helps us after schooI and
take some fIowers
She has great interest in fIowers
Does she?
Have you been to school?
Done your homework?
She's always in low spirits and rarely speaks
Others say, that she escapes every music class
to spend time in the flower garden
So they call her ''dumb girl''
I see
Let me tell you a story
Once upon a time
People didn't knew which life was the most worthwile
So they asked the sun
The sun said
Your father is calling you
He is angry
Take these
Then came the shocking day when l saw the flowers of my mother's soul
carried by street girls
I found the girl who was selling the flowers
I felt heartbreaking
Wicked slut!
Did you take flowers to do this?
Where's she?
Yong Mi! Yong Mi!
It's me, your father
Hey, are you also a human being?
She sold lIowers to nurse her sick father
How could you be so cruel to her?
It's too much
Let's go
Come in
What's the matter?
She's leaving unable to pay the doctor's fee
She'll live as a cripple for the rest of her life
You mean, I made her like that?
Look! Operation is the one thing
Where will you get the substitute bone?
Huge amount of money is needed
I couldn't afford the operation
I went to see her with soothing for apology
And realized she had returned to her country
I wonder how she's living now
It weighs in my mind
She went to her nice homeland
Don't worry
However nice it may be
She was a feeble and depressed flower in a shade
Even crippled, her fate can never be otherwise
Her sick father couldn't have lived long
We enjoyed very much
Good bye
Please come again
Good bye
Never give up your ideal
I sincerely wish you to invent a flower that will live in history
See me when you come to Tokyo
You always helped me whenever I was in trouble
Now we're parting
Love shortens distance
Good bye
Mr. Yoshida sold the patent at last
The patentee named the flower, they say
Dad, let's give the flower a lovely name to make it public soon
Why are you so anxious?
As dad's assistant, I devoted my wisdom and passion to it
Didn't l?
Dad wants to give it a symbolic name such as human's most beautiful emotions
like pure conscience, benevolence and happiness
What about "Memory"?
You know
in a word, life leaves only memory
I read it in a book
Life leaves only memory!
Of course
After losing love, youth and affection for life
nothing but memory is left
This is human life
Are you already worried about such things?
Stupid child!
Mom, what about "Love of Youth''?
Beauty, passion, pure and noble emotions is in it
But such emotions cannot exist without a mother
My princess!
Give me marks
I don't know
Why are you so sulky?
Hanae, shall we watch a video?
Let's go out, Iwai
I'll show you a funny thing
I see
Congratulations, bro
Masako, Don't be rude
Will you beat me hollow If you marry the fatso?
Don't be frivolous
The daughter of President Asano is nicknamed "pumpkin''
She always takes a sauna to get thin, they say
Masako, Stop that nonsense!
I came to inform you that your tiger-like grandma is coming
But I can't but Iaugh now
Slim yourself
A filly!
But she has good heart
Any troubIe?
Is she the applicant for the housemaid?
Grandma, she's my girlfriend
You have to prepare to see your prospective bride tonight
President Asano has been urging us
I love Hanae
We're plighted lovers
Dad you, too...
Whose daughter?
From the flower garden in Harasate
The eldest son of the President of Iwai Bank
will marry a flower seller's daughter?
My father is a flower breeder, not a seller
Mr. Yoshida
Get in
You mean money is everything?
I know how holy you take the flowers
How you spare and value the flower grandma left
But you forgot thinking of your own daughter's fate
as much as grandma loved you
Speaking of the begonia patent
you devoted your all for years
You did nothing for me!
How dare you say that to your father?
You don't know what insult I got today
From the family of my boyfriend
because I'm from a humble family with little money
With money, one can buy fame, power and everything
But without it, he is trampled down
This is the reality
No matter how noble the souI of a flower is...
it can't win money
Think about it
That's the reason I called you
I just heard of it from Hanae a moment before
We should handle youngsters carefuIly
They are apt to run away from home or commit suicide these days
Of course Hanae will not do that
But you should pay attention
What can I do?
Do what Hanae wants
Iwai is clever
He is the heir to a bank president
Don't miss such a catch
Supply water
They rejected Hanae as we're not their match
No way
That's why I talked with his father on the phone
I mean the flower patent
You have to sell it anyway
Think it over
Your daughter's fate and my support for you
are all related to Iwai Bank
I want you to be discreet
What an entanglement!
Hi, Takedo
can't you come to me?
You have a trouble?
I'm at the crossroads now
Whether to hold my conscience against pain or
become a snob for a windfall
Will you come?
l will
I'll go
Don't be dispirited, Shimozawa
Why, you sound abnormal
Are you ill?
I, too, want to have a talk with you
I'll go
We'll meet for sure
Ok, I'll wait for you
Yamakuchi phoned you a while ago
saying he had something to discuss with you
He's also in trouble, l heard
You seldom drank, what's up?
I am in agony
Ill in bed. I didn't perform for two months
So I was fired
Nobody shows sympathy
It's a world of animal instincts and law of jungle
As I'm ill, I can't get a job
I'm helpless
Without money, it's a dead life
Will you bring flowers here?
I'll give you whatever money you want
I shouldn't do this between friends
but will you lend me some money?
I'm in heavy debt
I'll surely pay you back
Don't worry
Could I ignore a friend's misfortune?
Take it
Flower of Iove!
Of happiness!
Flower of gold!
How can you trample flowers?
Stand away!
What are you doing?
We bought them with money
You're brutes!
Only brutes trample flowers
Why am I a brute?
He's a flower breeder
Oh, a flower seller!
Good bye!
A talented singer... becomes a miserable man!
My conscience as a botanist...
is no more than a glow of firefIy in a dark abyss?
With money, one can buy fame, power and everything
But without it, he will be trampled down
This is the reality
A glow of firefly!
It's nothing in a sunless world
I can aIso buy power and become a rich father
Long time ago peopIe asked the sun...
how to live a beautiful life
The sun bloomed flowers with warm light and said
"Live like these flowers"
You love flowers and live a beautiful life
Flowers need a sun that gives them light and rain
Where's the sun?
Where is it?
You're drunk!
Any news from Takedo?
Not yet
"Director of the International Institute of the Juche Idea...
Ph.D and Professor Takedo Tosayuki
passed away at 5 PM after suffering from an incurable disease
The coffin is placed in the chamber of the International Juche Institute in Tokyo
condolences will be received from 6 PM today to 10 AM"
How sad!
What a surprise!
If I had come directly then I could have met him
I cared only of myself
Forgive me
I never expected he'd pass away so soon
He wrote on his thesis till his last moment
He kept saying: "I have no time''
It's so sad that he died so early
But as I saw the funeral being held in deep mourning from so many people
I felt as Takedo had lived a brilliant and successful life
He used to say
That it was a great luck for him to be a follower of the Juche Idea
He was always full of pride
At his deathbed
He recalled the past
He also talked about you, he said:
Shirmozawa is a man of great aspiration
It's pity that I failed to persuade him to visit Pyongyang
I who once wandered amidst the hazel of different ideologies
When I finally discovered the truth of the Juche philosophy
I took it as my lifelong task to awaken the people
To awaken the people with the idea
I devoted my all for it
To my regret
I failed to awake even my closest friend
When I first visited Pyongyang
Some people here called me "heretic''
Criticized that I'd no pride as a Japanese
But finally
They lowered their heads
there goes a saying "The great truth is always victorious"
I should meet Shimozawa by all means
He asked me to give you his works about leader Kim Jong Il
A man's last word is always the most pressing word in his mind
Takedo thought so much of this fool
Even on his last moments
I can't but lower my head in respect
In fact I've been in agony for long
But now It's like I'm feeling the sunlight in my heart again
I'll surely have to read Takedo's works
When I can understand his works, the review of his life
And sympathize with the reality he saw
His soul will forgive this heartless friend
And be happy
Thank you
During his visit to Korea
He saw the man-centered politics being pursued there
Then he was convinced of the truth of the Juche ldea
He then became very happy
During my visit to Korea...
I saw the reality of Korea where the politics of human love
Was being pursued
I was convinced of the truth the Juche ldea
There's a saying "From one you may judge the whole"
From the fates of people whom I met during my visit
I comprehended the whole of the man-centered society
I hear you've got some relation with Mr. Shimozawa
But I wonder if he can recognize me
If he can't, I'll not reveal myself
If he knew I was the crippled girl
He'd feel uneasy
Good day
During your stay
you will consult scientific problems with her
A doctor from the botanical institute
Is she?
I'm Sim Yong Mi
I'm Shimozawa Masahide
Glad to see you
Let's go
"Botanical Museum"
Such a wonderful garden is open...
Just for patriotic and botanical education?
This flower is just...
An Indonesian botanist
presented it to President Kim Il Sung
Reflecting the reverence of the world people for him
Yes I know
Unique and fascinating!
It portrays a lofty soul of high intelligence
Perhaps all of the worlds rare plants are here
Over thousands kinds of plants that has been presented to
President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il
Are all displayed here, in our garden
It's surprising to see such a compilation of rare floras from all over the world
But more surprising is that they all were precious gifts
Planted here for public show
Is it?
If I may ask...
It's great that you've to become a doctor as a worman already in your 30's
But how big is your experimental farm?
I know why you ask
For the whole period of 10-odd years
I've been supplied with all conditions from the state
By the state?
And your compensation for it?
If only people are delighted to see my flower
Purify their minds, it'll be a treasure for the whole country
I am satisfied with my salary
And the fact that the state provides me with all conditions for my research
In fact, everyone here leads an equal life
and I don't need much money
It's really a city in a park
What's that building?
Thats the People's Palace of Culture where our working people
Have gatherings and arrange cultural events
The one we saw yesterday was Grand People's Study House?
Visiting many places here, I feel many things anew
Everywhere you use the word "people"
From state organs to public service establishments
The names all carry the lofty will of our Party to serve the people
He seems to like noodles
Have some more
I've had enough
It tastes very good
I'll invite you to serve the noodle I cooked
Thank you
Good idea
If you are a good cook, I'll go
You know what they call me?
Chief of restaurant ora high-grade cook
You have a good character
There's a woman I hope to see in Korea
You make me more anxious to meet her
Doesn't she look familiar?
She's a returnee
No she can't be her
She was a weak and gloomy girl
Where could she be?
I want to beg her pardon
Sorry, l've marred the atmosphere
You have a successful career
How much luck did you have?
You make me recall my past
I became crippled in my teens in Japan
I had no hope
The future was all dark
But our party embraced me in her warm bosom
And cured this crippled girI
Without the motherly party
I couIdn't have grown up like this
I had the greatest blessing in the world
To the man whom our people call the motherly party
I wanted to present the most beautiful flower
So I became a botanist
Where and how did you became crippled?
20 years ago, in the flower garden in Shizoka prefecture
You told a girl a story about the sun
You're Eimi who lived in Japan?
I'm Eimi, sir
I'm Yong Mi who knew no laugh, no song
Am I asleep or awake?
How you have changed!
Forgive me
Don't trouble yourself with the past thing
You must have recognized me
Sir, You are a guest in our country
If you knew I was Eimi...
I understand
I had many impressions here in Korea
But the most impressive is you
The flower who once wilted in the shadow
Is now in full bloom under the sunshine
This country truly embraces everyone in its bosom
To bring them up like flowers in full bloom
This is a flower garden for humans
I've felt it deep in my heart
Look mum! The sun!
If the sun was to become a flower
If it became a flower
Where would it bloom?
Where in this world?
Would it be in fairyland?
Or the dreamIand?
It would be the land in my mind where it blooms
I've found the sun of humanlife you always dreamt of
Hanae, I know you blame me
But I didn't breed the flower for money
I know
Is there a world that would vaIue your will higher than gold?
There is
Hanae, Do you know what I envied most in Korea?
lt was the people there, all with a pure and good heart
Look at the photos I took
Faces beaming with smiles like flowers
Such thing can't be made by force
No one there swaggers to boast of his wealth
Nor shrinks from poverty
Once I also wished a windfall for your luxurious Iife
But then I would have to become a merchant who is eager only for money
And you a daughter of such father
If a man doesn't leave anything significant
Would his life be a worthy one?
The flower is my soul and my heart
And I am determined to name it after the man who cultivates
The best human fIower garden
The man who is like the mother of all mothers
It is not only my honor as a gardener
But the greatest love your father can give you
From the beginning The flower only follows the sun
It's a child's obligation to repay the love of ones benevolent mother
To respect and follow the great men who leads the future of mankind
Is a fair duty of the human being
Please forgive me
I didn't understand you
I only made you anxious
I'm an unfilial daughter
Forgive me, will you?
You are consoling your old father
Thank you
I am so happy
Father, I like you best
Hanae, let's complete the flower
The blossom will resemble
The benevolent feature that looks after all the people
The colour will be burning red
Showing enthusiasm and sunshine
The stem
Will portray the strong spirit
The leaves will reflect the hearts of the people
Who respect and follow the great man
With respect and admiration for leader Kim Jong Il
I offer this letter
Celebrating the 46th birthday of Your ExceIlency
Wishing the friendly relations between Korea and Japan
I present a flower cultivated by myseIf with sincerity
I feel shy to name my poor flower
After Your Excellency
But wishing you a long life
And the prosperity and development of the bright future
I dared name it "Kimjongilia"
If you allow me to present the flower to you
lt will be an honor more than I deserve
I sincerely wish you Your Excellency Kim Jong II
Good health
February 13, 1988
It seems meaningful that they have invited us at sunrise
They're coming
I have something to tell you
This flower is not permeated only with my sincerity
But also from the wisdom of my mother who implanted my affection for flowers
Since my childhood
Also someone who tought me the respect for the great man
The Former director of Juche Idea Institute, Takedo Tosayuki
Also the old mountaineer who climbed the rough Andes
to help me
and the world famous gardeners too are integrated in this flower
In fact I
wished to present it to all the mothers
who bear children and spread benevolent warmth
I put my soul into breeding it for over 20 years
But I came to know of two great men
who have warmer human love
than all mothers of the world
Those prominent great men are
President Kim Il Sung of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea
who initiated the man-centered Juche Idea of human love
and leader Kim Jong Il who makes it a reality
Kimilsungia came into the world already
expressing the respect
for the man who cultivated a flower garden of humans
I'd like to name this flower "Kimjongilia''
If the sun was to become a flower
If it became a flower
Where would it bloom?
Where in this world?
Would it be the fairyland?
Or the dreamland?
It would be the land in my mind where it blooms
If the sun was to become a flower
If it became a flower
What colour would it be?
What colour would it have?
Would it be the rainbow colour?
Or the burning red colour?
The flower's colour would be
The colour of my mind
If the sun was to become a flower
If it became a flower
What would be its name?
What should it be called?
Should it be called ''Morning''?
Or would it be "Glow"?
The flower's name is Kimjongilia always in my mind
Kimjongilia always in my mind
The International flower Exhibition held in BratisIava, Czechoslovakia 1991
awarded a gold medal and a special prize for Kimjongilia