Mr.Vampire 3 1987

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This house is only one-year-old
But during the year
None of my family
could stay in bed till the morning
We had been thrown to the floor by ghosts
Whoever pushes people around is a bad man
Whoever throws people from bed is a mean ghost
Bad men may state you, but...
With me here, you fear no bad ghosts
You're the 10th Taoist who said this
The former 9 could do nothing
9 out of 10 Taoists are unreliable
I'm the 10th
The vermillion on the bank draft is beautiful
Take this
Let's get down to talk
I, Mao,
am commissioned to clean up the household
Hocus pocus Slexan
It works
S wax umbrella placates all spirits
It's offered to you
Rituals are now over
Repent, or I'll knock you down
You're unworthy of respect
Wait and see
Don't hop The ghost's not yet out
Is he dead?
You're still alive?
Hsi Pao, help me
Damn ghostie!
Don't shoot here
Don't shoot, it's fatal
Let go, let go
Stop acting! Have you had enough?
You told me to be serious
I don't mean it
Backbiting, then shooting
Go out now
Go over there
Go over
Uncle Ming, don't
Make fun of me?
Still alive?
Help, help!
Cover his face with paper money
Paper money?
They have vermillon on them
How many taels have you used?
50 taels
Not enough, he may move
Use 500 taels
Sonny, come here
When I count to 3,
open that umbrella
Keep away, keep away
1, 2, 3
Good, it's dawn when the umbrella's folded
You won't be thrown to the floor any more
Thank you, sonny
I assure you, you'll be alright
Go in and fix everything
Yes, master
It was a female ghost
we saw
Female ghost?
Ghosts can change
Mr Priest, excuse me
Go in
Tell me
I'm speaking on behalf of others
Tell me
Men live on earth, ghosts live in hell
Why are you messing things up?
Only because
he messed up things first
He built the house on our family grave
We suffer badly
with the weight on us
But you're molesting
a whole family
My grandpa and grandma
suffer too
Snd so do my daddy, mom and brother...
Enough, enough
Sorry, buddy
I didn't do it purposely
Don't be afraid Throw it away
Sorry, sorry
Come and lend me a hand
Come on
Hello, miss
Hello, Suntie
Good, she's friendly
Uncle, hello
Come on
Go quick
Go quick
Hurry up
Hurry up. Hurry Ming
Let go. No one now
What now, Uncle Ming?
We can't stay anymore
Let's go somewhere
Start now? I'll go into hiding
What are you doing?
I'm scared
What a chicken
Go now
Why is it deserted?
What happened?
Coming at this hour, you must be a bad man
Sre you a thug? Tell me
Silence means "yes"
Sre you a member of the horse thieves
Silence means "yes"
Sre you a spy here? Speak up
Yes or no?
Captain, don't! You may kill him
Would you die if I go on? Speak up
Silence means "yes"
Let go then Don't kill him
Speak up
Where are we
You were talking to yourself
Don't ask then
Bring him to justice now
We can't, without evidence
Go away. Let me
What's inside the umbrella?
Can't be opened
Why not?
One shouldn't open an umbrella under a roof
Priest, why have you chosen
to come at this hour?
What happened?
They say
horse thieves are coming
Coming, coming
They have crossed the river
They've reached the woods
Sre we ready?
Start at once
The old stay, the young follow me
Don't move outside this inn
Or you'll be shot on sight
Close the door
Put out the flame
Coming, coming
They're on the alert
Let's go
Surround him
Surround them
Pull him down
Don't let him get away
Withdraw, withdraw
Let's go
Don't be afraid
Buddy, let's follow them
Hurry up
Come on
Don't let him get away
Chop, chop
Master, I can't chop him down
Black magic only, chopping won't work
Chopping and pulling at the same time
Use blood to lure blood
Spare some for me
Eagle Head
Chiang, pass some water
Master, I can't on
a blusterous night
Use mine
Use his?
Watch out
Master, master
What are you doing?
Give chase
Where to?
She's got away
This blood is different in color
Fresh blood's different from clot
They must
be magicians
Magician? What magician?
From the Taoist viewpoint,
they're laymen
You, too, but you're better
They sleep outdoors and drink blood
They eat venom and drink dew
They are no ordinary people
They do things not done by ordinary people
Such as raping and plundering
If I'm not mistaken,
this clot's poisoned
What if you're mistaken?
I won't, I never go wrong
Guess how I feel?
You're right, I do feel itchy
Uncle, how are we to dispose of those 2?
Put them in jail
Snd the dead? Have them buried?
Take them home if you prefer
Let's go
Let's go quick
Go in
Watch here
I'll get treatment for master
Get a bamboo tube from the storage room first
What are you doing?
Get going
Why did you do that?
Just to show my valor
You deserve punishment
Go in and get a bamboo tube, quick
Thank you, Uncle
You're welcome
Master, let me
Master, where are you going?
Pissing, okay?
Yes, yes
Fix it yourself
How's it?
Come on
The commode?
Master's child urine is better than a spell
Dark yellow, has master got dyspepsia?
Uncle, have some tea You must be thirsty
What are you hiding behind it?
What is this?
Pour some for me
Sre you thirsty?
Take this
What for?
Buy a gift
for Uncle's birthday
You go and buy it
What can you buy with $2?
Use your head
This is yours
Wear it carefully There's no spare
It's beautiful
It's creased I can't wear it
It got creased when it was put it
This is yours
It's creased How can I wear it?
Well, I'll burn you an iron
You're more demanding than man
Beautiful Pass me the iron
Iron it for me
I'll go down Join me after you finish
Iron, iron
What a relief
Master, please
Well, where's the gift?
What's this?
You gave me $2 only
$1 for the bag,
the other as lucky money
What's this?
I bought it for myself
What about your gift for Uncle?
You must
Why stand there? Don't be in the way
Shall I punish him for you?
No, I'm only after money
Go and eat
Cheers, cheers
Don't stand on ceremony
Why is comprador Hung still not here?
Speak of the devil and the devil appears
Uncle, happy birthday
Take this
What's this?
Yes, a foreign moon cake
Uncle, put them out
You want my master
to perform rites?
It's a good omen
Uncle, put them out
Once the candles are out, he has lots of kids
My master has no son
He treats me like his own son
Good, good
Happy birthday to you
Many, many happy returns
Not this song
Which one?
There's none
like my master
Lucky is the one who has such a master
Well, cheers
Master, cheers
Chiang, what have you got for master?
Master, take this
Let me see
Don't open it now
Have a look
Guess what it is?
So small, must be jade
Is it jade?
It's unimportant
Take the big one,
You're okay
Captain, let's go for a patrol
What's this box?
It was jade, this must be gold
Is it?
This time I'm finished
Uncle seldom laughs like that
Last year many died laughing like that
I'm serious
S knife hidden in the laugh
Master, this is not good for playing
I'll buy something good for you
No need to come here
Just go home and play with me
Sonny, you must be joking
Forget the unpleasant incident
You brats
Stay! How dare you tease me?
Stay there! I'm getting hungry
I told you I bought it for myself
Did you send it
to Uncle?
You said it was okay
Don't take it out on us
Something exciting! Come quick!
Why are you so late?
It tastes good
It tastes real good
You have no family ethics
I don't mean you
Who do you mean then?
You alone are hogging 3 seats Finished?
No, food has just arrived
You've finished
I give you two choices
First, return to your room now
Go to hell
What's the second choice?
To plunge down the way I do
Plunge down?
Have you seen it?
What are you doing?
Something wrong Cling close to me
Captain, what are you doing?
Forget what you've seen here
Captain, we can't stand that
Master, master
Trying to run?
What do you want?
What do you mean?
So the Captain is playing acrobatics
Good, good
Why's it so noisy down below?
So exciting, must be a big party
The Captain's swallowing chopsticks
Bravo, bravo
Only kid stuff
Snything heavier?
Yes. Is this okay?
Perfectly, Uncle
How's it? Captain, try it
No? Let me help you
Something exciting
What are you doing?
What do you want?
Don't, don't
Master, help!
Don't, don't go over
Miss, I didn't want this to happen
Go down
It's fun
Go now
Uncle Ming, help me
Brother, what are you doing?
Let me, let me
This way
Come on
Let me
Help me
Hurry up
Harder, come on
This is mine Come on
Let's go back
Chiang, bring some vermillion
Master, no need to use s spell
Get a pan of oil to boil him
So he'll never get reincarnated
Don't go so far
You are vengeful
It's sad enough to be a stray ghost
If he does no harm, you'll be served
If you do that to him
Just now he hurt me badly at the teahouse
Why did he do that to you only
Snd not to the other guests?
You must have offended him
Put it in the room
I'll shake you to death
I'll shake you out of your wits
Go in with me
Master, what are you doing?
Come in
Which one?
The jar which bears "Kao Liang"
Ta Pao
Sren't you a ghost?
No, I'm Kao Liang Let me out
Ta Pao, Hsi Pao
Could they be unconscious?
What if I did it wrong?
Let me take chances
Thank you, master
I'll be your darling then
Let's go back early for a rest
Sre you looking for someone?
I've found him
Can't do without it
Let's go
Let's go back early, okay?
Come in
Brother, why are you doing that?
Master, he...
Which of us will speak first?
Brother, this is no fun
Chiang, where's that jar?
Over there
Should be that one
Chiang, return the jar to him
Return it to him?
Have you the say, or have I?
I have the say, but you decide
Return it to him
We're brothers
You know the 1st commandment in Taoism?
Yes, fight evil to the last
Why are you keeping ghosts then?
You're keeping two
To make a living only
In this wide world
It's not hard to make a living
What did you do
before they joined you?
Life was really hard or me then
Snd after you kept them?
Harder still
Ghosts are
They bring all
sorts of misery
You won't do well
mixing with them
Right you are
Return the jar to him
You decide yourself
Master, why is it so strange?
Ghosts can see us,
but we can't see them
Put tar on your body
Snd they can't see you
Can't I see you by washing my eyes with pomelc?
Uncle Ming
Uncle Ming, what are you doing?
That priest is right
South vs North
Ss water and fire can't co-exist
So can't man and ghost
Right, opponents don't coalesce
Wrong. What about "One country, two systems"?
What does that mean?
Ss of tonight,
we'll go separately
Going the same way, we'll finished
Doing the same thing will be fruitless
If we go together, it won't end up well
Luck's been against me since you followed me
Uncle Ming, what's the meaning of bad luck?
You ask too many questions
Ta Pao, you're still brothers
But when you return to mankind
The water would
obliterate your memory
If you've any questions, ask now
No more
Uncle Ming
Follow Ta Pao to
the countryside
When I've enough travel expenses, I'll come to you
Don't follow me anymore
Uncle Ming
Uncle Ming
Who's it at this hour?
Thank you
Get going
Such strong body odor!
You can smell it, but
You can't see me with tar on my face
The smell is getting stronger
So he really can't see me
Where does the smell come from?
Go? Still alive?
Uncle Ming
Help, Uncle Ming
Uncle Ming
Sre you still alive?
He's captured Ta Pao
Ta Pao
Uncle Ming, look
Stay there Don't follow me
Don't go away
Still going?
Don't go
Uncle Ming
Hurry up
He took away the body and the little ghost
He must be using it to hurt men
Impossible, Ta Pao, he's a good ghost
If I shout loudly, he'll tremble
Brother, are you alright?
Yes, but she kicked me
& took away my robe
I guess she was breaking into jail
Chiang, come back to yamen at once
Back to yamen
Let me have vengeance on
that demon girl
Try to identify carefully
Identify this...
Don't go
Sll the cocks have been killed;
hens, widowed
Brother, give me some
Come on
This bowl's small Is it enough?
S hill's famous for the gods, not for its height
Blood depends on quality, not quantity
Wonder how many of them are coming
It's safer to prepare a bigger quantity
The blood may coagulate the moment they come
Right Kill them a little later
This robe is not too suitable for tonight
Why are you taking it off?
I have no more robe Lend it to me
Take it if you like
I hope you'll be all right
Now you look really presentable
Wait for him here
Go and answer the door
Go now, don't be afraid
The Nius have delivered the congee, buddy
What now?
It's become congee with chicken blood
Pay me back
Sorry, please bring it again
I've never been well off
Not enough money?
Ghost! Coming!
Don't be afraid
Ta Pao, why have you become so ugly?
Don't be afraid He knows me
Ta Pao, what are you doing?
Ta Pao, Ta Pao
What are you doing? Out of your mind?
Go now
Why are you taking me of all men?
How come?
Take off your robe; you'll be all right
Why did you lend it to me?
You wanted to look presentable
Not now. Help!
Let go!
Tell him to let me go. Help!
My bottom hurts. Help!
I'm finished
Help! Help!
Take it back
Damn ghost
How dare you bite me?
See if you can get away
I can't see you, I can't
Pull, pull
Tighten the rope I'll shut the gate
I can't hold on
Pull it a little tighter
I'm walking into my own trap
Where's master?
Keep away!
Thanks to master's holy water
Keep away!
Master, where are you? Help!
It itches badly
It itches terribly
Come on
Master, help!
Help, help!
Up above
Wild Boar
I can't see you
Good, they're killing each other
Quick, quick
Hold it
Quick, quick
Master, can you beat her?
Just let us have the answer
Can we go out
if I'm not her match?
Don't guess Try hard, master
Trying to become invisible?
Even as a ghost I won't let you go
Why am I here? What happened?
Uncle Ming, you have a good poise
Keep away!
What are you doing?
Go away, or I'll be nasty
Go back
and take Hsi Pao away as far as possible
I don't want to see you anymore
Master, what now?
Treat the wounded, bury the dead
Snd the living?
Wait for death
Better cremate the dead once and for all
How about coming to
my place for treatment?
Okay, thank you
We're wounded We'll get treatment
You take care of it here
Fix it
Fix the bodies
We'll get wood
You want me to go to the well at this hour?
No, fix those two above first
Let's go
Here's the wood
Put it over here
Fix it if it's not yet finished
Fix it. That's all
Sre you leaving us behind?
Leaving like that? What's wrong?
It's best to make a clean pair of heels
Untie it to let him die more comfortably
Okay, untie it
Master, dinner's ready
Where's Uncle Ming?
In his room I guess he can't come out
You gave him an Instruction Manual on Taoism
He spent the whole night studying it without sleeping
He's now unfit
to come out
Brother, let's go out for a drink
Not too good
Glad you understand
If we're really going out together
It's really
not too good
No good for everyone except you
St least he helped you once
You mean in jail?
I overpowered the female demon
What's so funny? I won't copy you
You feigned death on seeing a demon girl
Come out and have a drink
Master, please
Come on
Take your seat
Why are you following me? Take your seat
Be seated, master
Where's Uncle Ming?
He prefers to sit over there
Suntie, you look pregnant
You can see it so easily
You're tops
Master, please be seated
Help yourself
It tastes real good
Eat if you dare
Brother Pao, come on
Sorry You'd better eat
Going somewhere to cook a man's goose?
No, not men
Why is there no sign of Fu and Shou?
They've been out of sight for 2 days
Speak of the devil and the devil appears
The heels don't touch the ground
Come and get yourself a seat
Let's go to the storage room at once
Fu and Shou will tell you
What's it?
Disperse the crowd first
Sll for tonight There's an event here
Only a joyful event
You're dumb
Why are you here?
Open wide your eyes
Raise your foot
Sorry for the
small portion tonight
We'll make up some other night
Uncle, why?
Ghost, buddy!
We can outnumber it
Follow me, everybody
Let's go together We're large in number
Fu, Shou
Withstand here I'll get weapons
It's alright Don't run
Don't be afraid We won't hurt you
Over there
Close the door
There's a magic mirror upstairs
I'll go and get it
Close the window
Hold it
Lend me a hand
Get a shrine for protection
Spare one for me
Don't scramble
No more
Give it to me
Give it to me
Use the shrine to hold it
Let's not run
Unity is strength
Unity is strength
Unity is strength
Strength, strength
Shrine, shrine
Run quick
Don't block the entrance Coming
Lend a hand, quick
Chiang, Te, come and lend a hand
Brother, come and help me
Take this
The reversal of the Five Elements?
Yes, come here
It's alright
What's it so noisy outside?
It's all right
He's obedient
Help, help, master!
Help, master!
Chiang, bring the yellow wine
Fu, Shou
How did you get possessed?
We were alone that night
after they left
While lighting the fire, we saw 2 spirits
We can't remember what happened later
What about that one in the well?
Still lying there, unsalvaged
The coin-sword's still stabbed on her
What if he's no longer there?
He'll come to see you first of all
What then?
Go in and get the bag
Te, get nine black dogs
Then wait for me at the yamen
Chiang, show the talisman
No, it protects us only for a short time
I want to fry him with a pan
I know, a fried ghost
Fu, Shou, you go back first
We don't need you here
Chiang, seal the spells on the doors and windows
Yes, master
I'll go and help him
It's palatable
It's palatable
Bad, there are spells everywhere
Don't seal it Leave an exit for Uncle Ming
For me? What about you?
We must rush to the well
to stop a zombie
Me alone to fry the ghost? I may not make it
You must If you fail and
He comes out, he'll harm mankind
I have this tar left I don't hope you need to use it
Good against evil, I'll do my best
Let's go
I really admire you Please accept my saluation
Better sacrifice him
only than the whole village
Hope they're backing against Heaven
With backs against Heaven, the spirits won't change
What if the potbelly is facing Heaven?
With potbelly against Heaven, he's herculean
With backs against Heaven, we'll be lucky
The bitches too?
I want black puppies only
That's all I've got from the whole village
It may not be strong enough
Master, use your magic power to correct it
You two go and salvage the bodies first
We two?
Yes, go now
Go over
Go now
Chiang, keep an eye on me
In case of danger,
go down the well & shout
Go down
Master, you must protect me
I will
Master, let me stare at you once more
The coin-sword's broken
Don't pull
Go up at once
Master, it's broken S zombie
Grasp my hand at once
Come to my rescue!
Let's go
Hurry up
Bad, let's hurry back home
Bad, it's not yet boiling
Uncle Ming, how's it inside?
I have no way out myself
Let's take chances
Pao, don't
Pao, you're brave
Fry them all the same
Bad, only medium rare
Which bastard locked the door?
Come, and I'll spill you
Let's go
Keep away, or I'll fry him
Try, if you throw it, I'll fry him too
Get going
Don't be tough I can be nasty too
Hsi Pao
Where's master?
Master, master
Pao, Pao
Quiet, quiet!
Uncle, what now?
I have a way out
Uncle Ming, bear with it You'll be alright
This may kill Uncle Ming
The only way is to use a soul to lure to the spirit
Let me
If you fail, your spirit will disperse
To save Uncle Ming, we must take chances
Sll right
Go and lend a hand
We nearly made it
Come on, we nearly made it
Sre you two all right?
It's alright, our spirits are intact
What about yours?
Me? I'm all right too
Great! Everybody's fine
I'm not all right