Luminato 2012: "How To Festival"

Uploaded by LuminatoEvents on 05.06.2012

Welcome to Luminato 2012, your festival of creativity. My name is Brad.
And I'm Carley.
And we’re here to give you an overview of how to get the most out of your 10 day festival.
We’re here in David Pecaut square which will be the Luminato hub.
We'll our free nightly concerts, lunchtime illuminations,
also an art installation behind us right now called “Windscape”.
In addition to 10 days of free concerts - we have theatre, dance, music,
ilm, literature, visual arts... we have something for everyone.
And this is my first year at the festival, so Brad here...
I’m an expert, i’ve been around for 5 years so I’m going to show Carley how it is done.
Okay, well here in my Luminato bag,
I have the essentials for a festival that is taking place in June.
You know, it's a sunny day, it's going to get hot! Brad: Absolutely.
Right, so, to start off I have the bottle of Smart Water to keep hydrated when it gets too hot.
I’ve got Vichy Sunscreen to keep safe when you are outside enjoying the festival.
I have these Telus sunglasses which you know, are practical and fashionable!
You never know who you are going to run into at the Luminato festival!
Last but not least, I have this handy event guide
that will take you through all of the festival events.
It has pictures, dates, times, everything you need to know.
You’re prepared! That’s fantastic! Carley: Okay, thanks!
Luminato 2012 is truly massive in scope.
We have hundreds of events at 25 venues across Toronto, from Pearson Airport
to the Harbourfront, Roy Thompson Hall, Massey hall, the Distillery District
and the TIFF Bell Lightbox and, of course, here at David Pecaut Square.
With all that going on, how do you keep a 10 day schedule straight? Carley?
Well, first of all you can go to our website,
and there you can find information about all the events. You can also order tickets online.
You can also download our app which is available on iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android
where you can make your own schedule, look at all the events that are going on.
You can even look us up on Facebook or Twitter.
Here at David Pecaut square there will be an on-site box office for same day rush tickets,
as well as, an information booth manned by friendly volunteers.
So as you can see, the hub is really starting to come together
and people will be arriving in no time.
Toronto is easily accessible by Pearson International Airport or the Toronto Island Airport.
And, once you are downtown you can hop on the TTC and travel by subway, streetcar or bus.
Luminato venues are easy to get between by walking, or by bike
or a short cab ride and most venues have parking nearby.
And if you have decided to stick around for awhile and need a place to stay,
Toronto has great hotels with Luminato packages
including the Sheraton Toronto Centre Hotel which is right in the
heart of downtown Toronto on Queen Street.
That way you won’t miss a moment of the action.
After all that festival going, you have surely worked up an appetite,
and we have you covered there too.
We are here in the Distillery District.
On our opening weekend we are going to have tons of public events here
including the President’s Choice 1000 Tastes of Toronto.
This event has Toronto’s best chefs preparing delicious dishes
which you can sample for only $5 a plate.
We have a festival stage where the chefs will teach you how to make their dishes,
we have literature events, and we have the artist Corno doing an event called “Soon is Now”
we have literature events, and we have the artist Corno doing an event called
“Soon is Now” at Airship 37.
So that’s everything you need to know about the Luminato festival. Do you feel ready Carley?
I feel pretty good Brad! Brad: Fantastic!
So we hope to see you all down here for Luminato,
So we hope to see you all down here for Luminato,
a 10 day festival for arts and creativity in Toronto, June 8 to 17th!
Luminato and L’Oreal. Partners in creativity.