Cyberpunk 2077 -- Exclusive Mike Pondsmith About the Cyberpunk World [HD]

Uploaded by machinima on 14.01.2013

It's rain wet streets, it’s nights like this with fog rolling in
cars, faceless people going by, doing the things that they’re doing,
there’s something kind a hypnotic about it,
that’s when I get inspired
To carry what these streets are like, what the city is like
the mysteries, the stories,
the thousands thousands of people that you pass,
that are going by as shadows. In this wet, cold, dangerous environment
I wanted to grab that
I wanted to take it to the future
And where I took it, was Cyberpunk
What I loved was the fact that it was a combination of dystopian society,
a lot of technology,
with this really great overlayer of almost film-noir
In a cyberpunk world, I realized real soon,
was a world where people had the technology
but didn’t fundamentally change the fact
that there was a lot of treacherous, nasty behaviour,
large weapons
and a lot of sort of serious danger all about
The important part in Cyberpunk is just that
It’s not the technology, it’s the feel
It’s getting that dark, gritty rain wet street feeling,
but at the same time
getting that rock’n roll lost and desperate, dangerous quality
Cyberpunk is about that interface between people and technology
But not in that transhumanous way, where
it’s all about the technology changing or improving them
It’s about how people use things
There’s a great Gibson saying that street finds its uses for things
and that’s what cyberpunk is about
Cyberpunk isn’t about saving humanity,
it’s about saving yourself
We’ve approached doing it as a videogame numerous times before
We have fought to find somebody
who was enough of a fan of the world and the game
to not want to go change it around
or to stick a label of cyberpunk on it
and then do something totally different
And so when CD Projekt RED approached us,
what we realized really rapidly was:
these guys are fans, these guys know the material,
they're quoting things back to me I forgot, they got it
And that’s an important thing
You have to be able to understand why this world exists
They’re dragging my butt all the way over to Poland several times a year
We’re excited because there is a really strong element of cross-pollination
There is a really strong element of cooperative building going on and ...
that’s really great
Cyberpunk 2020 was about early Cyberpunk,
It was a world in which people didn’t know a lot about,
what the tropes were, the feel for it
The great part about 2077 is that it's a mature form of that
We’re basically able to progress a larger ark
in which you’re going to see the outcomes of things
that we started to talk about in the 4th corporate war
and we’re going to be able to let players, who played the previous game
to see how those progressed, see where they go to
and how they'll shape them
We’re looking at the same mucking, nasty Night City that you were in before,
just a lot bigger and probably a lot more dangerous
and with a lot of players you don’ t know about yet
2077 is about the Cyberpunk you thought you knew, scaled up
bigger, badder, stranger
It’s the visual component
that the frozen pictures we would put in a the books can’t give you
It’s the sound, it’s the feel, it’s the movement
Seventy Seven is going to be about being there
We’ve gone through a long long journey all of us
and those of you who have been fans
and waiting for us to get the right game together,
the right time, the right team
And we were going to wait long enough to make sure it happen the right way
Cyberpunk 2077 is going to be the right way and I can’t wait to play it
and I’m hoping you guys will want to play it
as much as I want to play it,
cause it’s going to be a hell of a ride