Look at me unfaithful, Pogledaj me nevernice

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One, two, three, four, five, six, seven...
Djordje was my first kiss...
It happened when we were kids and playing hide and seek.
I was blindfolded ... Djordje kissed my lips...
I saw nothing, but I felt something...
Citizens of villages Seleus, Ilandza and Vladimirovci in TV movie
This is a house where Djordje Bojanic lived.
He had nowhere else to go, and we are family.
My mother and his grandmother are sisters, by mother, from uncles.
and...this remains...and his suit was left behind.
...in the closet...and...and the room in which he lived...
and that room, is not anything special, but he really loved the room.
His photos from the sea, from picnics, it all remains here with us.
...and newspapers wrote about him, about Djordje.
Already three years since Djordje went to France.
As a house painter, he had a hard time here and went to France .
First, to see the world, and then, to fill his belly.
Shall I say anything more?
You are here to film, I think, because of the "Saint's Day" in the villages...
It is very nice during our Saint's Day, so many guests coming,
park, streets, cinema... we are all walking over each other...
The pubs are are crowded, and it's all wonderful.
Miroslav has arrived, Miroslav has arrived...
Gosh, Miroslav has arrived, gosh...
Miroslav has arrived...
Go tell Milena that Miroslav is here.
Good day...
- How was the trip? - Good, good...
- How is school going? - It's going well, it's going well...
- Keep it that way, you will always need school ...
This is our guest, Miroslav, student, from Belgrade.
Miroslav has arrived, Miroslav has arrived...
Concerning the murder at the Saint's day... he stabbed him nine times in the heart
two times in the bicep, once in the stomache, three times in the neck and once in the mouth.
I was sitting with my guests from the village of Ilandza
at the table beside them.
They sat with Marko the cobbler : Mite Lazica's Djurdja ...
...Steva, Anka Prigrevcanka. They were with Djordje's girlfriend.
I was not aware that she was having an affair before the Saint's Day.
We knew each other. We were in the same grade in elementary school.
I used to sit
with Djurdja
Marko sat with Zorica the seamstress
and Djordje sat with Radmila the teacher.
We firemen put on our uniforms only on holidays and special occassions.
We firemen are obligated, when we are on duty,
to use our eyes, and binoculars, to follow up on everything in the village.
That is our duty, if a fire breaks out
to go down there and help out. To put the fire out.
This requires equipment...
we have ladders, we have hose, axe, sirens, and everything else...
our duty is... to watch from above, and see below, to see who is coming
I, as a fireman, saw Djordje as he drove his car at a furious speed...
Djordje was faster than a spreading fire.
He left a cloud of dust behind him.
The fast train to Belgrade usually leaves on time. Except sometimes...
...like Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
When Djordje was leaving for France, we were on time. Almost.
All the passengers were singing together with Dordje and his friends.
they sang everything, especially "Dawn is rising, new white day"...
- Together they drank four rounds.
They chattered, but the place was getting so rowdy
so even the closest to them could not decipher what they were talking.
- Yes.
- I have no idea when it started .
Suddenly I saw broken glass flying everywhere.
- That's right.
- In no time at all
the floor was streaming with blood and all hell broke loose.
- It's true.
- I was right here, holding a tray with drinks.
Their table was the third from the right.
Marko was sitting there and Djordje was over here.
- That's right.
- I arrived at the crime scene five minutes after the crime.
Because I happened to be near by, I found out quickly about the murder.
Murders here are very rare. They are even rarer than ... murders.
This is my third murder in nine years.
Counting this one.
People here kill each other only when they are drunk...
usually with a knife, actually, with a clasp knife.
There are classic clasp knives, semiautomatic, automatic,
with a blade on one side, with a blade on the other side,
with handles made of deer antler, wood or metal.
Best are automatics, blade on both sides, with a metal handle.
They are quick, sharp and very effective.
- Djordje sent Djurdjia presents...
for New Years and for Christmas, for March 8th and May 1st,
for "George's Day" and for "St. Vitus Day"...
for October 23rd and for her birthday, he sent the following:
rings and furs,
sweets and cheese,
and who knows what else...
She sent him...
one ham and two litres of fresh rakija,
and a pullover with a heart, two doves and their names all knitted.
- Djordje entered the pub, with a smile on his face
...but he looked uneasy.
When Djordje approached their table, he did not greet anyone.
Marko had his arm around Djurdjia.
He took his arm away once he saw Djordje approaching.
- Djordje was a very mischievous child, but he would never hurt a bird...
nor would he step on a single ant.
Good day...
Djordje was my first kiss...
It happened when we were kids and playing hide and seek.
I was blindfolded and Djordje kissed my lips.
I saw nothing but I felt something.
Then I started hanging out with Lalica
We held hands and went to the movies and ate baklava on Sundays.
I would write to Radoslav the weaver... while he was in the army.
He would write back to me too.
I even had pen pals a couple of times.
Jova came onto me while my parents were away, working in the fields.
Maybe I even wanted to...but I just couldn't tell him that.
Aleksa would kiss and nibble my neck, he didn't want anything more.
And neither did I.
And then I thought...
...year after year, and I still haven't met anyone I would marry.
My friends are already sewing clothes for their children.
One day Marko was fixing my sandals, and he proposed.
I said no.
because I knew that Djordje loves me, and I loved him as well.
He promised to send me all sorts of stuff from France.
If I give him a chance.
And said he will marry me when he comes back.
I got tired of waiting...
But Marko was always here...
and every time he saw me... ...he would ask...
Everyone loved Djordje like their own...
he was very giving, light hearted, sober, and always around to help.
You need a painter? No need to call, he's already there.
Need a strong helping hand? No problem.
Help in the pigsty? He's there!
If you need someone to fetch water, by foot or bike, he'll do it.
If you are in a hurry to get something done - Djordje will be there for you.
If you think about tapping mulberries, he’s already climbing the tree..
And he has reached the very top, and it’s no use to warn him about
brittle branches that can kill him. He is climbing even higher.
He never started the fight, that's the truth.
Envy it is, I tell you, those were jealous women who told stories.
Because they wanted him, but he loved someone else.
This is an evil world, it's full of gossip.
Evil and twisted world.
Marko's father was a thief
and his grandfather once sold stale meat, he made everyone sick.
Never a nice word out of those two...
only Marko went to school and he became a cobbler
Now I'll tell you about the murder...
...he stole his girlfriend, he payed for his drink...
...he cursed his mother, he slapped him...
...he pushed him, he twisted his arm...
...he started chocking him... and he stabbed him.
- Djordje had a beer and rakia, Marko riesling, and Djurdja chocolate liqueur.
Everyone got a little tipsy.
And Djordje was defintely not sober when he arrived.
He almost drove in with his car.
I preffered Djordje, he was tall, dark with a cute moustache.
Marko was a bit stooped, probably from all the shoe fixing.
And his hands were yellowish.
- You know, I was here but I still heard honking and schreeching tires.
After that, I saw a car, over here, over there.
Djordje the painter burst into the room.
I thought he was in France.
"Where is Djurdja?" he demands.
I said - there she is.
"With whom?" Go see for yourself.
- That night we played "Look at me, unfaithful"... - That's right.
Look at me unfaithful, my face is pale,
my skin is wrinkling, and my body is frail.
my skin is wrinkling, and my body is frail.
- I saw it all, but I'm telling you, I heard nothing.
Although I was sitting closeby with my friends from Ilandza.
It was Djordje who slammed his hand to the table.
Marko jerked, and Djurdja went for a walk.
Some time later, Marko kissed Djurdja's forehead.
He just rolled his eyes.
- Djordje angrily pulled the tablecloth from the table...
...the glass shattered like ice.
Marko leaped high, there was a scream...
...Marko was down, on a floor, in a pool of blood...
Djordje pulls out the knife, quickly...
...in a flash, like it wasn't his hand.
Djordje got lost outside, and after that, I haven't seen him...
what happened next, I really can't tell...
- On the crime scene I found only one person, Marko Savic...
...shoe-maker from around here... ...28 years old...
...eyes blue, single, never convicted, served military as parachutist...
...at the first glance I didn’t see him at all.
First because he was surrounded by the crowd of curious people,
And second because he was lying – on the floor.
Second participant Djordje Bojanic, house painter, permanently
working abroad, 29 years old, was then hiding himself...
...in an unknown place to me. The following investigation
helped by few unidentified individuals led us to him.
...he was found in the woods, in a cold and levitating condition.
With the rope around his neck.
- In both cases the diagnose was same...
But in both cases the causes were not same.
In first one, deep stabs with razor in vital body parts.
In second on, suffocation, that is…...
...preventing the air to enter the lungs mechanism.
In both cases the time interval between action and inaction
of the organism was short.
There was no possibility for any intervention. Despite the shown
urgency and well-known good will, this couldn’t be prevented.
- Ladies and gentlemen, based on what you’ve seen and heard,
I made a short film with my friends, members of the amateur film club...
I would also like to thank all those who helped this project,
especially to the residents of the village Seleus.
I would also like to ask our orchestra to make complete
... our modest, silent movie... with music they played that very night.
Thank you for being here with us.
- Come on, come on, faster... take your seats...
...please, come on...
Hurry with that chest, Zoran.
Turn it on, Milena...
Come on, hurry...
Take your seats...
Be quiet everybody, please...
Curtains down...
Be quiet!
We said silence, please!
You! Put off that cigarette!
Turn off the lights!
You again... be quiet, for gods sake...
Film... about?... About Djordje... Why? He was in France,
And?... He came back... what happened then?... See for yourself...
Kino-club "Begej 2" presents:
Short film: Love, crime and...
Screenplay, director and starring: Miroslav Mucic Markov...
Look at me unfaithful, my face is pale.
my skin is wrinkling,
and my body is frail.
my skin is wrinkling,
and my body is frail.
Shaky hands, reach for you
and this heart is dying too,
you not only made me cry,
but you also buried me alive.
you not only made me cry,
but you also buried me alive.
With a knife kill me, but with your hands bury me
by the road where you walk,
by the road, dusty and old.
By the road where you walk,
by the road, dusty and old.
Look at me unfaithful, my face is pale.
my skin is wrinkling,
and my body is frail.
my skin is wrinkling,
and my body is frail.
The End.
- When it happens that young people say goodbye to this world
the graveyard is full of curious people.
One can find there many flower wreaths, many sprays...
...a lot of everything.
Sluso sam jedno prilikom, sta svet o tome prica...
I knew both of the boys...
I was once young, too.....
we also had girls back then...
and they were something...
At the end
they all came here.
If they both loved the same girl,
that could have been arranged.
If she loved out of spite,
that could have been arranged, too.
If he loved her, and she loved the other one
and the other one loved first guy, that too could have been arranged.
But if they only wanted to give people something to talk about
their wish came true.
The number of people who came to the funeral is five times bigger
than the one that would have come to their wedding. Thats about it.
Look at me unfaithful,
my face is pale.
my skin is wrinkling,
and my body is frail.
my skin is wrinkling,
and my body is frail.
Shaky hands, reach for you
and this heart is dying too,
you not only made me cry,
but you also buried me alive.
you not only made me cry,
but you also buried me alive.
With a knife kill me,
with your hands bury me
by the road where you walk
by the road, dusty and old.
by the road where you walk,
by the road, dusty and old.