A New Approach to Help: AutoCAD LT 2013

Uploaded by Autodesk on 27.03.2012

We redesigned our Help system to allow quick access to task, reference, and conceptual
information. Type keywords into the Search box for a list
of relevant topics. By default the search filter is set to Everywhere.
This includes results from Help, along with knowledge base content, discussion groups,
blogs, and so on. Select Product Help to exclude all external
content. We’ve added a topic called New Commands
and System Variables. If you search for "new commands," you’ll get a topic that lists
of all the new commands for this release, with related references to updated commands
and obsolete commands. Speaking of Related References, at the bottom
of each topic, you’ll find links to that topic’s related tasks, references, and concepts.
These links will guide you to more information about the topic you’re interested in.
We’ve added "Commands For..." topics that give you a list of related commands and system
variables for a feature area. If you use F1, you’ll notice it works the
same as it has in the past. Pressing F1 when you’re in a command or
dialog box brings up information for that command.
Although our Help is now internet-based, if you need a copy to use when you’re offline,
you can download it from the Home page or from the Help menu.
By default, Help content is accessed online, but there is an option to turn off accessing
online content if you prefer. In the upper-right corner of every topic,
you’ll see the Home, Favorites, and Share buttons.
Use these buttons to return to the Home page, add a topic to your Favorites list, or to
share a link to a topic. We’ve also included links to Learning and
Additional Documentation pages, as well as links to Community and Support pages.