Christmas Card ideas + gift keyring

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Hello my sweet honey bunnies
law uh... or bar gone bar ball for or
ask anybody subcontracting becky and thank you thank you for joining me today
heated one today today inset banking policy french-speaking see happening now
it's it's not catching meeting
heights contacting becky tell and
and that
pledging hahahahahaha
acted she's allowed to go
without having a concession by any aspect to dismiss our accent
it's going to do in fact mcgee without and yet and uh... college axiomatic
displays in germany click in england and it's quite hot
but you condo and you don't sit next to each other and sympathetic to confess so
they can be decided that we can make a christmas card and they didn't make any
appearing something simple so that you guys can also be create at least karaoke
right here
since he's a very haitians different styles of making it a christmas card and
they called clay public radio cartooning
for your friends as it's the gift of love for you know that's exciting that
you want so you can point twenty d_-nineteen tutorial over here please
click this link bt what
and meanwhile
alitalia we'll see how i make fast enough to yes
let's at least outside at half staff
already prepared aliquots sheet of chocolate brown clay by conditioning
some kind of pasta machine on level two
sultanate favorite christmas clay practice on ukraine
address them gently to cut desired shake
removed safety afterwards
and stock market and shaping edges to make sure that they're achanak untidy
he can you check until or even a knife to in this case
we had talked with the basic shapes and now we need to start working on details
i don't quite allow strains from white clay anita's approximately estate as
as you see already started applying his clay street all around a outer edge of
my gingerbread man
shaping this clay stream to this shaker to and your fingers will help to achieve
event i do
as you can see how you spell other affect my stream to decorate my
christmas tree
now it's time to act some colorful elements to our christmas ornament
i'm going to use greens rats as they happen most traditional christmas colors
i don't make our eyes and mouth relationship batman and summer
make sure you are correct in the placement of nato elements from time to
time to keep it pretty and tidy
we had done with acting details and the only thing that's left is to make a
little hall engineer batsman stack where going to use him as a key ring remember
you can also at some additional income details and textures to make you look
even better
you can do the same thing with your christmas tree so they match the start
now it's time to make and i will bet excitement thirty minutes and one
hundred and ten celsius
what two hundred thirty five twenty greets winds that needs that any he
using issued a cockpit would be nice christmas it xd
and also using lethal peaceful place in cream-colored any chocolate brown ribbon
in here is he's out of business team based as well
i want to see unemployment going for this project which we all know as a
separate make it sound like a sack of most you can also use hot second dot
blot bob aglo maybe
if everything goes to hell position rates correctly but be careful and don't
stick to the surface yourself
cartel unnecessary ads of urine burns analytes and repeats a procedure on the
at the edge off your car
and after that's done most of the bagpipes and will be a christmas tree in
the media occupying
i didn't have a stock so i used a little red hot chris darden staff
i think that shedding some hot is good no matter what type of holidays are
going on at the moment
so our ka is done
and let's move on to the likud you've got pam keeling
it's going to be extreme easy
basically taking jumping and put all the possible china's you have on it
had just kidding here actually attached one green and one seventy
and price
juneja batman
i'd also attached a little spring alan and to create the dot gov strap it could
be better if you could just by one but i never had one so we had to improvise
so i found out that the court in my supplies and created the look
i connected to dance to gather and put some simple and downs
band i've placed them inside the spring and waited a bit to make sure they are
secured stock inside
it from being completely honesty it's not the easiest option
i think it will be much easier and more security features by plan
well past anyway after that eight clients and ask what it's like a money
to spend a tend to make sure
quartz conduit and rest improperly
so that you know it dot based project is actually easier than email oak
especially if you don't say it was a blessing you get yourself entity that
does that leave keyring
asclad easy and bikes use view in israeli society okay
and i hope you also managed to a chance to talk a little bit college out after
the gulf and here's the link again flirting just to make sure you have to
do it should
because it's a nice
and uh... here
kasi has been excused absence
today's testimony he liked how would you like transit having exp
yeltsin's peacefully
thank you