Half-Life: Opposing Force parody 2/3 (English subtitles)

Uploaded by rotacak on 11.03.2008

Shepard was walking down the streen full of houses
He recieved some signals that sounded like black ops communication.
As if he didn't have enough problems already, he had to listen to local radio aimed at older population
Even the worst prisoners weren't tortued in such a horrible way.
Somebody shut it down already!
Please, dont shoot my friend.
Black Ops have captured me in my house
Captain is guarding on the street
and others are playing cards in the next room
Follow me, I'll teach you how to use sniper rifle
Damn, where's my cane?
There it is. Show me what you've got!
Now, hold it in your hands, that's the basic
Yes, like that
A little faster, please
Excellent, now you can take down the captain!
Ah, you're already back my friend. I didn't see you there
I hope you killed that scum.
Yes, you killed him, good.
I have something for you
It's gas pump
I found it when I freed Osviencim.
When was that anyway?
Ah, it doesn't matter
It was used much, so there is just little gas left
Go and kill that bastards, so they won't bother me anymore
Stop! You're cheating!
Fuck you!
What is that?
Don't stand there, my friend, come here
So, did the pump work?
I knew it would
Ah, it's rotten
Could you hand me a hammer? It's behind you
I can't break this
There is a factory, where they do experiments on people
That's why so many zombies are there
Have you been there?
That's a virus sample. We're in danger
You have to go there and destroy it
Entire city is counting on you
Good luck!
One more thing, break this nut for me