New Medicine Foundation Patient Testimonial - NMF Patients Scott & Erin Bodley - Video 1

Uploaded by DrENMF on 24.05.2012

hi my name is scott boldly
um... my fiance and
and i are going to be engaging in dr workers protocol where we talk about detoxification and chronic illness remedies. What is illness and disease?
and rewriting a series of blogs of through expedia testimony
uh... about the experience
uh... we basically get attention
uh... few months ago because we want to be talks about his world order
and uh...
we came across this information to their research
ended up going with doctor pearson uh...
yes sir is videos which i will have in the blogs blinks lists well there and
you too
look about doctor edward pearson
and wanted after we went through our research we found that this was the way
to go so
we went to the uh... blood tests and saliva tests
uh... that was a big thing for us because uh... he actually
just as a look at some of the war sells stuff online
uh... i just because you wanted to because medical labs blood and saliva
we got the results back and give us some uh... hormone therapy uh... medication
or pills
and some vitamin supplements
we were told by our coach who is are payment
from uh... of voice for change you can find her at a voice for change dot com
cc recommended to start the uh... hormone therapy handy supplements a
couple weeks before the tax
uh... stages uh... may twenty fourth we're just starting in a couple weeks
uh... less than it took the first bill of the world they're beyond feeling
different today it's it's really strange caps
supplements to their uh...
somwhere have those after lunch discover from a bike ride
just one day after the hormone therapy tells it's been interesting i'm feeling
a little different better
uh... nothing dramatic
but in two weeks we will start the detects
we're going to injection round
for example
the freighter criminals uh... really not an issue
but uh... our goal is to character it's we're pro-law positives about especially
doctors or
and uh...
milk for us on his website on you too
and uh... will be giving you the uh...
full scope of our experience
here they'll be doing is creating an exercise program
for this uh... aronson automatically i have an athlete
so it's gonna be designs from uh... beginner to
translated here we cast
uh... if you're gonna be going to protocol chiral support and i can't make
nuclear like that but that will be included
and my contact information will be
available at the end of the
uh... the protocol
we're going on the twenty one-day massless
contact me for actually aliveguy and i'll tell you about my experience
sings there
so thanks very much look forward to getting your information as time goes on
and we will talk more about what is illness and disease along with our experience in detoxification and chronic illness remedies
intervention study
two x
so uh... higher might have another figure before that it worked
the uh...
dr pearson's website you medicine foundation dot com four blocks
something so much
talk to you soon