Den som dræber E06 (Those Who Kill)

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Thank you. There, we'll be home soon...
- Hi. Can you give me a two-zone ticket? - Sure.
- Thank you. - Thanks.
- Are you ready? - Yes.
- Are you sure? - Yes. What is it?
- What is that? - It's a house.
- I can see that. - Come on.
- Look at all the trees for climbing! - After you.
Thomas, exactly where are you going with this?
This is the kitchen.
You can create an open-plan kitchen. This isn't a load-bearing wall.
You haven't seen the best part yet. Come here.
This is really great.
And you can fix this up, can you, Mr Do-It-Yourself?
If we take this wall down, then we can build a veranda.
And just how are we going to afford this?
They've accepted my application.
- Who wants to come into the garden? - We do.
- What did they say down at the station? - Only Bisgaard knows I've resigned.
- Is this what you want? - What I want?
To have coffee on that bench over there. That's what I want.
I just... Can't we take this one step at a time?
Sure. I just wanted you to see it.
I think we should sleep on it, that's all.
This is Thomas. What?
Good morning. So this one will be your final case.
- Is it bad? - It's not exactly looking good.
I haven't told Katrine yet that you're leaving.
Good morning.
What have we got?
First he shoots the driver.
Then he walks down the central aisle shooting the other passengers.
One after the other.
And bang.
They were all shot the same way, except the girl halfway through the window.
She was shot in the head. The others in the chest.
Thomas. Thanks.
The perp helps a mother with a pram get off the bus.
Then he re-enters the bus and shoots everyone there.
- Do we have a description? - Male, 20-35.
He calmly leaves by the front exit, and disappears into the morning rush hour.
We need IDs on all the victims.
- Can you come with me? - Yes.
We're having all the CCTV cameras in the area checked out.
Find out right away if this is a one-off, or if he's catching another bus tomorrow.
- Or if he's going to commit suicide. - What do you mean...
That would be the norm.
So we should sit around and wait for him to shoot himself?
Is that what you're saying?
No? Well, let's get on with it.
So? What do you think?
I don't know.
But I think that I've seen this before.
The bus driver. Jesper Larsen, 42, married. Two children.
Mads Hansen, 37, single. Boarded the bus at Feldtholm Station.
Maria Meyer, 33, journalism graduate from Roskilde University.
Hired aged 26 as a newsreader on radio.
Single. And she'd just got on the bus.
No luck with the cameras at the nearby commuter train station.
The same goes for the cameras at the bus stop.
Mia, any forensics?
Our team is working on what we got from the bus.
The window was smashed with this.
So he smashed a hole in the window and positioned her like that?
Yes, the perp took the time to lift her body up off the floor and place her like that.
Hvidovre Hospital. Patient medical record: Kristian Almen. suicidal tendencies... No further treatment needed.
...he makes sketches...
All the cameras from outside Bellahøj Swimming Pool have been checked?
Good. And the nearby shops?
Who did you say?
I've got to run. I'll call you back.
When I was working at Hvidovre Hospital, a patient drew these. Kristian Almen.
A young soldier sent home from Iraq before his tour of duty ended.
I had to conduct an assessment of him.
Why was he discharged?
He'd started to exhibit signs of deviant behaviour.
What does that mean?
That he was changing. I saw him for a few months.
He showed clear negative symptoms
and he was hard to get through to, but otherwise, nothing.
Except that he would draw the same images, over and over again.
Something I interpreted as coming to terms with a fantasy.
- But now he's doing the real thing? - It certainly looks that way.
Is that him?
When did you have him in for treatment?
- 2003. - For a couple of months, right?
Yes. Then I didn't see him again. He began his studies.
So after this, he's simply discharged?
That's not the way it works.
Unless someone has a clearly defined psychosis,
or behaviour consistent with clinical insanity,
they can't be committed involuntarily.
I advised him to stay in hospital. I prescribed medication.
All I could see were symptoms similar to those of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
In 2005, he was sentenced for the murder of a 15-year-old girl,
Amalie Sørensen.
He threw her off a fly-over.
He was released three weeks ago.
Is he registered on any kind of treatment programme?
No, it doesn't look as if he is.
He's positioned her just like the girl in the drawing.
- How many drawings are there? - Many.
We're at Almen's now. We'll go through the front door.
- Molbeck's taking the back door. - Understood.
Police! We're coming in!
All clear.
If you go back to the station, Thomas and I will search the flat.
Okay. Guys, we're out of here.
Katrine here.
The flat has been secured, we'll take a look around.
Copy that.
What do we know about his background?
His parents were alcoholics.
They died in a road accident.
How did he get on in Iraq?
There were stories about him going over the top a number of times.
Some of his unit were afraid of him.
The Army's official explanation is that he was sent home
because he lacked social skills.
You can interpret that any way you want to.
So, if he isn't living here, where is he living?
Who says he isn't living here?
Stop! Police!
- Here you go. - Thanks.
Are you going to see him again?
I can't be bothered with someone who lets ten days go by before he calls.
That ain't the way it works.
Good morning.
Good morning. What can you tell me about Kristian Almen?
He was with us for a year, then he served for three months in Iraq.
But then he was discharged.
We haven't had any contact with him since.
Why was he sent home?
He didn't function well socially.
And he reacted in a very violent manner
to the pressures and stress soldiers work under.
He kept himself isolated. Didn't engage with his fellow soldiers.
I've brought some drawings Kristian made.
I'd just like to ask if there's anything in these drawings
that strikes a chord with you?
Something you all experienced, or have seen before?
Just take your time.
Anything at all.
This could be a mine clearing operation we were out on.
I don't know...
A body thrown from a vehicle. I really don't know.
When did you see him last?
Several years after I came home. I ran into him on the street.
- When was that? - January 2009.
He was living at the Hotel Absalon, but he was...
Dammit, he was really strange. He was fascinated by bicycles.
Yes, bicycles. All he could talk about was cycling.
He was just strange.
I hope you find him. He wasn't well. Not well at all.
Hi, sweetie.
- How was your day? - How was my day?
My day was hectic.
But this one's not going to take long. We'll have him in a few days.
- I won't be long with this. - That's okay.
The realtor handling your dream house called.
Is that right?
What did he say?
Someone else has put in an offer.
Well, it's a nice house.
Maybe morning coffee on that bench isn't such a bad idea.
- But if we do this... - Yes?
You have to be doing it not for my sake, not even for Johan's.
- Okay. For who then? - You have to be doing it for us.
For us? What about for me?
I hate that car. We're getting a new car, too.
- Why are you on fire? - So that I can burn right up and die.
Why do you think you're on fire?
Listen, Thomas would never have asked me that.
Only Thomas can help me, don't you understand that?
Where is Thomas?
- Have you experienced this before? - Yes, a few times.
- Can you recall the first time? - Yes, I was 14, something like that.
Sometimes I look at my hand and I can see that it's mine, but...
It feels like it's not my hand, but someone else's hand.
I can help you.
I'm having these stupid thoughts.
About a girl, a young girl.
- What kind of thoughts? - Listen, I'd really like to speak to Thomas.
Why in hell can't I be allowed to talk to Thomas Schaeffer?
Only Thomas can help me.
If you talk to Thomas, will you leave the girl alone?
Yes, I think I'll leave her alone. Yesterday I dreamed that I was on fire.
You can talk to me. I can help you.
I want to talk to Thomas.
Can I please be allowed to talk to Thomas Schaeffer?
Please finish what you were saying about the girl.
If you know this girl, why not call her and tell her what you want to do?
You were gone a long time. What was it?
Just something with the door.
Sweetie, would you come out here and help me with something?
Hold me here, please?
- Katrine? - Yes?
I had a visit yesterday.
- Who from? - Kristian Almen. In my car.
Hang on a moment.
I don't want a whole gang of policemen running around in my home.
You and your family are going to have protection.
Benedicte and Johan mustn't know.
They won't know. We'll be discreet. A patrol car will cruise by every half hour.
It was me he was after. But he didn't want to kill me.
So what did he want?
To show that he could get to me. And to give me this.
What is it?
An interview tape from the last time he was in for treatment.
We're sending this to the lab right away. We'll get a copy later.
Thomas, why weren't you told that Almen was going back in for treatment?
Wouldn't they tell you something like that?
Not necessarily.
- Also, I'd changed jobs. - There's no new evidence in the bus.
We're still examining the stuff in Almen's flat.
No one has been living there for several years.
Here you have more of Almen's works of art.
A concerned prison officer thought that the drawings seemed disquieting.
One of these days, tell me why the hell you lot release someone like this.
I assume you'll stick around until we've caught him?
Yes, of course.
What do you mean, "stick around"?
Thomas has handed in his resignation.
So this will be the last case you'll work together.
I've accepted a job at the university.
- Well done. - Thank you.
Of course I'd have liked to tell you myself, but I haven't found the right time.
- Bisgaard? Why the hell wasn't I told? - You just have been.
How long have you known?
I'm going to have to call you back. Yes, in five minutes.
He brought it up a month ago.
A month. You've known for a month.
Then he made the final decision two weeks ago.
I'd rather see him stay. I was just getting used to the jerk.
Have you tried to dissuade him?
Sure, what the hell do you think?
He's made his decision. Not everyone is like you, that's all.
Or like me, come to that. Most people want a life.
You can't blame them for that, now can you?
Get back on the horse. We'll find a replacement.
Why are you on fire?
So that I can burn right up and die.
Why do you think you're on fire?
Listen, Thomas would never have asked me that.
Only Thomas can help me, don't you understand that?
This is an interview between Almen and the psychiatrist who treated him after me.
There's a clear worsening of his condition from the time I had him.
Can you recall the first time?
Yes, I was 14, something like that. Sometimes I look at my hand and...
- This is six months before he kills Amalie? - Yes.
It feels like it's not my hand,
- but someone else's hand. - So whose hand is it?
Listen, I'd really like to speak to Thomas.
Why in hell can't I be allowed to talk to Thomas Schaeffer?
It just goes on and on like that.
I think this is something called a schizotypal personality disorder.
It's an early stage of schizophrenia.
It's very hard to detect,
but the symptoms convey many of the same things.
It's an illness that comes and goes, with good periods and bad periods.
When he ran into Amalie, he was in a bad period.
- Why her in particular? - Pure chance.
Something about her told him, this is the one.
Maybe she smiled at him, and he took it as a sign.
He sees her on the bridge, like in his visions, goes psychotic, and throws her off.
So it wasn't planned?
No. But something happened to him in prison.
You can tell from these drawings.
These are some of the very first drawings he did when he was with me.
What they all have in common is they're very anonymous and unspecific.
But look at these, six months before he got out.
Now there's all manner of detail. The people have acquired eyes and hair.
Wavy hair. The same as our victim.
He knows who she is. And he's also specified places.
This is a bus. These numbers correspond to the route stops close to the crime scene.
This is specific. That was fantasy.
This is planning.
- Would the victims still be random? - Yes. I think so.
But there must be some kind of connection. But since he's the one calling the shots...
- That connection can be anything. - Precisely.
- How do we track him down? - That's going to be hard, too.
These people isolate themselves, and avoid others.
How long have we got, timewise?
If he's in a bad period, then he's already working on his next.
It's Lisbeth. Hi. I'm just on my way home.
Yes. Yes, later.
No! He didn't say that, did he?
No, that's just too weird.
So all we have left is this. What does this mean?
That's a good question. It could be a ladder. Or a fence.
This is a bread knife. This he's painted as though it's done in blood.
It's a W.
I need to call it a day now.
Soon, when you stop working here, you'll have plenty of time off.
Daddy, Daddy, Daddy! We've bought the house!
- We've bought the house. - Really?
A man said that he wanted to pay more,
and we said that we wanted to pay even more than that. And then he gave up.
- It's ours? - Yes.
Katrine? Has Thomas offered you a glass of wine?
No. Would you like to come in?
Daddy, you promised we were going to build the new Star Wars.
We will, tomorrow. Right now, it's up to bed with you.
It's not like me to go and buy a new house before we've sold the old one.
- Good night. - Good night.
It feels really crazy. I've got butterflies.
Is this the house?
Yes. You'll have to come round. If you'd like to.
Sure. We can do that.
What about you? Don't you fancy a house and garden?
No. There's just one of me.
It's nice to be able to do exactly what one wants, right?
Yes. It is.
Thomas is going to have his work cut out. He's all thumbs.
But it's just such a beautiful place. Great big garden, lots of room for the kids.
You just have the one, right...
Or do you?
- Congratulations. - I haven't told Thomas yet.
- That was quick. Is he asleep already? - I slipped him a pill.
I must be off.
- Many thanks for the wine. - That's okay. Bye.
- What's going on? - She only found out today that I've resigned.
Crap weather.
I should have told you.
I'm sorry you had to find out about my resignation this way.
- I respect your decision, Thomas. - But...
- I don't understand it. - No. But it's a choice I've made.
When you're as good at something as you are, you have a responsibility.
To make good use of your skills.
And sacrifice everything else?
Do you never dream of something different? Just for a while?
To have something sweet, something good?
- It's possible. Just go find it. - It's not that easy, Thomas.
Just give yourself permission.
You have permission.
The world doesn't stand or fall with you.
You've done so much.
Much more than one can demand of anyone. So many people have much to thank you for.
Including me. Thank you.
I've got to get going.
- See you tomorrow. - Yes. Tomorrow.
What are you doing?
This is Thomas.
Who is this?
Wrong number, I think.
Honey, what's going on?
It's a former patient of mine. The man we're looking for.
I did the wrong thing by him, because I didn't listen to him.
It was me and my career. I wanted to move on.
Thomas, stop this.
You said so, too. You were right.
I took responsibility only for myself.
You can't take responsibility for everyone with mental illness.
I had the chance.
To do what? I'd like to help you...
Katrine, it's Thomas. I think I've found something.
That drawing with the two parallel lines. Could those be rail tracks?
- We're looking for a station. - Oh? Then it's just a question of which one?
I don't know.
You can't live without this.
Oh, come on, Thomas. You can't give this up.
I just want to get it over and done with.
We're going to go large it at the Embassy Club tonight?
Better get a move on, man, the babes are getting away.
- Hallo? Who was it who pulled last Friday? - Yeah, and she was a real dog.
You're just jealous 'cause she had huge tits.
Fuck, man! What the fuck's going on?
All of a sudden they were just there.
Listen, I know this is hard, but you have got to tell us what you saw.
Aren't you listening?
All of a sudden there were just arms and legs everywhere.
We have a name.
Check every station's cameras for the last two hours.
Thomas and I will trace the victim.
He was sitting down there.
We noticed him because he was sitting very still.
Can you recognise him on the CCTV footage?
It's him.
- Looks like him. - And we laughed at him.
Where did she work before?
At the Copenhagen University Hospital.
- And before that, every location. - Skejby Hospital.
And before that, as a doctor at a barracks.
Slagelse Barracks. They sent troops to Iraq from there.
Katrine, a car's been stolen at a petrol station near Valby Station.
That could well be our man, Kristian Almen.
I do believe it's him.
Metallic-green Ford estate car, heading for Ørestaden.
- We're on our way. - Meet you there.
We spotted him on that traffic camera less than an hour ago.
- He's become less cautious. - What's he up to?
Well, he's in a hurry, or he wouldn't have stolen a car.
Calling all units. Car on fire at Sydhavnen. Green Ford estate car.
Registration number, TJ20026.
There's someone in there, but he's completely incinerated.
It's Almen. This is the car he stole from the petrol station.
It makes sense that he'd commit suicide. Damn it!
Mia? What do you have?
It was a violent blaze, and there wasn't much left of him.
But I've been through the whole mess. I've taken some DNA from his thigh bone,
and I've just heard back from the lab. It's a match for Kristian Almen.
He handcuffed himself to the steering wheel. Maybe to prevent second thoughts.
From what I've got, I'd say it's suicide.
- Hi. - Hi.
- Are we expecting someone? - We've got a viewing tomorrow.
Oh hell, I'd forgotten.
- And I haven't even helped out. - It's okay.
It's over. Done with.
We found him. Suicide.
Now all we have to do is pack this place up, and our new life can begin.
- Hi. - Is this where you spend your free time?
- Sometimes. - Nice.
I need some advice. Take a look at these.
This guy is university educated.
Bit of an oddball, I think, but we're used to those.
Not exactly police material, but they say he's good...
Bisgaard, I'm not ready to do this, yet.
Katrine, let it go, for Christ's sake. He's gone.
Can you stop dwelling on it, for fuck's sake? I know working with Thomas meant a lot...
- Can't we just... I'll see you tomorrow. - Katrine! Katrine!
I'll just stand here until you run by me again.
- Sorry, did we startle you? - Not at all. I'll be right there.
Thomas, we'd like to celebrate...
Mark your last day, so break a leg in your exciting new job.
Coffee and cake wasn't my idea. Hell, I suggested beer and karaoke.
But I've bought schnapps.
- To mark the occasion. - To mark it.
Not least, we'd like you to know it's been an inspiration working with you.
Thank you. And vice versa.
Mia, do you have a blunt instrument for the cake?
You bet.
- Cheers. And good luck. - Thank you.
I'd never have believed that I'd be standing here saying that I was going to miss you.
You haven't said it.
No. And maybe I won't.
Evidence from the Hvidovre killing, '97.
- Bye, Thomas. Best of luck. - Thanks.
- Do you have time for this? - I think we should drink a toast.
Katrine? Cheers.
- Hey, that's illegal. - Hi.
- This is for Mr DIY. - Thanks.
And this if for the new baby, from me.
The baby?
- You're kidding? - You didn't...? He doesn't know?
I'm really sorry. Benedicte, please forgive me.
Sorry, so sorry, love.
- Have you eaten? - No...
Come on in. Do we have some champagne left?
Buddy! You're going to be a little brother. No, big brother.
What about Messi in that match yesterday?
Yeah, but Rooney was a lot better.
- Give it a rest, Messi's the king. - No, he's not.
You go in goal, and I'll show you.
Fuck, it's locked.
There's a bloke in there.
He's saying something.
- What shall we do? - Run.
Will the whole class be going?
Yes. We'll have zombie sweets and demon cakes.
- Time for bed now. - No.
- Good night, Daddy. - Good night, sweetie.
- Good night, Johan. Sleep well. - Good night.
- You don't have to do that. - Yes, I do.
Oops, that was a car.
I'll try to stop calling you all the time.
You can call any time, just so long as we don't talk about work.
- What would we talk about? - I don't know. The weather?
The weather?
Maybe I can explain how a power drill works?
- I think that sounds like a great idea. - Why? I'm not going to be drilling anything.
No drilling? Ha bloody ha.
This is Katrine. Yes.
You don't respect my DIY skills. That's mean.
- What is it? - Nothing.
Could I take a look?
It's Kristian Almen.
Thanks for the lovely food, Benedicte. I have to go.
- Nice to see you. - You, too. Bye.
I'm going to have to go along, too. I'll be back later.
How far are we from getting an ID?
Male, 30-35. That's all I can tell you right now.
We have a drawing of this.
If Almen is behind this, who the hell was it in that car?
I've asked for all the ash from the torched car to be taken to the lab. I'll go through it all.
Could this be a copycat?
We can't rule it out. But where would this person have got hold of these drawings.
There is something or other we've missed.
I think the answer lies in the connections.
- What precisely are we looking for? - I'm not sure.
If you're not Kristian Almen, who the hell are you, then?
The first killing. Amalie.
Are there any relatives or witnesses from back then?
The mother committed suicide immediately afterwards.
The father is still alive.
- Can you get hold of his address? - I've got it right here.
We should have a word with him.
It's Mia. I'm sending something over to you. Please give me an answer quickly.
I've answered these questions many times before.
- Here you go, Jeppe. - Thanks, Mr Sørensen.
I took part in police interviews, and in the trial.
We need this information.
Could she have had any form of contact with Kristian Almen before the murder?
Our daughter used to tell us everything.
At least, she used to tell my late wife.
No, I don't think so.
- So you didn't notice any change in her? - No.
Was she spending more time at the computer, for example?
Was she using the phone more?
Amalie was the happiest, most carefree girl in the whole of Copenhagen.
She did sports. Badminton and athletics.
Why are you asking now?
We are still interested in the case.
I know that he has just been released.
Six years. That's what he got for taking my daughter's life.
Six years. Do you have children?
I have a son.
Yes. I don't know.
Check the padlock for fingerprints. That's your job.
Thank you.
I knew that Kristian Almen had asked for me that time.
What are you saying?
I knew he'd asked for me.
- His psychiatrist called me. - And...?
I didn't do anything about it. I was too busy with my own stuff.
New job. We'd just had Johan.
So we dealt with it over the phone.
But if you had gone to see him...
Maybe things would have turned out differently.
Result. I have an ID on the incinerated body in the car.
It's not Kristian Almen.
I found the remains of a tooth in the ashes.
Tooth imprints are unique, whereas DNA can be identical, especially with brothers.
The tooth and DNA aren't Kristian's. They belong to his brother, Mikkel.
Fifteen years ago he changed his name to Poul Severin.
Police. Katrine Ries Jensen and Thomas Schaeffer.
- What's this about? - Is your husband's name Mikkel Almen?
No, his name is Poul Severin.
We know that before your husband changed his name, he was Mikkel Almen.
We also know that he has a brother, named Kristian Almen.
My husband isn't home. He's away on a fishing trip.
- What is this about? - May we come in?
They both came from a tough background. Their parents were...
Mikkel was the stronger of the two, at least after their parents died in the accident.
- Kristian became strange. - In what way?
He was angry, introverted.
Mikkel tried to help him, but with no luck. We'd built a life together,
but Kristian was always looming over us. He became threatening, and very weird.
One day, I couldn't take it any more. I said that we had to leave.
So we moved away, without telling Kristian.
We changed our names so that he wouldn't be able to find us.
But then he went and killed that poor girl.
Then Mikkel told me that he'd helped him throughout the whole trial.
He'd been sending him money without telling me.
The day before yesterday, he had to go do something, but he couldn't tell me what.
Of course I knew perfectly well that he was going to go and see Kristian.
I told him not to go.
I told him he should stay away, but he couldn't. This was his brother.
Did he tell you where he was meeting Kristian?
I don't know where. Or even where Kristian lives.
Open up!
The October rent won't pay itself. It's almost November.
- I'll bring it round. - Okay. Tomorrow, right?
- Shall we say tomorrow? - You'll get it tomorrow.
Hey, there was someone asking for you.
What was that?
There was a guy asking for you. He had some old photo of you.
- Of me? - Yeah.
- Anything else? - Let me...
One could extend, into the garden if need be. There's loads of space.
I'm sure we'll have a sale. Take a look at the particulars of sale.
- Bye... - Goodbye.
And the kitchen was modernised two years ago.
It won't need replacing for many years.
- Looks nice. May I...? - Yes, of course.
It's a fine kitchen.
I'm afraid I have another viewing. I have to go.
I'd like to look at the whole house.
I think that can be arranged.
- Goodbye. - Bye.
- Goodbye. - Bye.
It's a great place, but of course I'll have to have a word with my bank.
- So you could be interested? - Yes, I have to admit that I am.
I'd like to take a look at the roof one day. Is that possible, at all?
Yes, of course. I'm home all week. Just ring the bell and I'll let you in.
Sounds good.
- Would you show me the basement? - Sure.
There! A call from Mikkel Almen to a Pay-As-You-Go mobile.
Half an hour before he was killed.
- We can't trace it, can we? - No, but it must have been to his brother.
- What did he want with him? - Maybe to get him to turn himself in.
They meet, they quarrel. Kristian goes amok and torches him.
That doesn't fit with his MO. He doesn't kill people out of passion.
Not even his own brother.
The main thing is to find out where he's living.
We have an ID on that charred gentlemen with the car tyres around him.
John Larsen, a carpenter, out of work for the last three years.
Recently divorced. Lives aboard a boat in Lynetten.
What's this guy's connection to Almen?
What do you mean?
Almen has to have some kind of connection to each victim, right?
- Neighbours. - What?
It's not about where Almen lives, but where his victims live. He started off close to home.
Then he picked out his next victim. Moved in close by. Where did Amalie live?
Poppelvej, in Valby.
Just round the corner from Kristian Almen.
He's seen her go to school every single day. Maybe one day her jumper is a wrong colour.
Kristian Almen saw this as a sign, and that's why he struck.
Maria Meyer. Almen hears her voice on the radio, in jail.
When he gets out, he finds out her address and moves into the hotel opposite.
And he watches her, until the day he kills her aboard the bus.
Lisbeth, the doctor at the barracks, where he lived as well.
He started to obsess about her back then. Years later, feeling worse, he has to kill her.
That's how he builds up his connection. By living close to his victim.
Where can one live that's close to Lynetten?
It's the ideal area. Isolated, no one around.
- Where was John Larsen living? - On a boat.
Kristian Almen doesn't live on a boat.
What are those?
They look like prefabs.
Get hold of the owners and find out who has moved in over the last month.
Thanks, Mia!
Open up! Police!
And is this him?
Yeah, but he's a bit younger there.
I've got a more recent photo here.
- Yeah, yeah, that's him. - Okay, thanks for that.
You want to step this way?
Yeah, all right, I can't be two places at once, now can I?
He's been thorough with his research at Herlev Hospital.
- Yup. - We need to go back to the station.
- What are you talking about? - Now. We need to go back to the station.
Kristian... Kristian.
Kristian. Hi there.
Do you have any idea where you are?
Take a look around you.
Whose room do you think you're in?
Do you need a clue?
Can you remember that lovely summer's day when you murdered a 15-year-old girl
by pushing her off a fly-over? Remember?
Do you remember how she was lying?
In 2005 you received a ridiculously short sentence. Remember?
Was it your brother who helped you out? Was it he who fixed a lawyer for you?
I think it was. You saw me kill your brother, right?
I forced him to call you and tell you to come. I wanted to torch the two of you in that car.
But what the hell. You're here now, aren't you.
She asked for it.
What are you saying?
She asked for it.
She did.
- She asked for it? - Yes. She did. She asked for it.
She was on her way to school.
Wednesday 26th, 13:23. There's Kristian Almen in the café.
- Yes. - Yes.
The same day we're at the flat. Read page two of your report.
"At 13:20, we hear a sound and set off in pursuit of the suspect, Almen."
That's impossible. He's in the café then.
So who was it in the flat?
Hang on.
Molbeck checked out a CCTV tape from a train station near Almen's flat.
But he was looking for Almen.
Stop right there.
What's he doing there?
Police! Open up!
Not too hard, now.
- Hi, what are you doing? - Hi, Johan. This is for a treasure hunt.
Sørensen has had his revenge.
I should have seen it coming.
"The patient shows no suicidal tendencies and poses no danger to others.
"13th April, 2003. Thomas Schaeffer." That's underlined.
- Where was that? - In the drawer.
Call Benedicte.
This is Rune.
Hi Rune, this is Thomas. Is Johan with you?
I'll see if I can find him.
I'm not quite sure where he is.
Yup, he's over there, running around playing with Lasse.
- Okay. That was all, really. - She's not picking up.
She never goes out without her mobile. Honey?
- Benedicte! - Darling, are you down here?
Hi. Aren't you at work?
- Is there something wrong? - No.
- Thomas. - Hi, Thomas, it's Rune.
Do you have the keys to Johan's handcuffs?
What are you talking about?
I'm in a bit of an odd situation, here. I don't quite know what he's up to.
Your son has handcuffed himself to our flagpole.
It wasn't me.
Let me speak to Johan.
Thomas, I'll find out what's going on, and I'll call you back.
Don't hang up! We have to go to the school!
So Johan, who was it, then?
- Him. That man. - What man?
The man who wanted to buy our house.
He told me to stand still and not say anything to anyone.
- Move! Move! Move! - What did they say out there?
Someone has handcuffed Johan to a flagpole. I think it's Sørensen.
I may have a hacksaw in the boot. I can't reach the school.
- Try again. - Who's Sørensen?
His daughter was killed by my former patient. He blames me for it, and he's taking revenge.
And why were you not supposed to say anything to anyone?
He said not to move my foot
or the bomb would go off. It's down there.
Anna, get the children away from here.
Get them away. There's a bomb. Johan, don't move.
Stay where you are. You mustn't move, all right?
All right.
What did you say? Someone's phoned in a bomb threat to the school.
That's all they knew.
Is there anyone out there now?
- I don't know. - You don't know? Find out!
This is Katrine. I need a bomb disposal expert, now.
Just take it easy. We'll be all right, okay?
- When will it explode? - It won't.
The man said it'll explode...
It won't!
I need to go.
Where is he? Where is he? Where is he?
He's over there. There's a bomb. Beside the flagpole.
- I want to see him! - Look at me. You need to stay here!
- Daddy! - Hi.
Come on, come on. Something, for Christ's sake...
A man asked you to stand there?
Just stay where you are. Have you got the saw?
Peter, I have something that could be a bomb. I need your help.
I'm here. I'm listening.
He's standing on something here. Some bathroom scales.
A boy is standing on some bathroom scales...
If there are two strips of metal attached, they must not touch.
- Are there two metal pieces? - Yes.
They mustn't touch each other for Christ's sake.
Keep your foot there, right? Promise? Just keep it there, and nothing will happen.
Katrine, describe to me exactly what you're looking at.
Shit, there's a whole mass of stuff down here.
Promise me you'll stand still?
There's a wire leading up from the scales and into a wooden box.
There are four smaller wires connected to that wire.
We'll fix this.
Shall we build a railway track when we get home?
Watch out.
There are several possibilities for a detonator.
A printed circuit, a watch and a mobile phone.
- Anything else? - Yes.
There's a bottle with some kind of liquid in it.
- What's going on, Katrine? - There's this mass of wires.
- Katrine! - They go to this battery.
What does he say about it?
We'll just saw this through.
- What are you doing? - We'll solve this, okay?
Okay, you need to move the bomb itself. You need to move the metal cylinder.
I can't.
- It's our only option. - Peter, listen to me for fuck's sake, I can't!
Then wait for the bomb squad.
What's happening, Katrine?
- Thomas... - What?
Can you help me with this? Then I'll move the foot here.
That's good. Like that. There...
Now you just stand there and don't move.
- Almost there. - Katrine...
He's around here somewhere. He wants to see this.
- Are you getting there? - We're getting there.
Katrine, something's happening with this thing.
I'm almost there...
- It's counting down! - I'm almost there.
What's happening? Sweetheart, now listen to me carefully.
In a moment we're going to get you free. Run away with Katrine. Real fast. Promise?
As fast as you can. I love you.
How long is there left?
I'm coming back for you, Thomas. We're going to crack this one.
- It's down to 18. - I promise you.
- Hurry up! - I'm almost there...
- I won't make it. - Are you ready, Johan?
Just get Johan away from here. You're free now. Run!
Run, Johan!
- Run! - Come on! Run!
- Come here, honey! - Grab him!
Go over to your mother.
- You stay here! - No!
Get away from there! Get down! Down! Get away from there, Katrine...!
Are you okay? Katrine, are you okay?
Are you?
Sørensen. This is the police!
This is the police.
This is the police.
Hey. Down on your knees.
Get down on your knees. Down on your knees.
I'm sorry that Thomas is dead.
He won't be around to see me kill his son.
Drop the pistol! Drop the pistol! Believe me, I'll kill him.
You just don't get what this is about, do you?
You don't have children.
It's over. Come here.
I couldn't...
Do you never dream of something different?
It's possible. Just go find it.
Without saying goodbye?
- It was a spur of the moment decision. - Maybe a bit hasty, too?
- No. - What are you going to do?
Go to Munich. Then move on.
And when might you be back?
You could have asked me first. I'm your boss, for fuck's sake.
- If you've just here to yell at me... - No, no, no, no. Here.
- Here, take this. - What is it?
What do you think it is?
910 kroner in cash. Travel allowance.
That's all they'd agree to upstairs. Just to see you through the first few days.
Thanks, Bisgaard.
You can always come back and get some more.
The End @