ePortfolio Community Profiles: Scott Kelley

Uploaded by DePaulTeachingCommon on 03.01.2013

I started using e-Portfolios a few years ago, but last
spring quarter i used it for an MBA practicum in the sustainable management
concentration. We decided to use e-Portfolios as a way to integrate student
in a way that was project focused so they were developing a
business plan for sustainable strategy
our students used to e-Portfolios for all of their assignments.
The first step: the Begin Step
is were students identify what we call a baseline, and this is where they
identify a core challenge, or core question they want to focus on for the rest of
the quarter.
They also establish a learning blog
that they maintain on a regular basis.
For the final reflection essay where students to write
and identify moments that... moments of change in their thinking, and this is what we call
learning. So they return to their core question, their core challenge,
after ten weeks of exploration, interpretation, and decision,
and we asked them to put their finger on particular moments, especially in
their learning blog where they identified that one of their assumptions
was wrong, or maybe it was correct, but new evidence supports it.