President Obama Talks #My2k with The Santana Family

Uploaded by whitehouse on 10.12.2012

Speaker: Hey, how you doing, Mr. President?
The President: Good looking crew right here.
Miss Tiffany, how are you?
How nice to see you.
Thank you so much.
Tiffany Santana: Thank you so much.
The President: This must be Noah.
Richard Santana: I guess what's going on today is we're getting a wonderful visit
from our president.
Tiffany Santana: I wrote in to in response to what $2,000
would mean to us.
And my family is a special case, because we have a blended family
with our parents and us.
So we have two adult incomes in the house, so it would be
$4,000 to us.
I wasn't expecting a response.
I was expecting just to be able to share my concerns with the
White House, but I'm so happy that my voice was heard and that
the President wants to come and talk to middle
class people like me.
The President: For them to be burdened unnecessarily because
democrats and republicans aren't coming together to solve this
problem gives you a sense of the costs involved in
very personal terms.
Obviously, it would also have an impact on our economy,
because if this family has a couple of thousand dollars less
to spend, that translates into $200 billion of less consumers
spending next year, and that's bad for businesses
large and small.
Tiffany Santana: We took seriously his charge to us to buckle down and let's
make some sacrifices, let's really do this thing together.
And we just really feel like we've done our part as a family,
as a community, and we just really want congress to do
the same thing, to do its part.
We love our president and our first lady.
We have a cutout here of both of them life size,
and so they -- she joined us for a picture.
The President: Oh, oh, that's nice.
We got to get another picture, group picture.
We got to get another picture with Michelle in it.