How to Make Raw Chocolate : Adding Mango to Chocolate

Uploaded by expertvillage on 08.02.2008

Hi, I’m Kelly Johnson of Sedona Chocolate Super Foods and we’re here on location in
the chocolate room of the Ridiculous Chocolate Factory, inside the Bliss Café in Sedona,
Arizona on behalf of Expert Village. This is another ingredient that we use here and
these are mangoes, I’m going to give you one so you can smell that. And not just any
mango, this is a sun dried mango, you see mangoes all over the world and they are dried
and covered with sulfides, and sugar to make them sweet, but these come from a very small
farm in Honduras where they pick the mangoes ripe, slice them and then sun dry them under
shade cloth, so that they, their enzyme activity remains intact. Most of the mangoes in the
world are the worst of the mangoes that they use to make into dried fruit, you know it’s
the ones that aren’t ripe, the ones that have fallen on the ground or it’s the ones
you know that just aren’t quite up to par. Slice them all up put some sugar on them and
some sulfides and send them out, make something really good.