Daniels Journey Part 9: Tea Ceremony

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[Music plays and continues throughout]
[Bug calls loudly]
Chinese people like British people drink lots of tea, but tea in China is drunk without milk.
They often drink green or red tea made from tea leaves, or the tea can be made from special flowers.
In China we have a special Tea ceremony which you can do for your friends and family.
Chinese tea also has great anti-oxidants in it.
They help you keep you healthy.
Remember drinking water is also very important to keep your body healthy too!
[Dragon licks his lips]
[Dragon slurps tea quickly]
[All except dragon laugh]
Sipping is the right way of drinking tea.
Have one more cup.
>> Daniel: FangFang, Thank you very much! Xie Xie!
I have learnt lots about China and about keeping healthy in a fun way! I can’t wait to tell my friends.
Children will like to do the same things as we have done in China.
>> Fang Fang: You may log onto the Confucius Institutes website to learn more ideas on keeping healthy
and active in a Chinese way.
>> Daniel: Alright, I will! See you!
>> Fang Fang: Bye Bye!
>> Daniel: Mum, There are so many cool things to do and see in China.
I learnt: Tai Chi, Chinese Kung Fu, Tea ceremony, Dancing and how to make delicious dumplings.
>> Mum: Daniel, there are many more fun Chinese activities you can do to keep healthy!
Let's go to the Confucius Institute for TCM with your friends tomorrow.
>> All: Chinese Wellbeing. All about having fun and learning about Chinese culture