Royal Family, 6회, EP06, #03

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This month's issue of Noble. The galleys for your approval.
It's fine.
They've been invited on a TV talk show.
Even a talk show.
- The questions? - They'll send them ahead.
Look them over. Any variation and we'll revoke all our ads.
Just as you say.
Let me ask you.
What is Kim Insuk to you? In one word?
Whew, with her sitting here and all...
Aren't you exaggerating?
We all have saviors in our lives.
Our families, maybe a book.
For me, it was Kim Insuk.
Now your turn.
What is Han Jihun to you? In a word?
Oh... Proof?
Yes. There was so little for me to do after I married.
I don't have a head for business and I'm not much of a housekeeper.
- So I got involved in charity. - Yes.
As chance would have it, I helped Jihun and thought, "I can make a difference."
He was my proof.
People may think I did a lot for him. But in reality, I'm indebted to him.
What a blessing to have such a wonderful supporter.
She's the lucky one. A hot guy like me.
Nice that you can joke about it.
And Chairperson Gong supported you in all this?
Our mother has a strong sense of noblesse oblige.
She's not just a fine mother, she's a great person.
People use words like "Iron Lady" and "Charisma" to describe--
Will Kim Insuk be the Club Director?
Oh, I can't believe.
Talk about the tail wagging the dog. She more famous than her master.
Time to say "Whoa, whoa," she'll be over our heads soon.
Mother doesn't know the power of TV. It's scary.
It's too perfect.
One misstep and she'll disgrace the whole family.
Wait, what..? Look at her eyes.
- Quite flavorful. - "Flavorful?" FlavorSOME, dummy!
She was prepared.
She was waiting for this day.
The pair of you! Ohh..!
Wash your hands first!
You two set the table.
Scrub the tables good.
Sorry we're late.
What's with the faces..?
Ms. Kim, nice show.
Oh, I was so nervous.
Me, I tried to go on after her, no problem, right?
My whole body had like a million ants on it..!
Heh. You loved it.
You didn't? I was proud to go on with you.
No, I didn't..!
C'mon, you're freakin' me out.
You said you didn't.
She's so CUTE when she pouts.
Right? Seriously cute.
You guys, talking to Ms. Kim like that.
Let's see. How cute ARE you?
You've got to take advantage of this.
No more of this surveillance and locking you up stuff.
Right. Now you're free.
Lady Liberty. Ha! Get it..?
- Lady Liberty? - Lady Liberty, get it?
Lady Liberty! Lady Liberty!
The JK Club Director...
is Kim Insuk.
- Hyunjin will be managing director. - Ma'am.
Didn't you make my wife club director a few days ago?
I don't know the whole story, but I can't understand this.
Does it have to be a woman? Give it to me. He's too excitable.
It's not official, just a trial.
Her lack of background actually helps us.
She comes from the bottom, so no one can complain.
Untarnished by a daughter's sex video. Insuk has a clean slate.
As of now, Insuk is our best bet.
How do you mean, "a trial"?
Are you testing K?
She has till the shareholders meeting to show what she can do.
After that you might yank her out?
Of course. But I suspect she'll do well.
So hush, all of you.
Mother, does this have to do with K's interview?
We'll have no more of this "K" business.
Now she's the face of our holding company.
Never call her K in public. Or in private.
Ugh. This is dumb!
Laughable, that's what it is.
Now I gotta call K, "ma'am?" That's dumb!
What will you have?
- Not wine. Whiskey. - Ma'am.
I'm sorry.
For what?
You deserve the position. This is as hard for me as it is for you.
Listen, K.
Club Director of head of JK, you'll always be K to me.
Remember that.
Ugh, I swear. Why did I study law? I should've been a gangsta.
Don't let her get to you. She's just scared you'll do well in your trial period.
Don't let her get to YOU.
Oh, has Byungjun heard the good news?
It would be better if you were here.
Oh, you went to Harvard's prep camp? How was it?
Oh, not so bad.
Listen, you're club director.
Shares. Get some shares. What good's a salary without shares?
No sense in working for nothing.
Hm-hm, you're right.
Hey, Byungjun. I'm Han Jihun, your mother's counsel.
Shouldn't you be, "Congrats! Wow, you did it! Mom, I love you."
See what I'm saying?
Mother, you got a good lawyer. I've got class. Bye for now.
Ms. Kim, we should give life lessons on the estate.
That's how he was raised.
Are you disappointed?
Not at all.
Insuk is director in name only.
You're actually in charge.
We need Ms. Jin for the holding company conversion now.
But when Baek's a lame duck, there's tax evasion, slush funds and such.
It may even mean jail time for someone.
But you won't take the hit.
First thing tomorrow you'll get practical training in the use of power.
That's your pay-off.
They'll be preparing their counterattack.
I'm ready.
Just as well. Ms. Gong sees value in you two.
I'm expendable to her.
She'll use me until Hyunjin's ready.
But it won't work out that way�