Versailles - EFFORTLESS PROSPERITY with Patricia Heaton & Fred Willard - Versailles

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EVELYN : All right, take two.

HOYT: OK, people, let's circle up and focus on Summer for
just a few seconds.
SUMMER: OK, let's all join hands And let's
all just let go.

No thinking.
Some of you are still thinking.
Let it go.
For some time now, Colin and I have been devotees of Prada
Patel who is the founder of the movement for effortless
Which basically believes that in order to get what you want
from life, you basically have to do nothing.
But you really have to do nothing.
It's hard doing nothing, thinking nothing.
Look, here's an example.
For the next minute, I am going to think about nothing.

LENNY: So you're up first.
ROBERT: Uh huh.
LENNY: So when you hear them say your name, you walk rather
quickly, OK, to this chair and sit down.
ROBERT: Is it going to be this hot in here?
LENNY: Yes, yes it will be exactly this hot in here,
because these lights.
It gets rather hot under them.
ROBERT: I think I should tell you, I have CRTD, chronic
regulatory temperature disorder.
I have to be on the lookout for sudden changes in
LENNY: Great.
ROBERT: Oh, Summer I, I, I thought in the interview you
might like to ask you about string tension.
That might be interesting for the folks.
You see, normally string tension is set in a range of
about 80 to 130 newtons, but you're recreational players
have a range of about 110 newtons.
But I, and brace yourself, 150 newtons.
Well, that's really quite bold.
I mean, in the hands of someone who was even a little
bit nervous, that wouldn't be a good idea.
But I'm known for my coolness under pressure.
You know, cool?

HOYT: I just thought it might be a little
more prominent here.
SUMMER: Prominent, yes.
Tasteful, no.
You don't want to ram the store down people's throats.
HOYT: Sweetie, the whole point of the show is--
SUMMER: Where's Colin?

HOYT: I don't know.
SUMMER: You mean you just let him wander off?

HOYT: I didn't just marry into Hollywood royalty here, I also
married into Versailles royalty.
You know, Bud Tickler was the president and CEO of the
Versailles Sanitary Rag Company which is nothing to
thumb your nose at.
Uh, of course I knew who Summer Tickler was.
Everybody knew her in town.
I know who her mother was.
She was very famous here in Versailles.
In fact, she cut the ribbon when Dad opened the new store.
Um, there was an incident that happened at the
ribbon cutting ceremony.
It seems that Evelyn was having a problem with one of
her medications, as I understand it.
Somehow though, she ran the scissors through the fleshy
part a Dad's arm.
WILLIAM H. MACY: She could drink, that's true.
HOYT: We ended up using the ribbon as a temporary
tourniquet, but we've been able to laugh about it since.
I didn't really know Evelyn.
She passed away, um, shortly before I met Summer, or very
shortly, just ironically a couple of hours.
I remember I met Summer at the 4th of July barbecue over at
the VFW hall which is still there.
They're going to tear it down, but it's still there.
Um, incidentally, it was the same day that
her mom passed away.
And I thought she was holding up quite well considering she
just lost her mom.
And she would laugh at almost anything anybody said.
And if anyone would mention Independence Day, she'd sort
of yell, you got that right, mister!
And then she'd take another shot and just start to laugh.
And long story short, two months later we tied the knot.
WILLIAM H. MACY: She saw into my soul.
She transformed me.
That was the moment that I decided that I
wanted to be an actor.