Comment about the suspensions of RBG wintraders

Uploaded by DieWildeHildeWoW on 30.01.2013

Hello this is Hildegard. Today I talk about the recent resets of RBG wintraders.

Blizzard community manager Nakatoir posted on the EU forums about it
he states that

they were carefully investigating to ban anyone not involved
if you look at the Arena Junkie forums however
many players claim to be suspended wrongfully
I cannot check if their claims are true
it's not far fetched to assume that the ones that got caught
try to move themselves into some kind of victimhood
another rumour is that Blizzard used the Al Capone method
means suspending boosters for wintrading
suspending someone
for another reason
Al Capone was the most famous mob boss in the United States
he committed several murders and many other crimes
but he got caught for tax evasion
Well, we don't know if Blizzard used this method, but it would actually be pretty smart
because it's a way harder to suspend someone for accountplaying

than it's for wintrading or participating in a wintrading match
Blizzard can suspend players if they participated in games against wintraders
if they did not report them
but they did this only for a very small percentage of the players that faced wintraders
the rumours that wintraders were are actually targetted
are interesting but nothing
we can prove or
really say if it's right or wrong
it also unclear if gear will be reset
because right now the suspended players cannot log in and so the armory isn't updated, yet
we will have to wait for another two days to actually see the results of that

I think gear resets would be appropriate
but even without gear resets
I think that Blizzard is moving in the right direction
They did this last season, at the end of season 11
They reset early this season, now they reset the wintraders.
they care more about PvP than they did in previous expansions
pretty obvious that they are working on that and try to improve
I'm happy with how they handle it and so
let me know what you think - I will read every comment and try to comment on them
thanks a lot for tuning in
this is Hildegard