Gran Turismo Veloce - European Tour Vlog - Episode 6

Uploaded by gtvelocevideos on 15.04.2012

Are we already in Germany?
We missed the border!
If there's Italian music on the radio... we did.
Willkommen in Berlin! What a beautiful city!
C'mon guys, let's play. Or should we leave?
Just wait until he says they're ready.
We feel very sad, because we are alone in the world.
While Claudio just opened his girlfriend's Easter egg...
and found a fantastic napkin!
It's not a napkin! It's a tiny breakfast tablecloth.
It's a napkin! OK, there's a napkin too.
It was really nice to meet you, my best wishes for your career...
I will definitely follow you.
Good luck, and whatever happens, keep...
Keep calm! Ciao! Ciao!
We're not in Italy! It seems we're in Florence...
She is Alice. Now they're... Oh Lord!
We're running away from Berlin...
because we're fed up with roads and cities.
We're looking for some wild nature.
We just found a working wi-fi hot spot...
so we're uploading the episodes you love so much.
Freezing! Look at how much we love you!
We begin to feel tired a bit...
in fact, we went to the woods...
In Berlin, sometimes you ask for things in English...
and they reply in German.
Like they didn't know English at all!
They don't do anything to help you.
It was better in Prague!
In Prague, when we went to buy tickets at that kiosk...
that old lady mumbled something in English to help us.
The crazy thing is, take yesterday...
you have to be thankful for those venues, as weird as they are.
You have to play in an open-mic bar, if you want to play.
You got these borderline conditions...
where you find, you know, an old man like that country music professor yesterday...
These venues seem like artistic pressure valve...
one can say, I wrote some songs and I want to play them in front of an audience.
I was expecting more involvement from the audience.
I mean, in Wien, that was a very cool gig.
You really felt a connection with the audience.
Because they wanted music, just music.
I mean, what was cool in Wien...
was that people came to that pub to listen to new music.
You are greeted warmly anyway, just for the fact that you're on the stage.
Just because you're there to play your music.
Right. And they appreciate it.
You are very respected. They don't make a fool out of you, whatever you are.
And you also don't feel competition, or antagonism.
Exactly. Thank God!
I really felt that.
The fact is, we are the only band...
touring these places.