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Threshold Radio Show
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by Bulgarian and foreign artists.
Interviewer - Gulsum Ali
Threshold Radio Show
Hello, everyone!
Today, our team in Threshold Radio Show, consisting of
Rado Ivanov and Gulsum Ali, will present to you
the famous DJ and producer DJ Tarkan.
Stay tuned to the Bulgarian national radio, Radio Burgas
to hear what DJ Tarkan will present to us
including his music production
and even some promo tracks.
Before the interview, we will start with one of DJ Tarkan's tracks specially prepared by him.
It's his remix of the track: Black Dog by Papercut feat. Jennie Kapadai
Threshold Radio Show is starting...
Hello, Tarkan Welcome to Threshold Radio Show,
in Radio Burgas's studio.
On Saturday night, in one of Burgas's clubs
you made an amazing performance with quality music,
which will surely be remembered
by the audience.
How do you feel, after this dynamic night?
Hello! Firstly, i would like to thank your for the invitation.
Saturday night was indeed very exciting and enjoyable.
Actually, every time i have a gig in Bulgaria, i feel extremely happy,
because the audience here is very different
and shows a lot of respect towards me and my music.
It gives me great joy. And as i always say,
Bulgaria is and will be one of my favourite destinations.
Let's hear one of your tracks, shall we?
Yes, of course.
It's the track called „Sad Story”.
Can you tell us something about this project?
As far as I know, it hasn't been released yet.
Yes, it is unreleased. It was played by Marco Schulz during the whole summer in Global DJ Broadcast's sets.
I had sent it only to him, because i felt that he would like it.
He included my track in all of his sets
and wanted to have it under his label - Cold Harbour Recordings.
This, of course, is great, because it will be realeased under a sublabel of Armada music.
As for the the meaning of this track, I named it "Sad Story"
because when i made it, i was very sad.
Some people wonder what is the sad thing about this track.
But in the end, there is something melancholic about it
for those who can feel it.
Let's listen to this track!
After this wonderful track, we continue with our conversation.
There is a person, you often collaborate with.
You probably know whom I will ask you about? V-Sag.
V-Sag, yes. He is a very important artist for me.
What led you to releasing projects together?
What part of his music got your attention?
Because you always present quality music production
and stand out with your precision.
Not everyone has the opportunity
to work with an important artist like you. I guess, it's not easy.
Yes, actually, V-Sag is a very valuable artist and DJ.
When I first heard his tracks, I was very impressed.
He liked my production too. So one day, we got together in the studio in Istanbul
to work on the remixing of a track.
Then we noticed that there are a lot of similarities in our ideas.
What he sees in a track is what I see too.
We understood that together we could do some great work.
So, after this day, we decided to work together more often.
I often go to Greece and he comes to Turkey too.
I suppose, you too, have noticed the great result of our collaboration.
The first remix we did together is called "Forget"
and the second one was to the track "Still Time"
Those were our first projects and they were very successful.
After that, we've worked on a countless number of projects together.
We decided to create our own record label, called "No Smoking Recordings"
which we will talk about later.
V-Sag is a very successful artist and deserves to be in a higher position in the music industry
and to be known worldwide.
After another nice track, we continue.
Here, in our studio, is DJ Tarkan.
In 2010, you received an award from
for the best international DJ of the year.
Yes, that's right. To rank higher than Tiesto, Armin van Buuren and Carl Cox
and get an award like this, is really exciting,
because, in this way, you see how loved you are in this country
and how many fans you have.
To compete with such famous artists is very difficult,
because they are advertised a alot and have a stable team.
We are talking about really high quality.
We haven't reached this kind of level of advertisment yet.
We could say that regarding music, we are in the same, or maybe even higher level than them.
But advertisment is really important,
and sadly, music is not enough.
Here, in this country, the audience really values music.
And in a country like this,
it becomes possible
to surpass such famous artists in a chart like this.
To get to the first place proves
that in this country music is being valued.
It was a great pleasure for me to come and get this award.
And of course, i want to say thank you to all my fans
from the different parts of Bulgaria
and to everyone who supports me wherever I am,
regardless when.
I do my best to be worthy of all the love.
And I am sure that
I will come here a lot in the future.
Making a DJ set isn't easy, is it?
Yes, absolutely, it isn't easy. When I'm making sets.. but I interrupted you, I'm sorry.
Don't worry. Go on.
A set is a whole story for me.
As a track has its own story, a set does too.
It's not only mixing the tracks,
and going from one track to the next one.
It's about knowing how to do it,
to get to the next track. This is very important.
It doesn't matter if it's about a 1-hour set or a 6-hour set in the clubs.
In Bulgaria, I have played music for 7-8, even 9 hours.
I remember, especially for Bulgaria, that I've played music until 9-10 am.
Sets should not be overlooked.
They require a lot of work and concentration. You need to know all tracks by heart
in order to know which one comes next.
You need to watch the audience, their reactions.
You can include novations in your mixing, for example getting from one genre to another.
Because you can't play only one type of music all night.
That would bore people.
That's why those transitions between the different genres are very important.
They need to be connected, music needs to flow.
That's why every track has an important meaning.
All tracks need to be connected,
so that the story won't be intermittent.
Can you tell us something about "No Smoking Recordings",
you label, which produces music
on a very high level?
What are the requirements,
if someone wants to release music under your label?
What is important for you?
I will tell you. They shouldn't smoke!
I'm kidding, of course.
Well, there are people who say that they don't smoke
but I don't know if that's true, I can't be sure.
It's not easy to control somebody's life.
For us, it is important to give priority to young talents.
Of course, we value producers, who are already known,
but we emphasize on the young talents, who make quality music
and know how to touch our hearts.
We can release everything,
that we find really good.
The genre doesn't matter, as long as the music is quality.
I understand.
Sadly, we are near the end of our interview.
Before we listen to the last track,
what would you like to say to our listeners?
I want to tell them to keep on listening to our production, to have fun,
and if they want to dance, they are always welcomed to our gigs!
I will always respond to them, I will keep coming here
no matter if it's this town or another.
And I want to finish with the words:
Don’t touch that dial because you’re locked into DJ Tarkan.
Thank you for the invitation and I wish you luck!
With the following track, I'm telling you goodbye!
That is all from us for this week.
Once again Threshold Radio Show's team says thank you to DJ Tarkan
that he accepted to be our guest at the studio.
To learn more about our meeting,
find us on facebook!
Next Wednesday, we will provide you again with the best electronic music
on air at Radio Burgas.
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Translation: Jasmina Ivanova