How to Make a Scored Frame Background.m4v

Uploaded by TheMadStamper on 13.06.2012

In this video, I'm going to show you how to do the scoring I did on this background.
It makes a nice frame for your image piece.
It takes a plain background
and gives it some simple and elegant texture
to show off
your image piece.
The bottom mat for the image piece is four inches, so I made this background
five inches square.
Now this is Midnight Muse
and I'm going to use a lighter piece of card stock so that you can see what
I'm doing a little better.
There's half an inch on each side of the image piece and I decided to score at
one quarter-inch and three-eighths inches to make this frame.
So I start with my five by five piece of card stock
and on one side, I'm going to mark
at one-quarter inch
and at three-eighths of an inch at one end and
then and then at the other end.
Then I draw a line
between the marks at a quarter an inch
and align between the marks
at three eighths of an inch.
Then I do the same thing on each of the four sides.
One-quarter inch,
three-eighths of an inch,
and three eighths
and then draw a line
between the one quarter-inch marks
and between
the three-eighths inch marks.
So now you can see I've got...
this double line on all four sides of my card stock.
And you might be wondering why I went to all the trouble
to put the pencil lines when I could've just scored it instead?
And the reason is that
where these corners meet,
that's going to tell me where I start and stop my score lines.
if I don't know, then they're not going to need precisely or they'll just
run off
the end of the card stock and it won't be as
elegant. So now I'm ready to score
and I'm going to start from the point
where the two quarter-inch lines cross
and score in that groove all the way down
to where the quarter-inch lines
at the bottom.
And then I'm going to do
the three-eighths inch
stopping them
at the three eighths inch mark.
And so what that looks like on the other side
is I've got
these lines
scored like so.
Then I turn
the card stock ninety degrees
and do the same thing
being careful not to go past
the point where the two lines cross.
When we're finished scoring we're going to turn this piece of card stock over

so that these pencil marks aren't going to show; you don't have to worry about
trying to erase them and make them look good.
So there's the
scored background. So these lines
look nice,
but they don't show up really well.
So i'm going to take some
of the same color card stock;
this is Baja Breeze, and I'm going to sponge
over the
score lines
and that will make them pop
so that they show better.
And you can do this as lightly or as dark as you like.
And now you have
a lovely frame
that you can
place an image piece in. And of course you can do this in a rectangular card as well.
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Happy stamping!