The Grand Heist 바람과 함께 사라지다 Korean Comedy Full Movie with English subtitles

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Subtitles: All About Korea
Synchronized by David Yang(양동근)
God bless you all K-movie lovers!
Executive Producer KIM WOO TAEK
Executive Producers AHN Dong-kyu, CHA Ji-hyun, KIM Min-sung
Cha Tae-hyun (차태현)
Oh Ji Ho (오지호)
SUNG Dong-il(성동일), SHIN Jung-geun(신정근), K O Chang-suk(고창석)
MIN Hyo-rin(민효린), LEE Chae-young(이채영)

Directed by KIM Joo-ho(김주호)
"THE GRAND HEIST 2011" 바람과 함께 사라지다.(Gone with the wind)
Do you have Artist Choi's "Secret Night Encounters"?
If it's Artist Choi, do you mean Choi Ki-soo?
No it's Choi Chil-chil's illustration that has value.
You know your books.
There is Makdol's manuscript of Choi Chil-chil's illustrations.
No, you're wrong.
Yes, but Choon-sam's version is the most valuable one.
That book is hard to get.
Yes, it is quite difficult, but...
"Secret Night Encounters"
Mr.Yang! You got it?
Oh, it's priceless.
Why'd you come so late?
Got some books from the West.
The West?
Let's take a look!
This is strange.
This is embarrassing. People are watching.
Hey, cover me!
HEY. my pants!
Why chase her all the time? You even don't know her name.
She needs to be this great...
To be a real woman, dummy.
Are you okay, sir?
You'll live with a cold if you keep counting all that ice every day.
Don't worry about me. Just get things ready.
Distribution of ice will begin!
I need ice for the children exhausted from the heat.
No, I must follow the regulations.
You even give this ice to prisoners in the public jailhouse.
Children having a heat stroke need ice. It's an emergency.
I still cannot.
Come on, just give her some ice.
Wait in line!
Hey, I'm a slave of First Vice-Premier Cho Myung-soo.
Is a slave of the First Vice-Premier the same rank as him?
Well, not exactly...
That crazy bastard!
Go away, you lunatic!
Stop where you are!
I said stop!
Get out of my way!
I said move it!
Sorry about this.
Stop where you are!
Ouch! It's cold!
Isn't that ice?
Hurry. you jackass!
Hurry! Hurry!
Stop where you are!
You jackass!
Stop following me!
What did I do wrong?
So who is that guy?
Lee Duk-moo.
Son of Lee Sung-ho, the Second Vice-Premier.
And son of a concubine.
If he's in that family, why didn't he use their ice?
But he's the son of a concubine.
Like us.
He was very bright, but he didn't study for the civil service exam.
He just hangs around book stores all the time.
Taking care of these orphans must be a tough job.
Someone graciously left us ice.
Lee Duk-moo...
It hurts!
Stay still.
What are you putting on me?
I shredded peppers, cigarette foliage, and slugs into it.
It works fast if you rub it on you twice a day.
Who said so?
This book.
The Netherlands...
A country in the west millions of miles away,
A doctor there had written it.
Now you're going as far as the West.
I wish I could see it in person.
There? Millions of miles away?
Yeah, who says that I can't go?
Anyway, you know how to read this stuff?
How can I read that? I just looked at the pictures.
Go figure.
The pain has disappeared.
It also feels like it's gotten numb.
It works, indeed.
There's still some left. Want me to rub it somewhere else?
Yeah, but something's weird.
I keep feeling sleepy. Something is weird...
Duk-moo! Duk-moo!
Oh, God of Winter,
6 months later
please let the ice freeze well this year.
With the power of the winter yin,
when the energy of the summer yang is at its peak,
our King shall generously distribute ice to the people,
and the country shall be balanced harmoniously.
That bastard, Yi San.
Just because he's royal family, that kid talks back to the elders.
He's just like his father, Crown Prince Sado.
That's right.
Defense Minister!
You're speaking blasphemously.
Was I?
In any situation,
there are things we can and cannot say.
How could you call that kid 'bastard'?
How'd that bastard feel if he heard you?
'If the bastard heard'?
Any who mobilizes people by force
to take ice for personal gain shall be arrested immediately!
Yes, sir!
Who is it?
Mr. Yang?
Mr. Yang!
Now, let's see.
What are the trendy books of the West now?
Watch it, Duk-moo. Respect other people's privacy.
That doesn't matter between us.
Did you really go to the Netherlands?
How can I go millions of miles for half a year?
But you always bragged about the Netherlands.
I just went to Egypt this time.
I got this from a Netherland person.
What is it?
Isn't the capital city wonderful?
The women's skin is white as snow.
Their faces are small and their hair is like gold.
And their breasts...
Be more specific! More specific!
Their breasts...
What? That big?
Sir, are you okay?
The sun is falling!
You bastards!
Here to have fun? Hurry up so we can go home!
I know I'm lowly, but I heard that forced ice-mining is illegal.
Forced? Who? We give you money!
But we paid for these cows and wagons with our money,
so if this isn't forced labor, then what is?
Then I guess you won't need them.
If we don't use the cows and wagons in this cold,
how do you expect us to move all that ice?
Guys, they're too cold to work. Help them.
- Yes, sir. - Yes, sir.
Sir, you must flee. The icehouse guard is here.
Icehouse guard?
Who ordered this forced labor?
I heard that Lord Lee Sung-ho
is trying to control the prices in the private ice storages.
Why is he trying to bother noblemen like us?
We really don't understand.
What Lee Sung-ho is doing doesn't surprise me.
Just don't let it worry you.
There is another problem.
What is it?
The special guard of Seokbinggo, Baek Dong-soo.
He's blocking us from using laborers for the ice-mining.
A mere son of a concubine.
He's interfering with everything. It's driving me crazy!
Am I right?
- Yes! - Yes!
Don't worry about it.
Just continue on.
What are you waiting for? Thank him!
- Thank you, sir! - Thank you, sir!
There is a way to take down Lee Sung-ho.
Lee Duk-moo and Baek Dong-soo?
Duk-moo, you know what this stands for?
Of course I do. It stands for money.
No, money is this.
This means "okay".
It means 'all goes well'.
You have to bend this down like this. Good, you got it.
One more bottle, "okay"?
It's by five. Good.
Now, let's start.
Yes, sir!
Everyone! Let's begin!
- Yes, sir! - Yes, sir!
Did you leave the door unlocked again?
I don't care. I'm going to sleep here.
Go home and sleep.
You keep thinking that this place is your home, you know.
Don't move!
What? "Don't move"?
Sir, we're closed for today.
Search through everything.
Here it is!
Charged for distributing books that defame the King's grandson.
You two are found to be traitors!
I told you that book isn't mine!
I have a bad feeling about this.
A bad feeling about what?
We're innocent.
Stop where you are!
Who are you?
Why are you doing this?
Ice captain!
Don't move!
Help me!
What are you doing here?
He didn't check the ice. and the miners died.
Somebody broke the ice intentionally.
I couldn't see his face. I'm telling the truth!
Oh boy.
These two say that the book isn't theirs.
You claim that somebody broke the ice.
What the hell is going on?
The special guard of the icehouse.
What are you doing in a filthy place like this?
I'm just saying hello.
Which book was it?
The son of a criminal unfit to become a king.
Where did you get that book?
I don't know anything about it.
Mr. Yang doesn't know, either. We're really innocent.
I understand.
Are you hurt anywhere?
No, father.
It's not my book!
You must've been in a hurry to visit this late in the night.
Let's end things here.
I need to hear your conditions first.
Considering that his crime is treason.
Mr. Yang!
Mr. Yang! Wake up!
Damn it...
Can't go to the Netherlands...
Mr. Yang! Mr. Yang!
How did this happen to you?
He is charged for threatening the ice businesses for money.
Father, is this why I was freed?
That's enough. It's time to step back for now.
This is my last loyal duty for the future of the King's grandson.
Just tell me one thing. Who did this to you?
Who the hell are they?
Step away!
Father! Father!
Mr. Yang.
Please take good care of my Duk-moo.
They say that a wise man respects his teachers befriends his companions
and despises his enemies.
Mr. Yang, I've always thought of you as Duk-moo's teacher and my friend.
Although I'm very thankful, I've not been able to visit often.
As a small token of my gratitude, please accept this gift.
I've tried it and it's quite useful when you read a book at night.
Nice scenery.
Long time no see.
You think we met by chance in prison that day, my friend?
I'm not your friend.
I learned that we're the same age. So let's talk like friends.
He's the one that talked down to me at first.
Where are you going?
I bet you don't know why you were exiled like this.
I'm free in a month, so I'll know when I find that assassin.
Come on.
It's not that simple.
Come out of there!
Let me ask you a question.
How much ice can fit into Sea/(binggo?
About 10,000 tons worth. Why do you ask?
You surely were the special guard of Seokbinggo.
So here's my question.
Is all that ice enough for the capital city?
It's not enough.
Not enough at all!
All the fish and meat stores in the capital demand ice.
And many other places.
So that's why the ice business was privatized.
That's right.
So noblemen with money and power
took over the ice business.
But he showed up after your accident.
Cho Young-chul.
Lord Cho's nephew, the ice trader?
Yes, that sniffer went to the Protocol Office and said...
Only the government has to dig out ice?
Didn't people die last time because it wasn't managed well?
And he makes his proposal.
We shall supply the ice used by the government at a cheap price.
On one condition.
Give us the exclusive right.
7'hat's how Cho Young-chul and the ice dealers got their exclusive deal.
And others were excluded from the ice business.
So the 10,000 tons of ice that goes into Seokbinggo
must be bought from Cho Young-chul and the ice dealers.
But who determines the price?
Whoever controls the icehouses.
That very person is Lord Cho Myung-soo's son.
Cho Sang-jin.
One determines the market price.
The other the go vernment's price.
The Cho family is taking over all the ice in the capital city.
On top of that, they're embezzling tons of ice.
Ice for patients.
And even the ice for the prisoners
are swindled to make the Cho family richer.
So if you're not powerful or rich, You won't see any ice.
It doesn't make sense. But how is this possible?
This is where we come in.
Cho Myung-$00.
Our mutual enemy.
You, who was against forced ice labor; was in their way.
They used you to claim exclusive rights over the ice.
You can't resolve this like that.
It won't change anything.
If Lord Cho dies, someone else will take his place.
And things won't change.
Then what?
Go to the root of the problem.
And get rid of them all.
She's your sister?
What are you looking at?
Brother-in-law! Brother-in-law!
I've been waiting to say something to her.
That's enough! Now leave!
Please tell me her name at least.
Her name is Baek Su-ryun. Satisfied?
Ah, I see. Su-ryun...
Maiden Su-ryun!
Then promise me one thing.
What is it?
You'll listen to my plan after you're freed.
Okay, now leave!
How rude of you not to even invite a guest to dinner.
I said leave!
Okay, I'm going.
But I love seafood, too.
Will the maiden accompany you a month later?
That damn temper...
What about your guest?
Don't worry about him. Let's just eat.
He looks familiar.
One month later
Oh, my Su-ryun.
Maiden, you shouldn't do this. You're too haste.
I love you, too.
Of course, how can she...
It's you.
Is this your plan?
Promise me three things.
No innocent person will get hurt by this.
Two, you will not touch the country's assets.
I promise, Brother-in-law.
Three, I call the shots.
But you understood my plan just by looking at that?
Will you promise?
I promise, but my plan is...
Steal the Seokbinggo ice, make a deal with Lord Cho,
and find his secret account book to take him down.
How did you know?
Let's go meet the moneyman.
Move it.
What are you waiting for? Get dressed and move it!
Yes, sir!
If you get caught doing this, you'll all die!
Like I said, we're not stealing the ice.
We're briefly storing it in your icehouse.
Don't you want to avenge Lord Cho?
Damn it.
How are you going to steal all that ice in Seokbinggo?
That's why we need experts.
Experts? Like Who? Him?
First, we need an explosives expert.
Our country's defenses...
Nobody in this country can handle explosives better than him.
Now, I will display mines!
- No! - No!
His only drawback. A 5//"gm hearing prob/em.
Explosives expert Suk Dae-hyun
House of Chaste Woman
You can't do this.
What's this?
Do we need a sex expert?
A can expert at disguise and pick-pocketing.
He's talented in disguising himself
No one knows what he really looks like.
Camouflage and Con Artist; Kim Jae-jun
But how will you move all that ice?
There's a special cargo transporter, who's perfect for this.
To be honest; I'm a little scared of him.
Transportation wizard, Kim Chul-joo
Here how the king's tomb of China was robbed?
They opened the king's tomb, and everything was stolen.
The culprit was tomb raider; Hang Suk-chang.
He can be trusted because he studied in China.
Tomb raiding expert, Hang Suk-chang
Fine, then I just supply the money and the icehouse.
If something goes wrong by chance, then I don't know a thing.
It was very hard to get where I am now.
Alright, I will supply the money.
It means that 'all will go well'.
It's a Western word.
Moneyman, Jang S00-kyun
It's not me.
I said it wasn't me!
It was you!
It was you!
You're quite loud. Please shut up.
My name is Sul-wha.
My name is Nani.
Who are you?
Mr. Jang told me to come. Is this the right room?
Ah, it's you. Please have a seat.
Wait, I didn't hear anything about a woman.
Hold on.
I have three principles. One is never work with a woman.
I'm not doing this.
Hong Suk-chang.
Majored in archaeology in China. Age, 43.
Wanted by the Chinese government for raiding tombs.
Oh, dear. You better be careful.
What? You were a criminal?
Suk Dae-hyun, age 40.
Ex-weapons manufacturer,
Fired for igniting explosives in front of the Vice Premier.
But actually, was fired for burning down a brothel
after showing a girl fireworks.
A widow lost her golden hairpin, a prize for her chasity.
Wonder who took it?
Shall we say more?
Information specialist; Sul-wha
That's enough. Let's get to the main issue.
So what shall we do?
The King's grandson celebrates his birthday in two months.
It's his first feast after being granted power.
So it will be grand.
It's midsummer; so they'/I need at /east 1,500 tons of ice.
We'll steal all the ice from the Cho family and the ice dealers.
And put pressure on Lord Cho, who is in charge of the event.
We will return the ice in exchange for money.
We will request 500,000 n yang, his entire asset.
500,000 nyang?
Lord Cho will forced to hand over 500,000 n yang.
If he doesn't want his son to be exiled
When we get the money, instead of the ice...
Where is the ice?
We will present his secret accounting book.
Then Lord Cho will lose his money, his post, and never return.
And all of you will disappear like the wind after you get your money.
Wait, wait. Secret accounting book? That wasn't mentioned before.
What is it? Where is it?
The book entails all the money and ice he shared with officials.
The book should be in Lord Cho's house.
I heard that armed soldiers are closely guarding his home.
Who will steal the book?
Jae-jun will be in charge of the book.
Who are you?
It's me.
I couldn't recognize him.
Dae-hyun, please make some silent explosives.
So how will we split 500,000 nyang?
After we split it accordingly...
We will offer our share to you all.
What? Me?
When did I ever...
Are you doing this job because of money?
No, that's not why, but...
Forget it.
Now let's have a drink.
First, Suk-chang finds the right building where we can work in.
We'll need a big place to fit all of us.
There's a charcoal pit.
Maybe it's spooked, but no one comes out alive.
It's completely abandoned. What do you think?
Now, shall we start?
We'll dig until the night before the birthday feast.
And steal all 2,230 tons of ice remaining in Seokbinggo.
But how will we move all that dirt?
We'll get found out easily.
We will build burial mounds. Disguise it as a spreading plague.
Will people believe it?
Nani will take care of that.
Hear about the plague spreading near Seokbinggo?
' Plague? ' Plague?
Graves are spreading.
It's very dangerous there. You'll catch the disease.
Hurry and go tell your parents.
Sul- wha will keep a close eye on the Cho family.
Come on.
"How much do I have to give you?"
"I got 1,000 nyang ready."
Is this that explosive?
The one that doesn't make a sound?
No, it's just gunpowder. You'll need to make the explosive now.
Make it? Who?
Who else? You.
Oh, you wanted me to make it.
Just fart here.
Did you hear it?
This is a cave. It resonates.
What about the smell?
What is it?
Bodies tend to pop out when you dig.
If you don't do this, it's bad luck.
So hurry and do the same.
Lord Cho, we made this great statue of a flying Phoenix
as a symbol of future success.
If it was that easy,
I would've cracked the whole frozen river already.
No, this phoenix is a mystical creature that traditionally symbolizes a king.
Daekoon, our royal highness must take this statue.
Am I not right, Your Highness?
Your Highness?
Thank you.
I will never forget you if take the crown.
You must do just that.
Defense Minister.
So have you picked up any news?
The problem is that Yi San is so clean...
Don't let your guards down!
Forgot how Prince Sado's ten illicit deeds were made?
None of you have an imagination?
Forgive me, my Lord.
How old is the King this year?
If the King dies and Yi San is enthroned, then we are done for!
There is only one way to solve this.
All of you get ready.
This is that very explosive...
My newest invention you've all been waiting for...
The silent explosive!
What was that?
Call that a silent explosive?
It scared the wits out of me.
We can't keep this up.
Mr. Suk, go work somewhere else.
What are you doing?
Can't you shovel any more?
Go easy, Brother-in-law.
No "easy" in my book.
And stop calling me that!
I'll stack them high, Brother-in-law!
Patrolmen are here!
Move a little...
I heard a voice somewhere.
It was a cat.
I hate that sound the most.
This is that neighborhood infested with a plague.
Didn't you hear?
Look at the graves. Let's get out of here!
You're right.
Wait for me!
They left, so come on out.
Come on. Hurry up.
You all go first. I have something to think about.
What did you two do in here?
What are you getting at?
You never know just by people's appearance.
Please concentrate on your work, Brother-in-law.
I didn't know you were this kind of person.
Oh boy.
I'm telling you. This is room five and this is room six.
This doesn't make any sense.
No, I'm right.
I went in there every day for three years.
It's different inside the tunnel!
Digging this tunnel...
What would you two know?
I wish we had an actual map of the place.
Something like a blueprint?
That's exactly right.
How will you steal it when it's in the palace?
A brave ex-palace guard who knows the place well
and has amazing fighting skills should infiltrate the palace, right?
An ex-palace guard.
We can't do anything without that blueprint.
Who's there!
This way! Find him!
Who goes there?
This way! Over here!
What is it? Did you see him?
What's going on?
This girl smiles brightly.
I see why she's Lord Cho's mistress.
She was like a child and so pure. Then suddenly...
My hand goes down the buttocks...
Speak up!
My hand went straight down the buttocks.
Is that so?
You dummy.
If you had worked that way, you'd be a bomb legend.
But you can't do a thing without a blueprint.
Is that my fault? It's Dong-soo's fault!
You're too loud! Be quiet!
Did you get the blueprint?
An assassin was in the palace.
Who are you?
I couldn't recognize you.
So you failed to get it? What an excuse.
No, someone tried to kill Yi San.
Now it's time for someone else to do it the hard way.
Stop changing the subject.
What? What?
Did you see anything?
What was it?
I thought I heard something.
Who are you?
I happened to pass by here
and took a peep because I was just curious about the graves.
I have a feeling the graves aren't here because of the plague.
Who did you tell?
I didn't tell anyone.
How can we trust you?
- What shall we do with him? - What else? Kill him.
If you lay even a finger on me, I'm going to blow my whistle.
Looking for this?
Spare me.
What shall we do?
Our lives depend on secrecy. Even if a child lets this out.
Now, I remember!
Lately they've been using kids as spies.
He's been specially trained.
Come on!
Someone knew exactly where Yi San was staying by climbing his roof.
Somebody inside is leaking information.
We must find out who they are!
That is an outlandish assumption.
It could've been just an animal on that roof.
This is trivial!
I got it!
The first icehouse!
Now, the blueprint?
The Seokbinggo blueprint is in the palace...
We know that it's in the palace.
Did you find something out?
It was repaired on ten years ago.
That's right.
Prince Sado had ordered it when he was granted power.
Then there should be some information in his records.
Ah, that's right.
Prince Sado's recorded journals.
Copies of the royal journals are stored in the Jungjoksan storage.
You mean in Jundeung Temple in Kanghwado?
The priests there fought equally against the Mongolian warriors.
But we have Dong-soo.
I told you we shouldn't have come here!
But we got it, Brother-in-law!
Such beautiful scenery!
Seobinggo has eight ice storage rooms.
To maintain the cold temperature,
the ice is taken out in order starting from the front room.
On the ceremony, starting from the sixth room...
There's one more room.
That's strange.
Geographically, nine rooms are right.
But I swear there were eight rooms.
The country thinks highly of the number nine,
so filling anything to nine is the standard.
Shut up. b°Y!
Continue on.
Usually, things like monsters with bull heads protect secret rooms.
Cut the bull head crap!
We must be clear about everything.
Sul-wha, can you find out?
With our relationship, you don't need to ask.
What relationship?
It's a very special relationship.
Then Sul-wha, look out any rumors.
The rest continue on with your jobs.
Nani, what's with those two?
Royal secret inspector, are you going to leave me now?
I have no choice.
The group that I captured last time has sent an assassin to kill me.
I have to go into hiding where no one can find me.
A place where even the putrid royal forces can't find me.
Like for example, the home of a high-ranking official.
Did you call for me, father?
Raise the ice prices by thirty percent.
Thirty percent? Won't the others oppose?
With this accounting book, they have no choice.
You manage it from now on.
Thank you, father.
No one must come into this library.
You scared me!
I'm sorry, sir.
Anyway, who are you?
I've never seen you before.
I'm called Horse-poo, sir.
Dog-poo, Horse-poo. All of you slaves have poo at the end.
She wants to do it again?
Who the hell are we meeting?
They call him "The Sea of Information".
He's the only one who can tell us about that secret room.
Then you could've brought Dong-soo.
No. He has this daughter...
Oh, yeah.
Do not talk or make a sound.
His sense of hearing is ultrasensitive.
So he communicates only through music.
Long time no see.
What do you want this time?
The Crown Prince Sada...
Local government office...
Stop! Stop!
Look here! What are you doing?
Stop this!
I told you not to make a sound.
How could I not make a sound when that woman...
Did you find anything out?
Do you know about the Crown Prince So-hyeon?
Crown Prince So-hyeon?
He was taken hostage into China and returned eight years later.
He made a lot by trading while he was in China.
And when he returned he exchanged his savings into gold bars and silk.
Really? Then what happened next?
After he had passed away, the King confiscated his assets.
So his books and Chinese belongings were all confiscated,
but his gold had disappeared.
I heard a Chinese eunuch had come with Prince So-hyeon on his return.
He hid the day after Prince So-hyeon had passed away.
And traces of the Chinese eunuch had vanished at a provincial office.
But one year before Prince Sada had died
he had secretly gone to a provincial office.
Prince Sado had borrowed secret funds from merchants
because Lord Cho was pushing him out.
Before Prince Sado had died, he had paid it all back.
To you, Mr. Jang.
If you know anything, would you please tell me?
So then by any chance...
I'm busy as hell. What does he want now?
- Busy my ass. - Damn you.
Who the hell is he?
You scared me. Tell us when you're in disguise.
Wait, this is...
It is.
I told him that he didn't need to pay me back. But he wouldn't listen.
I thought it was strange then as well.
All the gold that I received had a Chinese mark engraved on them.
So the royal gold that had vanished is probably in that secret room.
- Gold? - Gold?
Are you sure?
It's just a guess.
So what will we do now?
What else? We steal it!
That's right! It'll be much easier to transport than ice.
Right, Chul-joo?
We should steal the gold first before the ice.
What are you all talking about?
Even if there was gold in there, it belongs to the King and country.
We must not touch it.
Then why is the King and country's gold buried?
Be it gold or women, whoever claims it first owns it.
- Yes! - That's right!
What do you think?
You started this so I will follow you.
What will you do?
We steal the gold as well.
Have you forgotten your promise to not touch the country's assets?
According to Suk-chang, it isn't the country's assets.
If that's the case, I'm out.
Now, we have to steal the ice, gold and the accounting book.
Please work faster.
I got it!
What's your name?
Call me Private Jung.
Private Jung, how about making some explosives with me.
Private Jung, I'll explain your job no w.
First; bring some urine. A lot of it.
Dae-hyun took you under his wing and you're digging for manure?
It's urine, not manure.
No big difference.
- Private Shit! - General Shit!
Scram, you little rotten punks!
That's enough.
Kids could do such a thing.
Hey, you're also a kid, you know.
And cook it in a big fire.
I should've just stayed tied up.
Wow, what is it?
Dragon fire.
My friends.
I made an ice wagon for you.
Take good care of it.
Would have been nice if Dong-soo was here.
I made it!
I did it!
What happened to your eyebrows?
It got burned a little. Don't worry. It'll be okay.
The explosives are done now.
Would've been nice if Dong-soo was here.
Despite his mouth, he was really good at shoveling, though.
Where did he go?
He left because we fought over the gold, remember?
Oh yeah, you're right. Tell him to come back.
Shall I?
- Yes! - Yes!
Who's that?
Don't move!
Are you Baek Dong-soo?
Is money more important to you than people's lives?
Just as people's class and spending are different,
there is honor in money as well.
I don't know who died because of what money,
but that money was probably used honorably for the country.
You put this country to shame.
You're very emotional.
Get rid of him.
- Yes, sir! - Yes, sir!
Stay where you are!
This is a western medicine mixed with peppers, cigarette foliage and stuff.
It's the best for wounds.
Well, you do get sleepy from it.
Brother-in-law, I need to paste this on you.
Forget it. I don't need your help.
Wait, don't go. Let's talk.
I have nothing more to say to you.
You dummy! Do things look that simple to you?
Will killing him solve everything?
I told you not to interfere. My men have died in the frozen river.
But I got involved in this nonsense despite my principles.
But you want to steal the gold owned by the royal family?
What difference are you from street hoodlums?
We can't just ignore the fact that there's gold.
But that doesn't make us bad people.
That gold brings hope for everyone.
Don't sell out innocent people to satisfy your greed.
Fine, but you need to know one thing.
After this job, it's highly likely that room will be revealed.
Then we end up putting wings on the phoenix for Lord Cho.
Dong-soo, please trust me just this once.
Not only have you been banished, but now you manage the beacon.
It's hard work for even young men.
Don't worry.
I feel relieved if I can do any work for the country.
- Father. - Duk-moo.
I see that you have a lot on your mind.
Just do what you believe is right.
Trust yourself and the people who follow you.
If there is trust, the world will change.
Where is it?
It was in here for sure.
If I don't be careful below the ice, this will all fall apart.
- It's hard to pinpoint. - But you have the blueprint.
Damn it, does the blueprint show exactly where the ice is?
Forget it. I have to do it by feel.
Or else, we'll be smothered.
It looks delicious!
We're only having one bowl. No complaining.
Okay. okay
Have some.
Jae-jun, say hi if you're here.
It's not him.
The King has passed away.
The King, please return.
The King, please return.
The King, please return.
Lord Cho.
Lord Cho.
Yi San will be enthroned as king. What shall we do?
There's no alternative plan.
He'll be enthroned in five days.
Then we will have to make an alternative plan.
We will change the plan.
4 days until the ceremony
In exactly four days,
on the night before the ceremony, we will take all the ice and gold.
- Four days? - Come on.
How will we move all that ice in four days?
Chul-joo, is that possible?
We don't need to move all of it.
We'll just leave 745 tons of ice for the ceremony.
Chul-joo, is that possible?
The rest we will use water to take out.
- Water? - Water?
Remember that water canal at the tavern?
The bulky ice floats on top of the water.
Dig half a mile towards Yongsan district, and there's a water vein.
We connect with the water vein, and take the remaining ice to the ferry.
Take out? So you're going to throw them away?
Dong-soo, are you okay with that?
We release the ice to the people at the ceremony.
There will be many people at the ferry to watch the fireworks.
As originally planned, its use will be no different.
But can we make a waterway in time?
If it's done that way, it's possible.
But take out 1,500 tons of ice at once?
We lay down the ice through explosives.
While people's attention are on the ferry,
we'll take the gold from the secret room.
Wait, wait.
Who will sever the water vein?
You, of course.
Isn't your job digging the cave?
You'll need a lot of water pressure to float that ice.
Of course.
And the cave needs to be filled with water.
Of course.
I can't swim.
- Damn it. - Oh, come on.
When I dug out the King's grave in China,
the sewer underneath exploded and I had almost died.
Remember my three principles?
The second one is not going into water.
You think that makes any sense now?
Can you hold your breath underwater for five minutes?
You sure can't.
Can the rest of you?
Then I will bring in a professional.
Now who?
How can I help?
Queen of Diving, Baek Su-ryun
How was I?
Perfect. You were amazing.
Really? What a relief.
Here, this is to keep you warm.
Thank you.
It's a 'shining night jewel'.
This will brighten things underwater.
It's very pretty.
And precious.
Room six, Seobinggo
Send 600,000 tons of ice to the ceremonial feast.
Release 745 tons of ice into the streets
for the people to celebrate Yi San's enthronement.
Send the ice to the feast, but not to the streets.
I said don't do it. We don't need to.
Oh, it's hot.
I'm taking a nap for an hour.
So wake me up then.
- Yes, sir. - Yes, sir.
Do they think ice is for free or something?
2 days until the ceremony
It's the water vein.
If we take this out, the water vein will burst.
We've stuck the water vein, Now dig towards the ferry.
Let's go.
Digging is in his blood.
Where the hell did he hide it?
It's driving me crazy.
No, it's surely in here somewhere.
Start again from the beginning.
No matter where you hide it, it's destined to be found.
How much more do we need to dig?
About 400 feet more to pierce a waterway to the ferry.
Oh boy.
Will we finish digging by midnight tomorrow?
Don't worry. Who am I, huh?
Legendary tomb raider of the King's grave in China...
Hong Suk-chang.
It might be too cold underwater so I got her a diving suit.
An expensive suit made out of sable leather that's waterproof.
Thank you.
It's the least I can do for my sister-in-law.
I got it.
6 hours until the ceremony
Do you know Horse-poo, the new slave who came in?
Oh, yeah. But why do you ask?
He's been snooping around Lord Cho's quarters.
I felt that something was weird.
So I followed him once.
The place that's been infected by a plague?
It supposedly was, but it isn't true.
The burial mounds were a disguise.
I think they've discovered some treasure in Seobinggo.
Is it almost done?
I think we'll be finished by midnight.
There's not much time left.
Are you really going to take that gold?
Brother-in-law, we're done talking about that.
They're waiting so let's hurry.
Gold? That's interesting.
1 hour until the ceremony
At midnight tonight,
we will take back this country from the son of a mad traitor.
A new history will begin starting tomorrow morning.
Engage in it with self-esteem and pride,
- Yes, sir! - Yes, sir!
30 minutes until the ceremony
Dong-soo, it's time.
I'll dig the rest, so hurry to the secret room.
Can you do it alone?
Don't worry. Now hurry!
This, too!
Why isn't he coming?
The ceremony begins
It's midnight, my Lord.
Please give your order.
Press it!
Father, there's no time.
They are taking the gold.
Lord Cho! Please give the order!
Why now of all times?
Now. 90 UP!
Will you be alright?
I will take care of Su-ryun no matter what.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
The digging is done.
The gold was really here.
You're reckless and cause those around you to suffer.
You resemble your father greatly.
Not as much as your son, though.
Leave them.
We have customs for a reason.
Those whose roots are different stand out.
The King's heir, Yi San, will never be king.
You will never get your way.
Kill them all and bury them in the tunnel.
"To my son, San..."
Crown Prince Sado, neither you nor your son will have their way.
No one shall know about this except for you and me.
You understand, right?
Yes, sir.
Why isn't it exploding?
This isn't possible.
What will you do?
There's no other choice.
Private Jung, be a good successor.
- Dae-hyun! - Master! Master!
Grab him.
Master! Master!
Su-ryun, flee first! Hurry!
It's collapsing!
Duk-moo, are you okay?
What about Master Dae-hyun?
Where is he?
He said he'd be right back.
Lord, you must flee!
I think we've been discovered.
Lord Cho's group has disappeared..
The royal forces will be here any minute.
Wait for me.
Let's go.
Everybody, freeze!
What a beautiful sight.
I almost got killed.
You all thought you'd get away with this?
What's going on?
Let the women and children go.
Shut up!
You want to stand up to me? Huh?
You better watch it.
Fine, let's see if you can stand up to this.
Who shall I kill first?
Hurry and flee!
I'll be back.
Hey! What about me?
Hey, what about me?
Stop pretending you're dead.
Duk-moo, I thought I was going to die.
You little rat. You're dead meat today.
Damn it.
Stay where you are!
There's no gun powder, so what will you do?
Duk-moo, kill that bastard.
I want to kill him so badly.
Don't shoot!
Dong-soo, are you alright?
Come here, you bastard.
Duk-moo, untie me. Hurry!
I should just die myself.
Give me the gun.
You're all dead now.
Die, you bastards!
Everybody freeze!
This is the newest invention of the century.
Come here!
You think that will take me down?
Go ahead and shoot.
Su-ryun. Su-ryun.
Are you alright?
Should've shot him in the head.
Hey, what was that thing you threw?
Failure is the mother of success.
I tried making a silent explosive through coal at first.
I told you he was a spy.
What happened?
I'm an explosives expert. Don't underestimate me.
Brother-in-law, are you alright?
What is that?
It means "okay".
Let's go.
Bastards left me behind, hey!
What about me?
1776, Enthronement of the King
Heard about last night?
I heard that there was an accounting book.
Raising illegal political funds.
Stealing gold from the royal family.
Managing government ice with negligence.
Do you admit to these crimes?
I don't know anything about them.
Stop lying, damn it!
You ordered all that, you criminal!
I will return.
We're not done yet.
That bastard ordered everything!
12 hours before the ceremony
Wow, how much is all this?
It's probably worth a fortune.
I'm glad that we came back.
How can we move all this tonight?
Look at this.
"To Yi San...
"To my son, Yi San...
By the time you read this letter;
you will probably be the leader of our country.
I tried to become a benevolent king and create a world of no class.
A world where class shall not restrict people.
A new world where the owners of it are kind citizens.
Slander and treason surround me.
I am sorry that I could not fulfill my role as a father to you.
I pass on a few books and petty wealth to you.
I hope that you continue on with my unfulfilled wishes.
If you are reading this letter now,
it could only be possible
through the grateful deeds of several heartfelt people."
Since there is no time, shall we hurry and move it?
Hold on. This is owned by somebody.
My third principle is that I don't touch anything that someone already owns.
You'll get bad luck for three years.
I hate getting involved in politics. I give up my share as well.
I'm just doing this for fun.
This is too serious.
Same here.
No one asked you.
So shall we move it now?
Oh, brother.
We agreed to leave the gold.
Really? Alright.
My lover has probably informed Cho Sang-jin by now.
Great, everyone to their places.
Did you memorize your lines?
Are you really going to take that gold?
Oh no, are you going to act like that?
Loosen up.
Are you really going to take that gold?
Where is my secret royal inspector?
I $33;
My lOVe!
My lord!
I have come.
He lied to us.
I thought she was like a child and innocent.
That's love, I tell you.
Are you ready?
Jae-jun's lover took the safe that held Lord Cho's secret funds.
There's at least one million nyang in there.
You've done a great job.
If it's one million nyang, then how much for each person?
Kids these days, I tell you.
I'm just calculating it for fun.
C' HA Tae-hyun
OH ./I'-ho
You know, I'm curious about one thing.
How were you so sure that everyone would give up the gold?
No one would've given it up if that letter wasn't there.
There was no letter in the secret room.
When Prince Sada paid back Mr. ./ang, he gave him the letter.
He had no other means to deliver the letter.
When I learned about the secret room, Mr. ./ang gave this to me.
I trusted that our friends would soon give up the gold with this letter.
That's why I asked to steal the gold. You didn't even have a clue.
What? You should've told me earlier!
No, I wasn't too sure yet.
I'd have no choice if they had wanted to take the gold.
So you gambled with the royal family's gold? You con!
No, I just used a bit of dramatic direction.
It wasn't a con.
Hey! Stay where you are!
My love, so where are we going?
A place called Amstel.
It's the capital city of the Netherlands.
What will we find there?
People there are no different from you, my wife.
How much farther must we go?
I haven't been there, so I don't know, Brother-in-law.
Here's your food, Donkey.
You've scored the top on the exam. So what do they call you?
Private Jung...
No, I mean Jung Yak-yong, the mad scientist.