London 2012 mascots - Making of film 2 with Ellie Simmonds

Uploaded by london2012 on 25.02.2011

Ellie Simmonds: I'm Ellie Simmonds and a Paralympic Swimmer.
Wales National pool is where I train. I think what keeps me inspired is winning and just
doing my best and doing what I love which
is swimming.
It's good to really see yourself in cartoon and it really hits home it's soon and it's
a big thing now. I can't wait now till London, it's really exciting.
I really think its amazing. I love it. It's cool and nice eyelashes.
With London 2012 and the publicity that Paralymics is getting, kids will get inspired by us all
achieving and hopefully they will be the next generation.My dream was to get a Paralympic
Gold Medal, so wearing one just feels so proud. And like my Beijing one is really heavy so
they always weigh you down. I am so excited for London2012, like Paralympics is a big
thing but having it at your home games is even more amazing. Hopefully the atmosphere
and hopefully all the crowd will be cheering for us which will give us a big boost and
hopefully we will do the country proud.