900811 Canadadesha Public Program, Vancouver, transcribed

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I bow to all the seekers of truth. At the very outset we have to understand that truth
is what it is. We can not conceptualize it. We can not organize it and we can not know
it at human awareness. If we had known that truth at human awareness there would have
been no problem. There would have been no second opinion and there would have been no
quarrel, no problems and we all would have been in the realm of peace and joy. But what
we see today is that we are moving towards some sort of derailment and we do not know
where we are going and what is the end of our civilization.
These are modern times and special times where so many are aware of this kind of a destructive
force working on us and suddenly they have become alerted and they want to know what
is beyond it. What is the truth? As I have already stated that you can not know the truth
at human awareness. Of course, whatever I am going to tell you, you have to keep an
open mind about it. Like Scientist you must listen to Me as if it's some sort of a hypotheses.
But If I prove it then I am sure as honest people you have to accept because it is for
your benevolence, it is for the benevolence of this country, benevolence of the whole
It's a understanding that I want you to be at, that we have to know something more about
ourselves and about the whole collective problem that is today before us. So the knowledge
that I am going to give you about is the knowledge of the roots. You have the knowledge of the
tree that the civilization has grown like a very, very big tree and if we do not know
our roots this civilization can be completely destroyed. In the eyes of the divine no body
is divided like Indians, Canadians, English. They are all the same creation of the divine
power. Now we talk of God, we talk of Love, I was reading God is love. But by saying that
why should people believe you? Is there God or not? Is it true or not? We have to establish
it. We have to prove it and unless and until we prove it, it is not going to be accepted
by the progeny. Nobody is going to take it as if some sort of a blind faith. All right
you were born in this religion so you follow it whether it is Christianity, Hinduism, Islam
or anything.
So we have to awaken ourselves into that new awareness by which we can know the absolute
truth and we can know that divine power which is surrounding us. All this compartments that
we have made around ourselves will break and we'll see the dawn of a new era where we will
know that all of us are capable of achieving that great height of awareness. Of course,
you can not pay for it. Nowadays there are so many in the market who are selling divine
gifts. You can not sell it. As Christians we have to realize that Christ didn't sell
anything. On the contrary, he took a big hunter to hit the people who were selling things
at the gate of the temple. So those people who are selling or marketing things can not
be anywhere near divinity because divine doesn't know money. Money is a creation of human being
and this is where I fail to see in the West a response to Sahaja Yog. I mean actually
people told Me that we can not understand anything which does not require money. We
have to little bit get out of this and understand that divine can not be purchased, can not
be sold, it is just to be enjoyed.
There is a system built-in within us. I don't know if they have shown you ... yes, it is
there. Inside ourselves there is a very beautiful system built-in during our evolutionary process.
One by one gradually it was built-in within us and that is how now we have become human
beings. There is a little bit more gap we have to cross over so that we jump into that
new awareness. As they must have told you about, that there is a power within us, which
is called as the Kundalini. And if it is awakened, it passes through six centers, piercing through
our fontanel bone area and gives you Self Realization, meaning like this instrument
is here and unless and until it is connected to the mains it has no meaning. In the same
way we are to be connected to that force which has created us. And that has to be, that has
to extremely simple because it is so vital. Like our breathing is so important, so it
is so vital and it is absolutely free. We don't have to go and read books for that.
Especially happening of this Kundalini is an extremely easy thing and it works out very
fast and in thousands and thousands of people it has worked and I am sure in Canada it has
to work. It is rather the desire to become a Self-Realized soul than anything else that
is important. If you have a strong desire to be connected with that divine power by
which you know absolute truth. That's all is needed and it works so fast because this
power is the power of pure desire. All our desires that we seek are not satiable, in
general. One desire gets satisfied we run after another, another desire gets satisfied
we run after another. So now there is a desire within us which if is satisfied then we get
the satisfaction that we wanted.
With this awakening of the Kundalini, which has been worked out now for eighteen years
because I have been working for the last eighteen years, I should say twenty years as such because
I started my work in 1970. We have seen that people get cured of incurable diseases. How
does it happen, that these centers which are the sources of energy within us are exhausted
when we use them too much either on the left or on the right. As the result of that exhaustion
causes physical, mental, emotional diseases from which we suffer. So now supposing you
have any physical disease that physical disease can be cured if energy supplied to that part
of the body. So when the Kundalini rises this center gets nourished which is being exhausted
and when the Kundalini is connected to the mains, all the time the energy is flowing
within you, you get all right. And there are diseases, which are somatic and there are
diseases, which are psycho. That is the diseases are caused by, supposing you go to a wrong
guru there will be a problem, a person who spoils your psyche. There are so many ways
these days we spoil our psyche, drugs and other things that we do which spoil the psyche
and the person start going into the habit of getting more and more dominated by those
So when the Kundalini rises She brings the attention in the center, by which the left
side habits are cured. And so your psychic troubles are also cured. Your habits are cured
and then there is another type of disease we have, what we call as psychosomatic, these
are the diseases like cancer, say Aids, all viruses, all kinds of multiple sclerosis and
all such diseases, they are also caused by the imbalance in your attention, by the imbalance
in your being. So when you come into balance these can be cured, very easily without taking
any medicines, without going to any doctor, without doing anything special.
The whole system is built-in within you, which works it out. But you have to take it up seriously
because supposing you have to go for medicine. I don't know what is the course here is. But
in India if you have to do medicine you have to put in really fourteen to fifteen years,
precious fourteen-fifteen years of life to get only a graduation. But for this you don't
have to because once the Kundalini rises and you get balanced and then you feel the joy
and the peace within yourself. Gradually you settle down and you become a master. You become
yourself knowledgeable because on your finger tips you start feeling the cool breeze and
you can feel it in another person, what's the matter with his Chakras or what is the
problem he is facing, on your finger tips and it's all said in Quran, imagine, Mohammed
Saab has said that at the time of resurrection your hands will speak, of course the Muslims
are not worried about the future part, they want to just talk about the past and they
don't want to think of resurrection, same about the Christians. Christ has said I will
send you the Holy Ghost. But they are not looking out for the Holy Ghost. Same about
Hinduism, in every religion it is said that such and such time will come when you will
get your Self-Realization. But people are not looking for that because those who are
in-charge are money oriented. And they want to mislead you by saying that if you don't
do this you are a sinner, if you don't do that is a sinner but they don't give any solutions
to the problem and there is a very big solution within us, this one and that really helps
us to overcome all this ignorance which is created by the vested interest.
Now this Kundalini when it rises it as I told you it solves your physical, mental, emotional
problems, also it solves your social problems because you start understanding the relationship
of other people. Like, now, you are sitting here and there is no light. We don't know
how we relate to each other. But when there is light we can see for ourselves how we are
related, how we are trodding on another's freedom, how we are behaving and the whole
thing becomes a very enlightening experience and that enlightenment is not harsh, it's
beautiful, it is love. And, then you realize that you have got the power to feel like a
computer the absolute truth. You can feel it on your fingertips what's wrong with you,
what's wrong with others. Now if you know how to correct it you are all right, not only
that but you become a powerful personality, a dynamic personality without feeling any
tension about it. Tension comes because you have imbalances but when you are balanced
and when you are connected to the mains and all the time the energy is flowing into you
there is no question of tensions. We have no tensions and you are in a joyous condition
because you become Self-Realized means you become the truth that is that you are the
Spirit. You become the Spirit. And when you become the Spirit, the Spirit as it is said,
it's a fact that is the source, first of all of knowledge. Like a person comes, say, it's
happened, I've seen many people who came from jail, they have no credibility of any kind,
they wear some sort of a funny dress, appear in the square and people just start calling
him a guru and such a guru starts minting money out of you and head along people go
towards that person and think it is a very big thing. Another one comes and says that
I am such and such and I have these powers and that power you just believe into that
person, pay him money and get lost.
Like these there are no norms to find out what is the truth and what is not the truth
but of course, you can find out one thing, that a person who takes money, how can he
be related to God? How can he be related to Divine? Anything that works on money cannot
be relationship with God. Of course, now for example, this hall has to be, say, hired,
all right, the Canadian Sahaja Yogis, we have many have hired it. Formally, in the beginning
I used to hire them but now they are hiring it, that's a different point but for Self-Realization
you cannot pay. That happening is absolutely a living process of our evolution. And this
evolution, that we are at a human level we haven't paid anything. So why should we pay
for anything that beyond this. It is a living process, of a living energy, of a living God.
So one has to understand, first of all, that at a very ordinary level also that you can
not pay for God. You can not pay for Divine. You can not purchase it and the second is
you can not put any effort. It's an effortless happening, just like sprouting of a seed.
It is an effortless happening which takes place and when it takes place, then you just
know yourself, you certify yourself. You don't have to have others to certify that this is
this, this is that. And you don't take false certificate. For example, somebody might say,
"All right, I am born again." By taking such a certificate you do not become. It is not
that any organization can give a certificate. It's a state of be-ing. You have to be that
in that state, only, honestly you have to be that otherwise just to say that I am such
and such, it's cheating yourself. What's the use? It's not going to help you. It's not
going to help others.
So first of all you must understand that it is the becoming that is important. It's not
what people are saying about themselves, talking about themselves. Like there are some people,
the other day I met who were selling lots of Geeta. I asked what's the use of reading
Geeta? It's all bookish knowledge. To read Geeta also you have to have Self-Realization.
And then I met some people who were selling Bibles. Now we have been selling Bibles for
ages. What's the use? To read Bible also, to understand Christ also, you have to have
Self-Realization. Otherwise you can not understand what He said and all of them have said one
thing that you must have your second birth. You are to be born again. But that again one
can use it as a placard saying we are born again. So we should not cheat ourselves. What's
the use of cheating ourselves? Tomorrow some disease comes in, some trouble comes in, tomorrow
our children take to drugs or do something wrong, they go and murder people, all kinds
of violence then who is responsible? We, because we have avoided to know about the truth and
it's all there built-in within us, it's just there, which we have to have.
So now, the first quality of the Spirit is that you become knowledgeable, Knowledgeable
about anything. For example, somebody says that there is no God. Say, in Russia I went,
of course, the Russians are some or other, the government is horrible but the people
are really their attention is so good that they just touched it, and thousands and thousands.
You won't believe that in Moscow I never had less than fourteen thousand people or Leningrad
same thing. In Kiev I had nothing less than five thousand to six thousand people. And
the Government itself took it so seriously that, I mean they invited about six hundred
doctors. I read it in the paper they have put it only three hundred, it may sound big
but the fact is about six hundred doctors came in and two hundred great scientists who
have done Sputnik and all that and they all surprisingly asked for one thing 'Mother give
us Realization. We want to have our Self-Realization.'
So what I feel, whatever I've read about Russian writers is that there has been always a soul
searching within themselves. If you read any one of them you will find there is a soul
searching and they find out what am I doing? Is it correct? Why should I do it? What is
the problem? And that soul searching within themselves is because they have no choices,
like we have here in our countries all kinds of freedom. We waste our energy in finding
out what breakfast we will have, what lunch we will have, what dinner we have, what sort
of a blouse we should wear. I mean such a lot of waste of energy, it's a joyless pursuit.
While they don't have that chance not that they are not well off, I would say they dress
up well, they have good clothes. They live well. They have all nice houses. Everybody
who is married gets a house. But they always felt that they are not free to get to their
Spirit. And that's what they were struggling. As soon as they saw Me, there is no place
for false gurus. Nobody wants them. When I spoke to them in one of the seminars they
had a yoga seminar, when I walked out everybody came out and there were other gurus who had
come, nobody was there in the hall to talk to them. They are so keen and so alert that
they know that you can not pay for it. And there is no hanky panky about it just telling
stories this will happen that will happen. And now in all Eastern Block you will be surprised
Sahaja Yoga is spreading very fast. Bulgaria we had fifteen thousand people, fifteen thousand
people in Bulgaria, so you can imagine. I have to also go to Romania, I've not been
there but there are, those Sahaja Yogis who went there have written to Me that they got
five thousand people. Sahaja Yogis got it. So you can imagine how fast they are moving
and the day may come they might become very powerful people than we are.
We have become weak. We have become very weak internally. Externally we have money, we have
good roads, good telephones, everything but internally we are weak because first of all
we can not get over our habits. Secondly there are all kinds of negative forces working on
us. And we are so vulnerable we do not know how to fight it out. So it's better that we
become the Spirit to know the knowledge, to have the knowledge about what is good and
what is bad.
The second thing about Spirit is that when it comes into your attention you become enlightened,
in the sense there is light and you see the truth. For example, you are standing with
a snake in your hand and it's all darkness, you can't see, I tell you it's a snake throw
it away but you will not listen to Me. You will say why, why, what's wrong. I mean many
people have told Me what's wrong, what's wrong if you are doing this what's wrong, till that
snake bites them they will hold it on. So you put on the light. As soon as you put on
the light they will drop the snake by themselves. This is what I say that you become your own
guru and you follow your own understanding with the light of the Spirit within you, which
is your own. But this enlightened attention works, it acts. You can close your eyes and
find out about anyone what's the matter with that person. And if you know how to cure that
person it can work out. You do not know how this Divine power works. This, all pervading
Divine power is the most efficient government, the most efficient, we can call the housewife,
the most efficient father, mother everything. Anything that you need is done so beautifully
that you are amazed and so many miracles happened that you are amazed, how, what have I done,
why am I so much blessed.
I had asked people to write about their miracles because they used to write letters after letters
and I've no time to write so I said you write to somebody about the miracles and let him
take out a book. Now the pile has gone this way and this way and it lost in that pile.
He said Mother what am I to do, is such a lot. So we have to know that we are special
people. Human beings are at the epitome of the evolution and that a little more is going
to give you the meaning of what you are. So this enlightened attention makes you aware
of your powers also by which you can give Realizations to others. You can correct them,
you can cure them, and you can give them peace and joy as you have the joy.
Now you see these people they are mostly Canadians here or Americans. Now to teach one sentence
of English is very easy and to teach the whole of English also is easier but to teach one
word of Sanskrit is so difficult to an English man. They ruled us for three hundred years
and we tried our level best to teach them some English and whenever they would come
up and speak something we would say what language are they speaking. We couldn't understand
the language. So it so very difficult to pronounce this Sanskrit as well as the Indian languages.
But the way these people sing, I mean in India people can't understand how they have picked
up this difficult language, this difficult music, this difficult rhythm. How they have
done it and they sing, if you hear from outside, you won't believe that they are Canadians
were singing. You think they are just some Indians some very good singers from India
singing. How have they got it?
It is because of the new dynamism they have developed in their creativity and we have
so many artists and musicians who have really, as you say touch the roof, they have hit the
roof, like in their fame, in their success, in their creativity. So you become extremely
creative but you become very humble. You are not egotistical, you do not force your things
on to others, but automatically because you are so good that you shine. There are so many
artists especially in India musicians who have achieved great heights with Sahaja Yoga.
And it has to work out everywhere that we should understand the essence of music and
how it really soothes human beings by which you will, not for success but it is just for
expression, work out but automatically it becomes successful. Now this is not only that
I'm trying to lure you to some ideas. But what I am trying to tell you within you lies
all these powers and if you have not utilize and if you have not make use of that and then
you are unhappy no body can help it. It is all there which you have to have.
Now the Spirit gives you the knowledge of truth. Spirit gives your attention the light
and Spirit is the source of joy, as if you were getting drown in the waves of your thoughts
and worries and problems. Suddenly you find you are in a boat and you are enjoying everything.
You are seeing it. When you see your problem you can solve it better and there is the Divine
power to solve all the problems that you have, then you learn how to swim. You can jump into
the same waves, which have bothered you and save other people and so a new dynamic personality
you develop because you become collectively conscious about which Jung has written that
now human beings will become collectively conscious. It is the consciousness, which
is expressed in our central nervous system by which you can feel the other.
Now my hand, this hand if it is hurt the another hand can feel it, the whole body will feels
it and tries to help. Now who is the other when everybody is a part and parcel of the
whole, who is the other? For example, we were going to have a program here and you will
be amazed we have people even from Austria who just came, they had holidays so they just
came running to help the Canadian people here that they are very few. So better run down
and help them. We have people all over the world. Sahaja Yoga is working in forty countries.
And when I went to Russia it is so gratifying to know that the first people who came to
Russia to help the Russians were twenty five Germans. And the Germans were so gentle, so
beautiful you won't believe that their fore fathers fought with that horrible fellow Hitler.
No, they are so gentle, so beautiful and when I saw them working on these Russians with
such love, with such attention, with such understanding. I felt that it's another world
they're existing, which is so beautiful and so nice.
In one program I don't know how much I can tell you about it and we have here a proper
Ashram where you can go. We have here people who have their programs where you can go.
But their complaints are that Mother when You come, I don't know what happens they come
to Your program all right but after that they never come and they get lost. I just don't
know why is it so because you just what I can do today is like a sprouting of the seed
but after that you have to grow into a tree. Unless and until you grow into the tree it's
a myth as in your Parable of Christ some fell on the rocky areas. Some fell in the marshy
areas like that. It should not be. It should be it fell into areas where people prospered
and became great trees. Let Canada take over. I think Americans I'm quite disappointed.
I don't know what's wrong with them. They only like falsehood.
All the false gurus are prospering there. All kinds of false things they like. A lady
is there. She is been into lesbianism, put some sort of a drama and they are all attracted
towards her, can't understand how can lesbianism anything to do with Kundalini. Kundalini doesn't
understand these things. No where in the ancient books written like this about Kundalini. But
this lady is out of the blue has started using all these ticks and there are so many running
after her, paying her money. She has built up big, huge amount of properties and things
like that, and this is not the way to do it. Why, when I say I don't take money they will
immediately ask Me then what about who pays for your travel? Mostly My husband pays, no
doubt, he has been paying. Well, you don't want Me to pay for your salvation, like if
I go to Russia they pay for My travel. The government pays for Me, but otherwise wherever
I go I have to pay for Myself, most of the time. But even then they come to this that
even when you eat your food who pays for that? It is like this. So where they have to criticize
they do not. Where they don't have to criticize they criticize.
And head along, thousands have gone to this TM business. Now this TM is another horrible
thing that has killed so many people has made them recluses. I have got so many patients
from there who are suffering from all kinds of troubles. But people go head along to such
things which has money you have to pay such a lot they don't mind. As I belong to another
life also, you must be knowing. Ah! In that life, I find I just keep quiet listening to
people. They say, "Oh! That guru is good but you know he is very expensive but he is quite
good. He is expensive."
So, a sort of a guru shopping is going on. We should not be stupid in life. Stupidity
never pays, never pays. We have to be alert. God has given us brains to understand and
we should not waste our precious lives this human life, like this. I have to just tell
you that I feel sometimes so unhappy even when I went to Russia and Eastern block I
saw so many people getting Realization and working it out, thousands of them. We don't
know how to manage. The government is giving us all the help, everything still we don't
know how to put them up, in a big, say in a stadium, always we have programs. So how
to manage all that big group and how to create people who will go and work it out. It's such
a problem for us.
But in the West I find people have no value for that, no value at all. It's such a beautiful
life, just awaiting at your door but we have no value, no value, waste it on useless things.
I have to tell you as a Mother that please be concerned about it. What's happening to
our children? What's happening to our families, what's happening to our nation? This Ecological
problem, all these can be solved in no time once you reach that state and we have to have
more people to reach that state and to get to it.
So May God bless you, in this short time whatever was possible I have told you. I would like
to also have some questions from you but the questions should be relevant. I have not come
here to take any money. I have not come here to take anything from you. I am not asking
for votes. I am not a politician. I have come here to give you what you have. This is your
own. This is your own property, which I have come to give you, to tell you about it. So
it should be relevant and sensible and I would like to answer your questions and then we
can have the session of Realization, which will take hardly ten minutes. So please have
patience with yourself. I have lot of patience but you must have patience and just ask Me
questions which are sensible, not aggressive. Thank you very much.
Questions and answers - (Questions can not be heard but Shri Mataji is answering to a
Ah! There is nothing to be done, just now. It will be all awakened just now. After that,
once the Kundalini is awakened you have to see where you are lacking in, what centers
are not all right, which you will yourself know. You have to come to our programs that
they have here and you have to see for yourself what's wrong with you and you should correct
yourself. Then gradually you become the master. To give an analogy I'll tell you like this,
first you get into the car to learn driving, all right, so there is an accelerator and
also there is a brake. So first you start accelerator, break both and you go I mean
in every way wrong and then gradually you start improving on it. And when you improve
on it you find it suddenly that you have become a driver. Now you can drive. You can balance
both the things left and right side but still you are a driver. So there is the master sitting
behind. Now that master is telling you do this, go there, here there. Suddenly while
doing all that you become the master and when you become the master you see within yourself
the driver, the brake and the accelerator and you know how to handle the whole situation.
It's like this. So it is a gradual development within you, which you do it and you have to
come to our center, carefully and pay some time, that's all. You have to give some time.
Time is very important. But is the most important because you have to now use it for your inner
We have watches in the hand. All the time watching one minute, two minutes, three minutes
and what do we do with it? Where do we spend the time? Either may be in the pub or in the
ball or maligning somebody or doing all kinds of nonsensical, destructive things. But, if
we have watches, it is for what? It is for us to save time for meditation. But meditation
is needed only about five-seven minutes in the morning and ten minutes in the evening,
not much time. But you must come to the collective, because it's a happening in the collective.
Like, supposing My nail is broken and I take it out, then the body doesn't look after it.
So, there is where people do not understand and they do not come back and then they get
Next program I come in, they said, "Mother you cured me. All right, of this thing I was
cured, but now I have got this problem."
So, all My life I'm curing them and all My time is wasted like that. So best thing is
that you become the doctor; you become everything. Why don't you become? You all can become that;
you all have that power. So you get it. So you don't have to do anything just now. You
all have to ... I'll just tell you how we are going to nourish our centers and we are
going to get our Realization. I am very happy to know that you are anxious to do something
about it.
May God bless you!
Nice to see such people!
Question: For somebody who is not here and who is really sick, can You help them?
Shri Mataji: I can, but main thing is, you see, that such a person you can help him.
First of all, you get all right. You know all about it and then you can go and help
that person, because the best thing is that your knowledge will improve as you help that
person, gradually. It's very practical, and it all helps. All right?
Question: You talk about our habits and weakness and how to overcome that. Can You talk a little
bit more about it?
Shri Mataji: See, we are weak because we are ignorant first of all. As I told you, we are
holding the snake and there's darkness and in that darkness we don't see that this is
going to bite us. But, when you become enlightened, you become a very powerful, dynamic person,
absolutely. And you separate yourself from your habits. You see it very clearly. Then
you don't talk that "I have this habit or that habit." You don't say like that.
Like a person would come and say, "Mother, you know, my Agnya is catching; this chakra
is catching. That means I have too much ego."
But they don't say, "I have ego." I mean if you tell somebody, "You have ego," they'll
hit you hard, isn't it? But if a person gets it, he feels it. And he says, "Mother, I have
too much problem with the Agnya Chakra so please clear it up."
So, if you have any habits - say supposing there are people who used to take drugs. In
the beginning I had horrible people in England, about seven of them, all drug addicts and
things. Of course, very well-educated, professors and things, but all drug addicts, hippies
and violent people, really. When they came to Me, it was not easy to handle them. But
they are today the foundation of Sahaja Yoga. Wonderful people they are. Now what happened,
they said, "We want to get rid of it but we can't. We just can't help it."
But you will be amazed, overnight they gave up, overnight. Just it happens because you
see the light and you throw the snake, just happens. You don't have to think about it,
just happens. I never tell them these Ten Commandments - don't do this, don't do that.
Don't tell them. Just it works from within. Why should I tell them? Why should I give
them a lecture? There's no need. They themselves become their own master and the mastery is
that the master cures and gives you powers. You develop that dignity; it's remarkable
what happens. To Me, it's not a surprise because I know what you are. You are so glorious.
It's like you take a small little, say a television to a remote corner of India and in some village
and show them and say that "Here is a place, this box will show you all the kinds of music
and all kinds of dramas and this."
They say, "What? This box? How is it going to work out?"
And, you put it to the mains and it starts working and they say, "It's fantastic."
It's like that. We are fantastic, we are glorious but we have yet to be connected, that's all.
It just happens, you don't have to force yourself, you don't have to do anything. It just works.
The inner force works it out.
Anything else?
Such nice people have come today, I am very happy. They are asking such nice questions.
Really, wonderful! But you must promise that you all will prosper in a proper way and work
it out because it's a waste then I feel. You know I was so enamored by the Russians and
the Eastern Bloc people because not that they only come to My lecture, not that they only
listen to Me, but they work it out. And they are moving everywhere. Now people have moved
to Siberia and all these far-fetched places. They have taken the whole map. They brought
the whole map before Me and said, "Mother, now tell us where should we go."
They have gone all out. So must understand the importance of it. It's not just like going
to one lecture or to another lecture. This is one thing you have to promise in your heart
that "Mother, we'll all become great trees." You have such great trees here. God has created
such beautiful thing here. Why not in Canada we should have some great personalities, great
saints? Now, any other question?
Question: In order to develop realization, if you're not living somewhere close to where
there is a center then what do we do?
Shri Mataji: There's no need to depend on Me. We have people here who are experts, who
have really become masters. And, they will definitely help you so it doesn't matter.
I am always with you. Whenever you think of Me, you'll know I am with you and you can
always write to Me. There's nothing to feel that I'm away from you, that ... maybe that
is the reason people don't go further with it. But as you trust Me, you trust yourself.
You must trust yourself. You must have faith in yourself that you are quite capable and
you can do it. You can do it and that there are people who will help you. They are very
humble, sweet, beautiful people. You will like them and they'll all help you till you
become perfect. Such love, I tell you.
Same thing [someone interrupts]. Children? Children are the best, children are the best
for Sahaja Yoga. They take to Sahaja Yoga in no time. Most of the children these days
are born realized and we have to just understand them. So many children are born realized.
Children are the best to understand Sahaja Yoga, to work it out and they just of a very
high level, I should say. Like the other day there was a child who was receiving a phone.
He said, "Oh, it's all right. You are not a yogi." Puts it down the phone.
So I said, "How do you know?"
"Mother, he had no vibrations. How could I know? Why should I talk to him? Let it be,
I put down the phone."
Question: Mother, is it a symbol of Your photograph that gives vibrations? The willpower [can't
understand the rest of the question]
Shri Mataji: It's true. My photograph luckily has some sort of a coefficience that it emits
vibrations. I mean, I would like anybody else's photograph if it does, because it's a good
idea; but I don't think there's anyone like that, because none of the incarnations and
none of the saints were photographed. It's very surprising, nobody was photographed.
At the most, and also, nobody was portrayed in their lifetime, because you know what happened
to all the saints and to all the incarnations: when they lived, everybody was after their
lives. No question of having so many people. I mean, even Christ had hardly twelve people
and how they tortured His life! Actually, if you see His public life, He lived hardly
for three and a half years and they crucified Him.
So, this is what the world was. It's not so bad now. I mean, nobody is going to crucify
Me, but still there were no photographs. So, the modern times has another advantage that
they have photographs, and they will show you lots of beautiful photographs and things
which will stun you. But that will be later on, you can see. But even this is such an
advantage that I can talk to so many people. And aeroplane is such an advantage that I
can travel all over the world. Everything is such an advantage today. The communication
have improved so much that I could come to Canada. Can you imagine Christ coming to Canada?
So, I mean, see the whole advantage is there and in Russia I have given realization to
people on television, on television. But they are extremely sensitive people, extremely
sensitive. I mean, in the program when we had the scientists, one of the scientist got
up and said, "But Mother, please tell us how You cure people when they only attend Your
program when they are so many."
I said, "I don't know if I've cure people."
But they are so sensitive. Their spirituality is just there. It touches so fast. We can
say that they are very, very ultra-modern sensitive instruments. Just touch them and
it works. It's rather surprising. Their attention is so good. Their attention is so good. So,
that's what it is, it works. But if they can get it, you can get it. You can do it. But
also, another problem in the West is that we are very guilty people. For nothing at
all, we are extremely - one side we are destroying ourselves, that's one way and another is all
the time we feel, 'I've done this wrong. I've done that wrong. Sorry, Sorry!' English language
is full of it.
So, we all the time start feeling sorry. There's no need to feel all that guilt and sin and
all this nonsensical ideas. That really spoils the game for Me also. I have seen Americans
are the worst. They are guilty for this and guilty for that. What is there to be guilty?
After all, you are human beings and if you have done any mistakes, doesn't matter. After
all you're not Gods. So what? If you have done mistakes, all right forget it. Forget
the past.
But this is also another problem of the West is: now their forefathers say came here and
killed some Red Indians. Now, the forefathers are finished, they might have become Red Indians
in this lifetime. They are not there. You are their children's children's children's
children. Now why are you carrying on the jokes so far? But for everything they feel
guilty - is another such a mental nonsense that please, before I start this program,
I have to request you that don't feel guilty for anything. You have done nothing wrong.
[Shri Mataji speaks aside] Also, there is another two-three people.
Question: Is Gorbachev is a walk-in, which means that is he from some other place which
is advanced soul?
Shri Mataji: He is a realized soul, no doubt, he is. That's why it's working out. He knows
Me very well. He is a realized soul. That you recognized him, I'm very happy to know
that. He is and look at them, how lucky they are to have him there. And, he is a very sensible
man, no doubt. Even Lenin was. Lenin was a realized soul, you will be surprised, but
he was forced by all his party members. He was alone, you see. And, all of them forced
him to take a course of line which was really proved later on. But whatever was his state,
talked about stateless state and all that was his dream and that's coming true. He was
also a realized soul. But he went onto a wrong line and it took so much time for them to
come back and they had horrible despotic people, no doubt but the way the Gorbachev is doing
is great and I have a rapport with him and he is a very great man, I must say. And he
has tremendous respect for Me. Because we are of the same style, you can say, the same
line, that's why.
You, too, had in America. You had, say, Abraham Lincoln was a realized soul, no doubt. And,
we had Mahatma Gandhi. We had many people, but they were singled out. They couldn't give
realizations to others. They were singled out and they had to fight, but now you all
can become realized souls. We have to have many more to get peace, to get joy, to get
what we deserve.
[Question: A lady seems to have some illness that doctors can't diagnose and is asking
if Shri Mataji can help.]
Shri Mataji: Yes, that's true. I am Myself a doctor. I've done medicine, Myself. I know
that. It's difficult for them because they cannot raise the Kundalini. You see that's
the problem is. Please sit down, I'll tell you.
The medical science is, of course has reached a quite a lot of height and have understood
anything, but the problem with the medical line is this: that when a tree is sick, you
see, we treat the leaves but we cannot get to the roots, you see. But Sahaja Yoga is
a thing that gets to the roots, and I'm not telling you off-hand, you see, there are three
doctors who got their Ph.D. in India in Sahaja Yoga that they have cured people. There are
seven doctors in London who are now writing down about how many people have been cured
with Sahaja Yoga.
But the problem is like this: like for in America, I cannot cure people because I will
be arrested. If and if Christ goes there, He will be arrested. The medical science doesn't
allow there, I mean, that anybody should cure anyone. Now, the problem is if you come to
India nobody is allowed to come to India who suffers with AIDS and all such diseases. Big
problem for the patient also. Even in England, you see, if we cannot say that we can cure
them, lots of problems with the law. And, we cannot. But only thing those who get cured
automatically, like we have the people who are Sahaja Yogis who had diseases, they have
got their papers, everything, and then they are cured, then we note it down. India is
the only place where I can start this curing business. But to be very frank, we are not
in this business. We are not in the business of curing. What we are doing is to raise your
Kundalini by which you get cured as a by-product. We are not doing curing. That's not our job.
That's not what we do.
And, also I must tell you the Divinity has common sense. A common sense in the sense
that: now these lights are here, we know that particular bulb is not going to work. So nobody
wants to cure. The Divine doesn't want to cure people who are not going to give lights,
who are not going to get to Sahaja Yoga, means that their Kundalini doesn't rise. If their
Kundalini doesn't rise, then how can we cure? That's the only way we can cure people.
So there are limitations also that your Kundalini has to rise and then you can get cured. But
there are many miracles which have happened. I don't know how people got cured. And there
have been many cures, no doubt. And, it sounds very, very much fantastic that it can be cured
through Kundalini awakening but it has happened. We have to accept the truth. As long as it
helps, what does it matter?
Yes, please?
Question: What would be the effect of increasing number of Sahaja Yogis on the economic system
and the lifestyle of the country where the increase of Sahaja Yogis takes place?
Shri Mataji: Oh, it just triggers everything. For example, now what are our problems? We
see the economic problems of this country is. I have understood it so well that we have
so much of a, say, ores and all other things like silver we have here, and gold and all
kinds of things we have, and the ones who are exploiting us are Americans and nobody
sees the point. Nobody sees the point. While those who will get Sahaja Yogis, they will
become so dynamic. They will put in their own industries here. Why send it? Why make
cars in America? Why not make them here? So many things can happen because you become
so dynamic and there's so many people to help you all over that this is what should happen.
After all, you have all kinds of things available here. Why should you send your aluminum to
America, to be drawn into wires and beaten into sheets? There's no need. We can do it
So this, you see, self-confidence that we can do it together and the collective feeling
can give you such good ideas. And another point is that the way we are working out machines
now. Now we have to understand that machines are for us. We have created machines and machines
are to be used according to our need and we are not for machines. They are not to dominate
us. So as much as we need we'll use machines otherwise we'll not use machines. And as a
result, already it is happening that people don't like machine-made things and machine-made
this thing. So they will go to the balancing state where they will take to more handmade
things and handmade material. Now for a handmade things you don't have to have so many. Like,
now we say in India, thank God, we are quite poor country, we can't afford to have so many
machines. Thank God for that because now in a household they will have about, say, ten
plates of brass or twelve plates of brass. Finished. We don't have to have so many crockery,
cutlery, this, that, that breaks. Then, after that you have plastic. Because it breaks so
you have plastics. So, you go on. The plastic is now mounting up, mountains after mountains
we have created.
So, you take more to practical side, very much practical and more to the natural. And
in natural, it's nice to have one natural thing than to have ten plastics. Now people
are realizing, I'm not saying they are not realizing it. But still there are machines
sitting on top of us. And then the entrepreneurs, the entrepreneurs are very clever. Today they
start one fashions, tomorrow another fashion, third day third fashion. England is another
one who suffers a lot. For example, in a place like London, which is such a cold place, people
have pants which have holes in it. They call it holy pants, you see. And now imagine, they
developed varicose veins with that. Or they'll have tight pants. They have to do something
about it. They have to feed their machines. So they will start this fashion or that fashion.
Now, there's another fashion which is also very dangerous that people don't put any oil
in their hair. Before taking a head bath, one can put easily some oil or before night
they can put it. They are all getting bald. Once they get bald, them they'll sell their
wigs. The same hair which are fallen off, they make wigs and sell it. They are befooling
you. If you see little bit, you stand out and see how they are befooling you must, these
entrepreneurs are. This is the fashion today, that is the fashion.
I was seeing the children, we are now producing clothes for children, for example. The clothes
are such horrible clothes. I mean, they call them...
[Shri Mataji asks someone in Hindi, "What do they call such clothes now-a-days?"]
... trendy, trendy clothes. Children wear trendy clothes. They have no respect, respect
for themselves. They don't respect themselves. If you give them trendy clothes, you see,
they become like brats, and then you say they are brats. You make them brats from very childhood.
You want them to be brats, you see. So,the whole system changes. Children become so beautiful,
so dignified.
Dress makes a person understand what is his personality is, isn't it? If you are just
sort of careless about everything, you are not bothered and the way - I have seen also
children and even the grown-ups walk as if you see the, it doesn't matter how you walk,
you throw your legs this side, hands like that. That shows the personality, that this
personality has no sense of dignity - how it has to walk, how they have to talk or things.
So the whole thing has come down.
Now, for example, English language now. I never studied English language but when I
went to England, I was surprised the kind of English they are speaking. I mean, you
don't know what sort of English they are speaking. And, really is impossible. At least, in Canada
people speak better English, I tell you.
You'll have a language problem, really. Because they, even people from Cambridge, they have
developed such funny, funny intonations and funny pronunciation that it's impossible to
cope with them.
So this is what I'm trying to tell you: that once you get this balance, once you get this
knowledge, you develop a balanced economy, you develop a balanced ecology, you develop
everything in balance because all these imbalances has come through human beings. What is the
source is a human being. You see, in the jungle if you go there's no imbalance. Only where
human beings live there's imbalance. So once you get into balance, when you have more Sahaja
Yogis, there will be more balance and you'll be surprised how things will work out. And,
above all there is this Divine Power which is going to help you.
Now, what do you want again?
Question: Can we meditate now?
Now, I hope you are finished with your questions, because if you finish with questions it's
better because this mind, you know, is a funny thing. Suddenly, you're meditating, suddenly
a thing will come, "Oh, I should have asked this question to Mother!" But as she says
it's true that even if I answer all your questions, it's a mental acrobat. I can answer all your
questions very well. I am good at it, but it is not going to raise your Kundalini. So
no question, is better that you just see that what happens because it's a happening within
yourself. It takes you without thinking about it. It takes you beyond the state where you
become thoughtlessly aware. You are aware but the thoughts absolutely subside. And then
ultimately you feel a cool breeze coming out of your head and you feel cool breeze all
around you. This is what has to happen. And I'm very happy that she has pointed out that
they are all waiting for it. And, there's no end to these talks and things.
So, if you have any questions you may write to Me or you may give Me in writing, if you
feel that it is such an important question. Then, of course, these people will definitely
try to give you an answer for that.
Now, I have I think in thousands My lectures are there and the tapes are available. But
we do not give people the lectures and the books and things because once it starts the
mental activity they just run into that. So, first of all develop yourself internally into
that abstract stage and then if you read, it has some meaning. Otherwise, there are
people who know everything about Sahaja Yoga but they can't do anything about it.
Still there are two persons. Now these are the last two persons, all right? Now, what's
it madam?
Question: When do you feel the throbbing feeling when the Kundalini rises, when pulsation is
You see, actually, Kundalini is in this jet age has become like a jet Kundalini. She just
rises, She doesn't give you much throbbing or anything - normally, normally I'm saying.
But if you have some troubles, some diseases, something, some obstructions, then it does
throb a little. But you can feel it nicely on your head the cool breeze coming out of
your fontanel bone area, very nicely, you see it, you feel it. So it is the throbbing
of the Kundalini and all that are just like some sort of an obstructions or say, short
circuiting but that can be corrected very easily. So, it's like a very nicely built,
very efficiently built aeroplane, has a very smooth landing, like that Kundalini rises
very beautifully. And, this is the blessing of the modern times, I think, that the Kundalini
works out that way.
There's one more, there was one gentleman.
Question: The question is that once the Kundalini is awaken he's read that Kundalini can be
if uncontrolled, if you don't know how to control it, can it harm you?
You see, these books are written by people who have no idea of Kundalini. It's not like
that. You see, this is just to sell something. It's marketing. Sell anything, any nonsense,
there's nothing. She is your Mother. She is your individual Mother who's waiting to give
you your second birth. Why will She trouble you? When you got your birth, your mother
looked after everything, she, poor thing, went through all the labor pains and everything,
she didn't allow you to suffer anything, she never wanted you to suffer. Did she? Then
this is a pure Mother, your own individual Mother; She knows each and everything about
you. It's all recorded in Her and She is not going to trouble you, and you are going to
be controlled by Her in such a manner that She becomes your energy. She helps you. So,
all these false ideas people have given, written books after books so that they can sell it.
I haven't written any books so far. You'll be surprised, I've not written any books so
far. Twenty years have past, I've written no books whatsoever. People have written about
Me, people have written about Sahaja Yoga, they have written all this, but I have not
yet written. I'll be writing. I hope so I get some time to write. But you see, what
is important is that whatever written can be all nonsense. They can write anything about
anything. First of all, you should know what it is. And now I have been going to various
places, I have not seen it misbehaving anywhere or doing any harm to anybody. Of course, sometimes
you do feel little heat in the body, that's all. That's the thing you feel little heat
on your hands, that's all. But it's so little that it's negligible. So, be confident.
First of all, before starting I have to tell you few things and one of them is that have
faith in yourself. Have faith that you all are capable of getting your Self-realization.
Please have that faith in yourself. You have faith in everything else but in yourself,
that's wrong. Please have faith in yourself. That is first point.
Now there are two conditions we have to fulfill before we get our realization. First condition
is I have already told you, that not to feel guilty, forget the past. Not to feel guilty
is very important because when you feel guilty, then the center here on the left side catches,
Vishuddhi as they call it, and it's the worst thing that can happen because this is the
center when it catches you get spondylitis, you get angina, all kinds of trouble with
this center. But the worst thing is that the Kundalini cannot rise above this center. So,
not to feel guilty. I assure you that you have done nothing wrong.
You see, there are so many norms a society has created. Even if you put the fork on the
other side you start thinking, "Oh God, what did I do?" You feel you are not sophisticated
or you have done something like a murder. It's not that. It is just all these norms
are artificially created, all these are artificial things. Somebody is very thin, he thinks,
"Why should I be thin?" Somebody's fat, he says, "Why should I be fat?" But this is life's,
whatever is there we have to accept our life as it is and there's nothing wrong in it.
Nothing guilt. Whatever is there, whatever we have been doing, we have been doing as
human beings.
So, first and foremost condition is - absolutely you cannot compromise on that - is that you
are not to feel guilty at all. Immediately, you'll feel better.
All right, the second one is that you have to forgive everyone, forgive everyone because
whether you forgive or you don't forgive, you don't do anything. You are living with
a myth, all the time thinking, "Oh, I have to forgive this person, I have to forgive
that person." There's no need to think like that. You don't also have to think about any
individual, just in general you have to say, "I forgive everyone of them." And, that clears
out this center, very clearly, this is the center of Christ, this clears out, and it's
very easy for Me because this is a very constricted, it's the gate to the limbic area so that gate
has to be widened and it has to be opened out. And so, just forgive everyone. And, you
know it is a myth. You are playing into the wrong hands. So, this is another condition,
you have to just accept. Then it's easier for Me to work it out and easier for you to
get it.
So, first is just don't feel guilty. If you don't forgive, you won't feel it. Then, you
will come and say, "Mother, I didn't feel it." And then I'll have to say, "All right,
forgive, forgive, forgive." And then you'll feel it. So, what's the use? Just better do
what I've told you, is very simple thing, just forgive everyone in general.
Then there are certain simple things: that we have to take help of the Mother Earth.
Now those who are sitting in the ground are the best placed, that's all right, they can
just take out their shoes, so they're not, it's better that their feet are a little open
out. And, all of you should have to take your feet out, it helps a lot.
Those who are sitting, should sit more cross-legged it's better, better to sit cross legged. It's
hardly will take any time and is ... you don't have to fight with your thoughts, you don't
have to stop your thoughts, nothing, it just works automatically. I would say, like your
attention is like this saree. Now, the Kundalini rises like this, goes up and She pushes all
your attention inside automatically and then when it pierces through here, then the grace
starts falling on your attention, on your sympathetic nervous system and it soothes
down. Then, your centers open more and more threads of Kundalini rise. So, this is what
is today's modern Sahaja Yoga, which somehow or other I've managed to discover, that let
few threads of Kundalini rise to begin with so that you open your chakras gradually, and
then more and more. And then one day I find you all have become great gurus, great personalities.
So, may God bless you all!
So, let us now with all respect to ourselves, with all love for ourselves, we have to have
complete faith in ourselves, complete faith. Have complete self confidence. Now please
put both your hands like this. It's important to understand that these five, six and seven
are the sympathetic nervous system endings and this side also are, these are sympathetic
nervous system endings and they are the ones who are expressing the centers within ourselves.
Like this, left and right meet and make one center. So, is very important that you, we
have to put both the hands like this to begin with.
You can, now somebody will show you how we are going to nourish our centers. The left
side represents our desire, not the pure desire, but our desire. And the right side represents
our action, power of action. So, we will be using our power of action to nourish our centers,
while the left hand will be all the time towards Myself. Before closing your eyes, you can
also take out your spectacles because this helps eyesight also. So before, not now, just
now when I tell to, because just now I'll show you how to do it and then we'll close
our eyes. So somebody will show you.
First of all, you put your left hand toward Me like this. Of course, those who don't want
to do it, should go because it is proper not to disturb others. You see, nobody should,
those who do not want to do should try to do it because it's not proper and should not
disturb others in between to get up and walk out.
So, now please put your left hand towards Me like this. And, with the right hand we
nourish our centers. So, first we put it on our heart. In the heart, resides the Spirit,
is reflected in the Spirit. Spirit is the reflection of God Almighty and Kundalini is
the reflection of the primordial power, His desire which we call as Adi Shakti or we call
it as Holy Ghost. These two have to meet, and the seat of the Spirit is on the fontanel
bone area here, seat of the Spirit is here, but it resides in our heart.
Now, so first we put our right hand on our heart and then we put our right hand in the
upper portion of our abdomen where is the center of our mastery. This is created by
all the great masters like Abraham, Moses, Lao Tse, so many of them who were real masters.
They have created this. Like Guru Nanaka, Janaka, all these people have created this
great center within us.
Then we take down our hand in the lower portion of our abdomen on the left hand side. This
is the center of pure knowledge, pure knowledge that is the one which gives us the awareness
on our central nervous system. It manifests a new dimension in our awareness on our central
nervous system which is called in Sanskrit as bodh, bodh from where the word Buddha has
come, or we can say it manifests in the word, vidh. Vidh is from where Vedas have come.
That you feel the divine power on your central nervous system, you feel the truth on your
central nervous system because whatever we have gained in our evolution, you feel it
on our central nervous system. That is what is "to know." Knowledge is not mental. It
is in our evolutionary process to know on your central nervous system like hot and cold.
So now, this is the center which manifests that pure knowledge.
So, now we take our hand again upward and put it on the center of mastery which is on
the left hand side in the upper part of our abdomen. Then we take our hand onto our heart,
and here we know that Spirit resides here. Then we take our hand in the corner of our
neck and our shoulder here and put it back as far as possible and turn our head to our
right, we turn our head to our right. This is the center which as I have told you is
always in trouble when we feel guilty and today also I feel it's quite a lot among the
people who are here.
So, now please remember not to feel guilty at all. Turn your head to your right and just
not to feel guilty, is very important. Now then we put our hand across like this on our
forehead and pressing on both the temples with our small finger and our thumb on another
side we put all the other fingers on the head and put down our head like this. This is the
center, this is the center for forgiving others. Forgive everyone. Now, we take back this hand
on the back side of our head on the optic lobe here, on the back side of our head and
push back our head as far back as possible resting on our hand, and here is the center
without feeling guilty, without counting any mistakes, just for your satisfaction to ask
for forgiveness from the divine power.
Now, then we stretch our hand, stretch our hand and the center of our palm, we put it
on the fontanel bone area which was the soft bone in our childhood. Now we put down your
head, put down our head and press this area nicely by pushing our fingers outward. This
is very important thing to do is to push back your fingers outward so there's nice pressure
on your fontanel bone area. Now here is the limbic area, the opening of the limbic area
is the fontanel bone area. So now what we do is to now slowly move our hand clockwise
pressing the scalp, move the scalp, clockwise, seven times. Push down your head, it's better,
then you can do it better, move it seven times clockwise.
Now, I think everything was done all right but we didn't push back the fingers nicely
and the pressure was less but doesn't matter. Now, so, you have been already told what is
to be done. Now please, again see that you put both your feet away from each other because
they are two different powers. Put your left hand towards Me, put your right hand on your
head. No, not like that, you can sit, I mean you can sit cross legged, cross legged is
better, it's all right, for sitting down this cross legged is better. I am just telling
for people who are sitting on the chairs. Just imagine people getting realization sitting
on the chairs. Is something great, isn't it? Otherwise, we had to go to Himalayas and starve
for so many days, work so hard, stand on your heads and still come back empty handed. You
are specially blessed to be born in this era.
All right, so now we put our left hand towards Me, and right hand on the heart and now we
close our eyes. We don't open our eyes till I tell you. Please keep your eyes shut till
I tell you. Now, the whole thing works like a divine computer, so you have to ask a question.
You can call Me Mother or you can call Me Shri Mataji, whatever you like. Now, put your
right hand on your heart and left hand towards Me all the time. And, now sit comfortably,
not bending too much nor in a stretched manner but in a comfortable, straight way. Here now
you ask a question three times, "Mother, am I the Spirit?" This is the truth about you
that you are the Spirit. So now ask the question three times in your heart, "Mother, am I the
Now, if you are the Spirit, then you are your master. So, now take your right hand in the
upper portion of your abdomen and ask a question, "Mother, am I my own master?" Ask this question
three times.
Now I have to tell you that I cannot force pure knowledge on you. You have to ask for
it. So, now please take your hand in the lower portion of your abdomen on the left hand side.
Here you have to say six times, because this center has got six petals. So, please say,
"Mother, please give me pure knowledge." Say this six times because I cannot force on you.
You have to ask in your freedom. I respect it.
As soon as you ask for pure knowledge, the Kundalini starts rising, so we have to nourish
the upper centers so that it's easy for Her to rise. So, now take your right hand in the
upper portion of your abdomen on the left hand side, press it hard. Here, you have to
say with full confidence ten times, "Mother, I am my own master." Say it with full confidence
in yourself, ten times, "Mother, I am my own master."
Now, raise your right hand on your heart. I have already told you that Spirit resides
in your heart, so now here you say with full confidence, twelve times, "Mother, I am the
We have to know this all-pervading power which has created us, which is nourishing us, which
is looking after us, which organizes us and which loves us, is the ocean of knowledge
and compassion. But above all, it is the ocean of forgiveness, and we cannot commit any mistakes
that cannot be dissolved by the power of this ocean of forgiveness. So, now please raise
your hand in the corner of your neck and your shoulder and push it back as far as possible
on the spinal cord and turn your head to right. And here, with full confidence, please say
sixteen times, "Mother, I am not guilty at all." Please say it sixteen times from your
heart, please say it.
I have already told you that whether you forgive or don't forgive, you do not do anything,
it's a myth. But, if you don't forgive then you play into wrong hands and torture yourself
for nothing at all. So, now please raise your right hand on your forehead across pressing
both the temples with your small finger and your thumb and putting all the three fingers
on top of your head. And now, put it down your head properly, press it hard on both
the sides. And here you have to say from your heart, not how many times, "Mother, I forgive
everyone." From your heart, please say, "Mother, I forgive everyone." Please do not say that
it is difficult. It's the easiest thing to say. Put down your head properly, press it
hard and say it from your heart.
Now, without feeling guilty, without counting your mistakes, just for your satisfaction,
you have to ask forgiveness from the Divine Power. So, now take your right hand on the
back side of your head and push back your head as far as possible, on the hand balancing.
Now here, you have to say again from your heart, now how many times, "Oh Divine Power,
if I have done anything wrong knowingly or unknowingly, please forgive me." This is to
be said for your own satisfaction. Push back your head as much as possible.
Now, the last center which is most important: stretch your palm as far as possible, put
it on, put the center of your palm on top of the fontanel bone area which was the soft
bone in your childhood. Now put down your head as much as you can, please put it down.
Now, stretch your fingers. Please stretch them properly and put a nice pressure on your
fontanel bone area. Here, again I respect your freedom and I cannot force Self-realization
on you. You have to ask for it. So, now please move your scalp, slowly, seven times, clockwise,
saying, "Mother, please give me my Self-realization."
[Mother blows in the microphone seven times.]
Now, please take down your hands, both the hands, and please place them towards Me and
gradually open your eyes. Now, watch Me without thinking. Now, please put your left hand towards
Me. Bend your head and see for yourself if there's a cool breeze coming out of your head.
Please see with your right hand. Some people get it very close and some far away but don't
put your hand on top of your head. Just see for yourself if there's a cool breeze coming
out of your head.
Now, please put your right hand towards Me and bend your head again and see for yourself
if there's a cool breeze coming out of your head. Some people get it quite far away. Please
put again your left hand towards Me and see for yourself again if there's a cool breeze
coming out of your head. Now raise both your hands towards the sky like this, push back
your head and ask a question, "Mother, is this the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost?" or
"Mother, is this the all-pervading power of God's love?" or "Mother, is this the Paramachaitanya?"
Any one of these question you ask three times.
Now, put your hands down. You feel very relaxed and there's won't be any thoughts. You can
watch Me without thinking. All those who have felt cool or hot breeze on their hands, on
their fingertips or out of their head, please raise both your hands. That's it. May God
bless you. [Applause]
I am here only for tonight and I would like to meet you all if you want to meet Me, I
would like to shake hands with you. Thank you. [Applause]
[While walking towards the car] Now you have to look after the new people, all of you have
to look after the new people with care, with understanding. And, best of luck to all of
you. It's a very delicate work. Whatever impression they get from you, that is going to work out.
They must feel that "these people are very loving and kind" and you don't disappoint
them too much. You must show your own discipline.
[Shri Mataji talks to individual yogis]
It's with very difficulty that we are building up Sahaja Yoga and Sahaja Yogis should not
break it at least but they can build it up themselves such a lot. So, we have to be like
them, compete with people who have done something for Sahaja Yoga, compete with them and not
with them who are trying to destroy Sahaja Yoga. It's so important. One has to play one's
own role.
[Shri Mataji talks to individual yogis]