VOTE FOR PrankvsPrank - D-trix Presents Dance Showdown

Uploaded by DanceOn on 10.12.2012


All right, guys.
I just got finished with my final performance.
I went Hamburglar, son.
So you guys seen it.
I worked really hard.
It definitely paid off.
I'm definitely happy with my final performance.
So this is your time.
Dope, Fresh nation because I know you guys can do it.
The dope, fresh nation's turn to go ham.
I went ham.
Your time to go ham.
So make sure you vote for your boy to try and
win this whole thing.
I really think we might be able to win this whole thing.
I don't know, our performance was pretty sick.
You guys seen it.
I worked my ass off.
Look, I got bruises.
I'm so sore right now.
So make sure you like the video.
Throw a comment in there showing you some love.
And just go ham, son.
Peace on the street.
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Hit the like button, comment, subscribe.
You know, we all go ham, son.