Joining Forces with the NCAA

Uploaded by whitehouse on 06.01.2012

First Lady Michelle Obama: Hi, I'm First Lady Michelle Obama.
Mark Emmert: And I'm NCAA President Mark Emmert.
As the championship excitement keeps building,
we continue to see examples of people who know the power of
teamwork; who have triumphed through adversity;
who give us their best when the stakes are the highest.
First Lady Michelle Obama: Every day in communities of every shape and size,
there's another group that does all of that.
And they do it for our country.
They're America's military families --
the troops and veterans who keep serving their communities even
when they come home; the spouses who balance work,
family and so much more while their loved ones serve as well;
the children who show their bravery every day while dad or
mom is away.
Mark Emmert: We at the NCAA are proud to team up with the First Lady to honor,
appreciate and support all that our military families do for
our nation.
First Lady Michelle Obama: Please visit us at to find out
how you can get involved and let's serve these families as
well as they've served us.