Willow Smith - Fireball Choreography

Uploaded by DanceOn on 20.01.2012


LAUREN GOTTLIEB: I'm sitting in a dance studio at Loyola
Marymount University with one of my great friends, the
super-talented Jason Myhre.
Let's talk about Willow's "Fireball" video.
When she's dancing in the rain, how much of that is
choreographed, and how much is just her dancing?
JASON MYHRE: 90% of it is her.
So we'll give her directions--
we like when you did that around the tree, or we like it
when you jump in the puddle.
Yeah, so there's a lot of freestyle for her, which she's
amazing at.
LAUREN GOTTLIEB: That's great.
I don't know of too many artists that will just go and
freestyle like that.
LAUREN GOTTLIEB: That's great.
Now, there was this fast footwork part in
it with some guys.
Who were they?
JASON MYHRE: The Footwork Kings, actually, from Chicago
And we had four of them.
We had a bunch of crews come down for the audition.
We just wanted to give it just a little different flavor and
just a different vibe and all that.
It was set up that she had her warriorettes.
So they each kind of had their own distinct character.
We have a gothic girl, a cowgirl, a ghetto girl, and
Simrin-- she's more of the playful girl.
That's one of my favorite thing.
JASON MYHRE: Thank you.
LAUREN GOTTLIEB: They have the craziest outfits.
It's super-intense.
It's awesome.