Episode 3: Valentine's Day

Uploaded by 5RITstudents on 10.02.2012

(Music) There's no combination of things that I can put on the back of postcard.
No song that I can sing, but I can try for your heart. (Kevin) What do you think the most romantic spot on campus is? The most romantic spot on campus?
Uh, oh it's right over there, right in front of Booth
At the Zen Garden
Romantic spot on campus is the Computational Fluid Dynamics Lab (laughter)
(Jacob) Why?
Oh, I don't know.
(Jacob) No idea?
The most romantic spot on campus is right here on the tiger…
Best make out spot ever. Fourth floor of the library, in the corner, where the desks hide you. Not the fourth floor of the library (Come on!) Uh Java's? Maybe
(Girl) Taken!
I would go with the Sentinel. Because there's
special lighting at night, like underneath it, so it gives a good ambience.
It's rusty and old. If you bring me there, it's like, "seriously?!"
The Woods. (Laughter) (Kevin) That's not creepy at all.
There's a secret stair well. I don't know where the secret stairwell is.
I've only heard rumors.
The tiger statue
(Music) (Erin) Would you date anybody that lived on
the same residence hall floor as you?
No. No.
We have a saying "Incest is wincest"
Cause there are so many relationships on the floor. I feel like it would be really awkward. Yea, I'm gonna have to say no. Yes, it doesn't really matter to me if they live near me.
No, it be a little creepy. Cause if you broke up with them,
you'd be running into them all of the time.
No, cause I was on an all male floor, so that makes it easy.
This is my boyfriend.
We don't go to school together. He actually goes to college close to where we live.
Which is five hours from here.
Uh…and a big question I get a lot here on campus is how to keep
a long distance relationship going. Well, first off, it's a lot easier now then
it used to be with things like Skype and text messaging and all of those types of things.
Being the awesome girlfriend that I am, I am actually going to be surprising my boyfriend
I am going to be leaving right after class on Thursday.
I have no Friday classes and I got off Work and I'm going to be going down to
see him cause he doesn't have a week this weekend and it's the weekend before
Valentine's Day
What I'm doing right now for him, like I said the little things that matter this
is not really a little thing it's
kind of a bigger thing. I'm making him a ton of stuff
so we have
brownies which are gonna be in the shapes of hearts
cupcakes and a red velvet cake
and also we're going, I already made him chocolate covered strawberries.
Are you happy? Yes. Did I surprise you? Yes. Am I the best girlfriend ever?
Uhhh. yes.
Happy Valentine's Day! Thanks. No, not you.