Chimneyswift11 Needs Your Vote (Ep. 9) -- D-trix Presents Dance Showdown

Uploaded by DanceOn on 30.11.2012

You should vote for Chimney, because he has pajamas.

Cause he's probably one of the nicest guys I've ever met in
my whole life, and I'm not just saying that.
He is really, really, genuinely a good person.

I would vote for Chimneyswift11 because the guy
crushed it.
I think he had the most growth, if you're taking that
into consideration, and the guy just had a great time.
He was committed.

You should vote for Chimney because he worked his butt off
to be here, and he wants this more than anyone on the show.

You should vote for me because I put my absolute heart and
soul and all of my energy into this dance and had an absolute
blast doing it.