Umenyiora & Ogunleye pre-game speech.

Uploaded by JoeMara17 on 07.12.2012

You know, for me, there's not too much to be said right now at this particular moment. Maybe after the game we can talk but..
right now it's time to focus men.
It's important that everybody trust each other and go out there and perform the way you're supposed to perform.
There's nothing like going out there and just dominating your opponent.
Something we didn't do last night but, it's ok. Don't worry about that. We'll get it done next time.
You guys just go out there and play as hard as you can
and give those guys exactly what you got man. You guys made it to this level for a reason
Just go out there and execute the way you've been coached to do guys, alright?
Osi, I thank you so much for coming. I wanted to bring them down
to see a champion, but,
right now this is family time, so give me two minutes
leave the guys by themselves.

You're the man but not here, not tonight
You know what man? When coach told me you guys made the championship man
Going down
And seeing all the shit you guys went through this year
I'm not gonna lie guys,
I was excited. I was...thrilled
And the funny thing about it is coach wasn't the first one to tell me. I got
text messages and emails, man, from guys from Atlanta
guys livin up in Upstate New York, guys in Pennsylvania
Guys who were part of this program, proud of you guys
Noticed what you've been through
from all those guys I wanna tell you guys thank you for representing Tottenville High School
thank you for
being stand up men
thank you for
understanding that shit ain't gonna go
the way you want it to go all the time
but you know what you do? You pick yourselves up and you keep fuckin' movin'.
And you remember the things
and the people
who got you to where you gotta go.
But all they can do for you and all Coach Munson can do for you and all I can do for you and all a guy like
Osi can do for you is give you fuckin' words.
That shit don't matter anymore, it's about you guys. It's about you.
What you gonna do today? It's about you, you.
How you gonna coach today
How you guys are gonna fuckin' play today
James, you dont gotta have a fuckin' perfect game. You guys have to play perfect as a team.
And at the end of the day, you guys will be victorious if you play that way.
But have you seen it already?
Have you seen it already?
Did you see yourself at Yankee Stadium?
Cause I did.
I know this guy did. Did you guys see yourself holding
that Championship Trophy up? I did.
I know the rest of the coaches did. But they don't fuckin' gotta play today. I wish I could play today.
I wish that I had this opportunity that you guys got. I told Coach Munson man, I'm so fuckin' envious of you guys. You don't know, you guys don't know the opportunity you got.
Whole New York City's watchin' y'all.
Whole New York City's on your fuckin' back right now
After everything you guys have been through. You know what it is, I don't gotta talk about it. But you guys fought.
You guys had heart
and that's what it's gonna take today.
You guys already got the preparation, it's in your mind now fellas.
See that goal
Coach told me a long time ago, man.
It's not about dreamin', man. It's about doin'.
Today we don't dream, we do.
Tottenville High School is a bunch of doers.
No matter what the cost. Guys, you bring it in closer. No matter what the cost is, we do.
No matter what the adversity goes today, we don't look back
We don't complain, we keep moving forward.
First down after first down. Three and out after three and out. Until we are champions. Do you understand me?
Nah, you don't understand. I said until we are champions!!!!