Stampin'Up Papillon Potpourri in the Clouds

Uploaded by stampingonthebp on 27.12.2012

hi this is karen titus from stamping on the back porch
today's card is this pretty
little butterfly card i love it going through the clouds here
so to make this card
we start with a base
of... tempting turquoise
and then i have a piece of...
brights from melon mambo from the basic brights patterns set
this piece is one and three quarter by five and a quarter
and then we have the whisper white its three and a quarter by four and a
and then that's going to be topped with a smaller pieces
just three by four that's
been put through the cloudy day folder
and that's popped up with a few dimensionals so that's how the base of
the card is done
now to go back to the card we'll add the last butterfly on this
so i have stamped a little butterfly from papillon potpourri0:00:59.730,0:01:02.960 since how great that it has two different sizes of butterflies and
there are two different sizes of punches to go with that
so i'm going to take this one and punch it out with the
bitty butterfly punch
and i'm gonna put
half a dimensional
so when i'm ready to put it on i will just take that off you can see they each have a set of three little pearls
the easiest way to do this this is
to take my pearls
and part of these are connected with long strings
and since i want three i will just choose
and then cut with my scissors and just put the tip under here
and i can peel them off
you know
so i'm not
touching them at all
otherwise they decide to stick your fingers and no where else0:01:58.909,0:02:00.810 press them down
from their really easy way to get the0:02:02.840,0:02:07.500 pearls on
then i add them
you know you can probably tell from this that i did meant to do
the melon mambo but the temptin turquoise works well too
they're all butterflies so if you enjoyed this video please visit my
website stamping on the back porch dot com
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more ideas and thank you again so much for watching