Wish to See You Again taiwanese drama Episode 7 這裡發現愛

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Wish to See You Again Chapter 7
Xiao Wu, why did you want to come to Ali Mountain?
Because my summer school teacher wants us to produce a report on our vacation.
What? Your assignment is so difficult!
Aren't you only 7 years old?
My father says that
my school is nurturing our future's brightest leaders.
That's why the work is so difficult.
Even if I explained it to you, you wouldn't understand.
Just as long as you understand what you're saying.
Either way, my dad will be coming to Taiwan in a few days, and he'll help me with my homework.
Then we can celebrate Father's Day together.
What about Lu Yi's arrangements for you to go to the zoo,
the museum and all the other places?
Wouldn't that have been enough?
Why did you have to come all the way to Ali Mountain?
Because I want to see the giant trees. They're supposed to be the most amazing thing here.
Xu Le Ge Ge, isn't that fallen tree one of the giant trees?
It's been here for more than 3,000 years.
It used to stand over there,
but after a big storm passed through,
it fell down.
It must be really sad.
I think
it lived so long,
it must have recieved a lot of people's respect, and seen a lot of people's admiration.
It's probably seen a lot of people grow up
and even
knows lots of people's secrets.
This is a really amazing tree.
Even though you've fallen down,
I believe that,
even in heaven, you're being highly respected.
Let's go see the most beautiful giant tree. It's called Ali Mountain's Forest's Giant Tree.
Let's go take a look.
I know all about it.
It's the reason I came here.
What do you mean by that?
Isn't it called Guang Wu Kuai?*
*[Same name ("Guang Wu") as the little boy]
If there's a giant tree with the same name as you,
wouldn't you at least go greet it?
Guang Wu Kuai.
Let's go, let's go see Ali Mountain's tree.
It's just a big tree.
Isn't it still a tree? Stupid nag!
Call me a nag again! Careful, or we won't go!
Your loss, I want Xu Le Ge Ge to accompany me.
Right you are, let's go.
Ali Mountain's forest has a lot of super tall trees.
There are trees that have grown together for three generations.
There's the Redwood tree. Also the Xiang Di tree.
The clock keeps going, just like our hearts do
Even gray skies have their own cadence
Let me panic, Let me be hurt, Let me love, Let me hope
Falling doesn¡¦t mean you must give up
You¡¦ve never come to this point before, it¡¦s like you heard me
I pray someone will be with me ¡¥til the end
This is the tree you talked to us about.
The one with the same name as you.
Greetings, big Guang Wu Kuai.
I am Lu Guang Wu from Malaysia
My name is the same as yours.
You have to be well,
so that when I grow up, I can come see you, and you can see me.
By that time, I'll be really tall.
You must live for a very long time.
Quite ambitious, aren't you?
Of course.
Do you want me to help this big shot
and the tree take a picture?
1, 2, 3.
Xu Le, come help me take a picture.
What's wrong?
- I don't know how. - You just hold it by this side
- and then you push this button... - What are you two doing? Flirting?
Just take the picture already!
Okay, get ready.
1, 2, 3.
Why'd you step on my foot?!
How is this happening?
No! We have to take another one!
everything's fine.
The air at Ali Mountain is great.
I'm telling you, when you're not home,
every morning and night, you have to call and let us know how you're doing,
don't you know?
I'll be home tomorrow,
so stop being so fussy.
What do you mean fussy? Did you hear me?
Every morning and every night, you must call.
Okay...Be careful out there.
Hey, guys!
Okay, I told your daughter she has to call every morning and night.
So anxious! Goodness!
It's not like it's just the two of them alone on this trip. There're still the other hotel patrons, too.
It's still a guy and girl together.
If they're not careful, something could happen. What would we do then?
If what happens?
How can you be like this?
You know how these things are! Are you not even the least bit worried?
Ever since Zhen Zhen's match making fiasco,
I've become open-minded.
If a girl doesn't have a boyfriend,
if no one likes her, she can't get married. That's bad for us.
Right now, she's got someone who likes her,
and you're worried something will happen. That's also bad for us.
With business so busy right now, I'm about to lose it.
And then you are over there, someday you'll aggravate me to death!
ME aggravate YOU to death?
Last time the one so set on matchmaking Zhen Zhen was you.
She said she already had someone she liked.
Who do you think that person is anyway?
I think...I've thought it to death.
Then why don't you just ask her?
I want to ask.
You ask, you ask.
Next patient, next patient!
Come... This way.
Someone must have just come in.
Please come in, have a seat.
Xu Le!
Where in the world did they go?
Xu Le!
Xu Le!
Hey! Where'd you guys go?
To buy stuff.
Where'd you go to buy stuff?
Right behind you.
Why'd you both just take off randomly?
Who told you to pick up your phone and keep talking?
Lu Guang Wu,
stop eating that junk.
It's not a problem;
you can try any of this stuff.
Why did you go with Xiao Wu all over the place?
I... I'm a driver,
wherever he wants to go, I take him there. Isn't that my job?
Aren't you supposed to be looking after him?
Aren't I always watching him?
When I got off the phone, I turned my head and you were gone!
Don't you care about me at all?
So, should I first be watching you,
or should I be watching him?
This girl's brain doesn't think very clearly.
I have the freedom to take this guy to go buy stuff if I want to. Let her be.
Let's go.
I want to buy this one!
I'll go get a brand new packaged one for you.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Is this that great?
Why are you boys buying rings?
Boys are the ones that usually buy rings.
You've never had a guy buy you a ring, right?
Is that so unusual?
Xu Le Ge Ge,
I want to give you a present.
The "Le" in your name
is the same character as "happiness" right?*
*[refers to the Chinese character that makes up Xu Le's name]
So I, Guang Wu Kuai, as
Malaysia's future NABU, hereby declare you
my Happiness Guardian.*
*[Here "guardian" - like a spirit or magical fairy]
How do you know I can be your Happiness Guardian?
Because your name has the word "happiness" in it. So you should be happy.
You're not unhappy, are you?
I don't even really know myself.
Whatever the case may be, you're my Happiness Guardian.
"Happiness Guardian"...
Choose your gift.
Here's a new one.
Do you need any special wrapping?
Wait a sec.
I have one more thing I want to buy.
How about this?
I pick this one.
An owl shot glass?
Have you ever read Harry Potter?
Owls are magical.
They represent wisdom, knowledge,
and magic.
Out of all of these,
this is the most magical animal.
After all,
what good is a Happiness Guardian who can't do magic?
But aren't owls really lonely?
Then how about this?
I'll pick a pair;
this way, they won't be lonely.
these are toothpick holders.
They are handmade;
lots of customers like them.
I thought they were shot glasses.
You can use them as shot glasses.
Also, the story of magical owls,
from now one when I sell them, can I tell people that story?
If you like.
I'll help you wrap it up.
Thank you.
You really are a Happiness Guardian.
Unlike that...
Who are you calling a dummy?
Fine, then you choose a present, too. We'll see what I end up declaring you.
I don't need you to declare me anything.
Ah! I know!
I declare you my Happiness Guardian's slave!
I don't want to be a slave!
This is your fate.
"This is your fate."
Why do you put ketchup on everything?
Habit, I suppose. Tastes better that way.
Really? Then I want some too!
You want some, too?
I really can't stand you two any more.
Are you sick?
It's August, who would've known it would be so cold in the mountains?
Tonight, I'll take a hot shower,
get a little more sleep,
and tomorrow morning, I'll feel better.
We're going to try to watch the sunrise tomorrow.
Ali Mountain is most known for its sunrises.
I thought you came to see the tree with the same name as yours.
I also want to see the sunrise!
Right, Xu Le Ge Ge?
Watch the sunrise?
The sun rises every day,
but being able to see the very first glimpse of the sun
is pretty hard to come by. Rght?
This is because you two
have horrible lifestyle habits--
you sleep late and wake up late,
of course it's hard to come by.
I greet the sun as it rises everyday.
Seeing a sunrise in a city
and seeing a sunrise on a mountain top are two totally different experiences.
It's decided.
You have to abide by my Happiness Guardian's words.
Just thinking of waking up so early makes me tired.
On top of that,
dealing with this little brat,
I'm going to be dead tired.
We're just waking up early to see the sun rise.
Xu Le Ge Ge, is there a convenience store nearby?
Yes, there is.
When I drove up here, I saw one.
Xu Le!!
Did I say something wrong?
Are you trying to get at me again?
You can't go to another convenience store!
You really are a dummy.
Who are you calling a dummy?
Here, wear this,
otherwise you really will get sick.
I don't think you really think that.
Even though it could be a bit painful,
but you'll be able to see the very first ray of sunlight.
You can watch it slowly rise from inside the mountain valley.
From the darkness of night, as it slowly turns into a golden yellow.
As if your life is starting anew.
I feel like right now, you're not Xu Le,
but rather, Ye Zi.
From inside the mountain valley. From the darkness of night,
as it slowly turns into a golden yellow. As if your life is starting anew.
I feel like right now, you're not Xu Le,
but rather, Ye Zi.
Excuse me, may I ask,
if we wanted to see the sunrise tomorrow,
what time should we head out?
Get up at 3:30, head out at 4.
Four o'clock?!
Then shouldn't we get to bed earlier?
Otherwise, how are we ever going to be able to get up?
I brought an alarm clock.
Two of them.
He's thought of everything. No wonder his luggage is so big.
It's no problem. Tomorrow morning at 3:30, there'll be a morning wake-up call.
Thank you.
I'm starving!
What are you fighting over? There's no difference between the pieces!
Hurry up and ask!
Zhen Zhen,
this, uh...do you...
Do you like this soup?
Mom, you should get her a bowl of it.
Have another bowl.
That... What I'm...
What I'm saying, Zhen Zhen, is...
Dad, Mom,
after tomorrow I'm not going to work at the clinic anymore.
You're...You're not going to work there?
Why not?
I've already decided.
Zhen Zhen is finally rebelling!
You must really be mad at me! Right?
That's not it!
Okay already, stop making such a fuss.
I just don't want you both protecting me my whole life,
never being able to fully grow up.
From the time I was a kid until now, I've never had my own job.
I really want to see what the world out there is like.
You've always been so introverted and shy.
What would I do if something happened to you?
even if something happened to me, it's my decision.
Starting tomorrow, I'm going to look for a job.
When I have time, I'll still help out at the clinic.
I'm done eating; you guys take your time.
It's okay, stop crying.
Eat, eat.
How can you still eat?
Zhen Zhen,
can I come in?
Of course.
I wanted to chat with you for a bit.
During dinner just now,
what you said about your decision,
your mom and I feel a little unsettled.
before, no matter what you said
I'd listen obediently.
Is it because
your mom and I are too overprotective?
It's not that!
I just feel
that I used to never think about myself and my wishes.
Dad! Because you and mom worry about me,
you've let me stay at the clinic and work.
But you guys need to think a little about what it's like for me.
Think about it,
why else would mom try to matchmake me?
Even thinking about it makes me want to cry.
When I see Mom like that, it makes me feel so sad inside.
Don't say that.
You didn't do anything wrong.
Of course I did something wrong!
I haven't taken any responsibility for my own life!
I've let you and mom decide everything for me.
So if something doesn't turn out right,
you guys are even sadder about it than I am, because you blame yourselves.
Zhen Zhen,
your mom and I want the best for you.
But sometimes,
things get a bit messed up.
even so, no matter what, you guys will still worry.
So how about you let me try it out and see?
Let me work hard for once.
Perhaps it will be the best
way for me to figure out what I want the most.
Uh, you said you have someone you like.
That person...
He has nothing to do with me wanting to work.
This person...can you tell me
who he is?
Dad, I'm an adult now, can't I have a few secrets to myself?
If a day comes,
when he will accept me and want to be with me,
you'll be the first to know because you're my most important, precious family.
Get some rest.
Dad, how did it go?
Did she tell you? What does the guy do?
How old is he? How far have the two of them progressed?
She didn't tell me anything.
She didn't tell...
She didn't...
Aiyo! It must be that you didn't ask the right questions!
I'm going to go ask myself!
Don't go!
Why shouldn't I go?
Our daughter has grown up.
She doesn't need us anymore.
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Xu Le Ge Ge, don't go back to your room.
You have to stay with us.
The more the merrier. It's more lively that way.
Who was the one who said he wanted to see the sunrise?
Getting up so early, we should be getting to bed right about now.
Why do you want it to be more lively?
No way! We can't sleep tonight.
Can't sleep?!
Of course not. If you sleep, you'll definitely oversleep.
So tonight, we must pull an all-nighter,
and when it's time, we'll go out to see the sunrise.
No way, I can't do it.
I'm not going to be crazy just because you are. I need to get to bed.
What about you, Xu Le Ge Ge?
If I don't sleep, I'll be ok.
At any rate, I won't be able to fall asleep tonight.
Then you can come to my room to chat and watch TV.
If you guys come over, how am I supposed to sleep?
Exactly. I don't want you to sleep.
You two can share a room.
I'll move into Xu Le's room.
This way, you'll have no choice, right?
Nope. If you're there, I'm there.
You two can share a room.
I'll move into Xu Le's room.
This way, you'll have no choice, right?
Nope. If you're there, I'm there.
Then, what are you going to do all night?
You're hitting me? Watch me hit you back!
I can't do it anymore.
I need to sleep.
No! Get up! Get up!
Keep playing!
Xu Le Ge Ge! Get up and play with us too!
Play what?
Pan Neng Zhen,
give it your best in work! Give your best in love, too!
Hello, Ah Hao?
Where are you?
Ah Hao,
would you talk to me about you and that girl?
I'm not trying to bring up the past
or trying to compare myself with her.
I just want to know what you were like with her.
I just want to understand you better.
If the past
is really that painful,
maybe you should try talking about it. You never know, it may lessen the pain a bit.
Sorry, I'm being nosey.
I shouldn't ask you about your past.
She was my high school classmate.
I never thought
I'd see her in the U.S.
We fell in love pretty quickly
and got engaged soon.
Then, my dad passed away,
and the company went under.
I could barely stand on my own two feet.
I was stressed and troubled all the time
about how I would make it through each day.
I figured
there was no way I could let her live with me like that.
So you chose to leave her instead?
I knew that if I just suddenly disappeared,
she wouldn't move on.
So, I....
I spent everyday with a different woman, staying with them each night.
When she'd call
I would intentionally let the woman answer the phone.
I deliberately pretended not to see her tears.
When she came looking for me,
I even told her
I hated her face.
I told her to go away.
I heartlessly told her
to go away.
No matter how strong
my heart seems to be,
my heart still breaks.
no matter how I pray,
she still hears.
You didn't do anything wrong,
stop blaming yourself.
love won't stop
it still seeps out
All right already, stop waiting.
Go to sleep.
What time is it?
Past midnight.
Already past midnight.
Xiao Zhen isn't home.
Xiao Xian hasn't even called home.
What in the world is going on with these two girls?
It's no wonder
people say giving birth to girls is the same as giving birth to trouble.
I really lucked out.
I ended up having 3 girls!
Hello, Xiao Xian?
Didn't I tell you, when you get up in the morning,
and when you go to sleep at night, you should call us?
Why haven't you called?
Because I haven't slept.
It's so late! Why are you still up?
I'm waiting to see the sunrise.
See the sunrise?
That's right, see the sunrise.
The sunrise is beautiful. You should see it.
Oh, are you coming home for Father's Day?
Right, mom, I'll be home tomorrow.
Don't worry.
Oh, on Father's Day,
aren't we supposed to go to your hotel's restaurant to have some of that Devil steak?
Have you booked the reservations yet?
Of course, I did it a while ago already.
Then, that's good...
They won't run out of spots, will they?
No, they won't.
My mom called to ask me
if I've slept yet.
So, if I get to bed now, I can still get 3 hours of sleep.
You guys should sleep. I'll stay awake.
If I sleep that little, I'll only be more tired when I wake up.
That's what I said.
Can it be
that you both really want to play all night long?
Then, I'll go back to my room
and see if I can write anything here in Ali Mountain.
I'm going to go with Xu Le Ge Ge and play in his room.
I'm going to Xu Le Ge Ge's room.
Then you guys should go play!
I'm going to sleep for a bit.
No way!
You're my Happiness Guardian's slave--
wherever Xu Le Ge Ge is, you have to be there, too!
Cold medicine.
See if it'll help you feel any better.
You even brought cold medicine?
You never know when you'll need it.
If you want to sleep,
I have some sleep aid that'll help with that, too.
I even have some vitamin B, do you want it?
No, thanks.
I don't take western medicine.
My dad says...
If you have a strong immune system, you'll get better naturally.
Xu Le Ge Ge,
your luggage is like magic.
You can find anything in there.
Instant noodles, candy, vitamin water, alarm clock,
two jackets, shower gel, shampoo,
towel, hair dryer.
Don't you know the lodges carry this stuff?
I didn't know.
I went to Kenting in high school once,
but I haven't spent the night anywhere else since.
You really are a homebody.
Xu Le Ge Ge, your underwear!
What's this?
My... My massage stick.
You even brought your massage stick?
Why not?
What does a massage stick do?
A massage stick...
- is for massaging your shoulders. - Why do you need to massage your shoulders?
- Because your shoulders get sore. - Why do they get sore?
- Because I'm on the computer too long. - Why are you on the computer for so long?
- Because I can't get anything out. - Why can't you get anything out?
-Because I don't have any inspiration. - What's inspiration?
What inspiration is, is...
the more you need it,
the less you have it.
But then, sometimes,
"bam!" All of a sudden, there it is!
But then, there's also the possibility that it'll never pop out again.
I don't get it.
I'm hungry.
I'm going to call room service.
Do you think this place is a hotel?
Xu Le Ge Ge, are your noodles any good?
Take your time and eat.
I'm going to go back and shower.
How's this one?
There aren't any other choices.
Then do you know,
where is she now?
I have no idea.
She could still be in the U.S. or she could've came back.
You haven't seen her since?
After I left her,
I changed my cell phone number.
I threw away all her pictures and things which reminded me of her.
I don't dare think about her anymore.
I don't have the right to think about her.
But you must remember what she's like.
I think...
she's a beautiful girl.
She's really got character.
Sometimes she's really warm and tender,
and at others, she can be really overbearing and bossy.
At times, she's very independent, yet at others, she makes me just want to take care of her.
Ah Hao,
I finally understand why you can't accept me.
Because in the past, you've loved such an amazing woman,
how could I ever compare with her?
Zhen Zhen...
It's okay, I really don't mind.
Zhen Zhen, the two of us...
It's really late!
My parents must be worried sick!
You'd better take me home.
Oh, that's right, are you free tomorrow?
I'm free, why?
I wanted to ask you to come with me to buy a Father's Day gift for my dad.
Sneaking a peek?
Who's sneaking a peek?
I was going to tell you guys to stop sleeping.
Get up!
Who's the one who said he wanted to see the first rays of sunlight?
Just let him sleep,
there's still half an hour.
It's cold.
Good thing I have your jacket.
Are you getting sick?
Drivers can't get sick.
I'm going to go back for some medicine.
Don't take medicine!
My dad says if you push the right pressure point, you'll be fine.
What pressure point?
That hurts!
Of course it hurts!
It only hurts when you're sick.
I'll just pinch gently.
It hurts...
[Ali Mountain Forest Train Station]
[6:42 am, October 10, 2007]
Dreaming while in the city,
I'm sure we both have them
Gray skies don't mean being alive
Let me panic, Let me be hurt, Let me love, Let me hope
Just don't let me be lonely
Rain doesn't mean it's over
For instance we can still hear
I pray
someone will be with me 'til the end
Oh no~
The female actress retreats
she's silent in the black and white film
Is there still a beautiful story
There're so many stars!
Come, let's take some pictures!
that will help me be brave enough to go feel?
Go slowly
You must believe that my hand
will be awaiting you at every turn
Don't be afraid of missing it,
be afraid of giving up
You've woken up.
Put on the flash!
Have something hot to drink.
Hold this.
What kind of place is this?
This is where we're going to see the sunrise.
But why there is no sun?
You have to wait for it.
Wait a bit.
In front of us is the Yu mountain range*
*[Jade (Yu) Mountain Range]
The sun is going to rise
just about there, between Siouguluan Mountain
*[Siouguluan Mountain (Hsiukuluanshan) - a mountain in Taiwan in Yushan National Park with an elevation of 3,860 m]
and the Northern Peak.
Once the sun comes out,
you'll see a triangular shape to the right of me.
That's the main peak in the Yu mountain range.
To the right of that is called Southern Peak.
You'll see something sticking out behind it.
That's called Eastern Peak.
The sun!
It's rising!
I've seen the sunrise!
Did you know,
have welcomed the first rays of sunlight together?
The first rays of sunlight
have made the night's darkness disappear.
The day is just beginning.
I wonder at the power of this magical sunrise.
I suppose if you aren't willing to sacrifice the sleep,
endure the freezing wind, and have sore legs,
you'd never really experience or understand it.
Going without sleep for an entire night
just to experience such a delightful surprise.
So beautiful.
Here... the rice porridge is ready...
Where's your eldest sister?
I don't know.
Why don't you know? Didn't you wake her up to have breakfast?
She's not a little kid.
That's right, you're the little kid.
The way you speak these days, as if you can say whatever you like!
She came home late last night. Let her sleep a little more.
What do you mean "sleep a little more"?
Zhen Zhen was never like this before,
but now look at what she's become --
a girl that comes home at the wee hours of the night and
sleeps all day.
This won't do!
This really won't do, I'm going to wake her up.
Zhen Zhen!
Zhen Zhen!
Zhen Zhen, wake up and eat your breakfast!
Zhen Zhen!
Where'd she go so early?
Do you have to go back?
Thank you.
You're welcome to come again.
Bye bye!
Bye bye...
Thank you.
Bye bye...
See you later!
Bye Bye...
Bye Bye!
Bye Bye...
Is that a temple?
It's a post office.
The tallest post office in Taiwan.
You say
you go to some special fancy school,
and your tuition costs more than I make in a month,
then "Ali Mountain Post Office"...
can't you read the words?
Hey, the slave is fighting back!
I want to get out of the car.
Quit messing around. We're going home.
I want to send a postcard to my dad.
Isn't your dad coming to Taiwan tomorrow?
but when my dad and I get back to Malaysia,
we can both get the postcard I sent.
Isn't that a great idea, Xu Le Ge Ge?
It really is.
My dad, for me, is as tall and as great as Ali Mountain.
So from Taiwan's tallest post office, I want to send him a postcard.
Xu Le Ge Ge, see if I wrote this well.
Dear Daddy,
during my first trip to Taiwan,
I went to Ali Mountain,
saw the sun rise,
and saw a tree with the same name as mine.
So many great sights
and also,
here, I found two employees.
One is my Happiness Guardian,
who's in charge of making sure everyone is happy.
Accompanying my guardian is a dumb slave
called Nancy,
but she looks okay.
In the future, I'm going to have more and more employees,
serving under me.
Your son, Wu Guang Kuai.
Why'd you write that I was a dumb slave?!
Because that's what you are!
Then I want to mail a postcard to your dad!
Telling him how horrible you are.
Not just anyone can send my dad a postcard.
Could it be that you have no one to send a postcard to?
Why should I send a postcard to my friends? To write bad things in there about you?
Then you can write about how great I am.
No way!
Then, Xu Le Ge Ge,
write a postcard and mail it to her.
What should I write?
Write how stupid she is and erase this sentence about her looking okay.
- Okay. - Then here you go,
So you want me to erase this part about her looking okay?
What should I write?
We're finally going back to Taipei.
Says who?
Didn't we come from the North? We should head South.
*[Kaohsiung (Gao Xiong) - leading industrial city in Taiwan, 2nd largest city in the nation]
The next stop is Kao Hsiung
I already told Lu Yi and Vice Boss.
When you went to shower last night.
Xu Le has to get back to work!
I already talked it over with him.
Oh, really?
Actually, I really wanted to go to Sun Moon Lake. But when playing rock, paper, scissors, he lost.
Yeah, but you were too slow.
- You came out with "rock"... - No, I didn't! I was "paper!"
Hold on!
If you guys want to go somewhere, then we just go?!
Then, where do you want to go?
How about we play again?
Let's go...
I want to go back to work!
Where are you guys going?!
Xu Le!!
How did this happen?
I didn't sleep all night, and now we're going to Kaohsiung?
Is there a tree in Kaohsiung with your name, too?
No, but there's Guang Wu Elementary School!
You only want to go to those places that have something to do with you!
There's also Xu Le Ge Ge's shop!
How is there a shop called "Xu Le?"
It's true!
In Kaohsiung, there's a shop called "Happiness Shop."
Hello. Pan Neng Zhen.
Do you have any credentials?
Do you want to interview for the sales department?
Do you think you have good speaking skills?
Speaking skills...
How many languages do you know?
Does Taiwanese count?
Everyone's life
is so busy, trying to survive.
But I didn't realize until now
that staying with my mom and dad has caused me to
not know anything, not be able to do anything.
I have to try even harder.
This is enough
This is my last try
Miss, please turn around.
At this place without you
Learning what you said was love
In order to make you happy,
I chose loneliness
and a very strong love
'Coz I believe in love
I'm holding on but it hurts so badly
'Cause I believe in love
I thought I'd be happy 'til the end
It's not that I don't understand love's frailties
It's just that I can't let go right now
Ye Zi has never been in love!
- How can that be? - Let me have a look.
Not only that, his personality is so weird.
How were you able to ask Ye Zi so many personal questions?
What's with you today? You look kind of out of it.
I'm fine.
Let's call it a day, shall we?
'Cause I believe in love
I'm holding on, but it hurts so badly,
'cause i believe in love
I thought I'd be happy 'til the end
It's not that I don't understand love's frailties
If it wasn't because he suddenly thought of becoming a yellow cab driver to find stories,
we wouldn't have run into Ah Hao.
You mean to say that,
Xu Le ran into Ah Hao when he took his cab?
it was at the taxi station, that we realized
that Ah Hao's a taxi driver too.
It's not that I don't understand love's frailties
It's just that I can't let go right now
It's just foolishly hanging on
I'll never let go
I hope for the day
How could these guys again disappear?
Those two punks!
I'm hanging out with two headstrong children, right?
Why didn't you tell me when you left the car?
When I woke up, you both scared me to death!
We saw that you were getting over your cold,
and had just fallen asleep,
so we didn't want to disturb you.
Excuse me, may I ask,
Excuse me...
Who are you looking for?
I'm looking for...
Zhen Zhen!
What brings you here?
You look very pretty today.
Thank you.
Do you work here, too?
Are you looking for me?
Or are you looking for Da Tou?
Actually, neither.
Zhen Zhen?
Sorry for the trouble, the car broke down suddenly today
so you had to come to the station to pick me up.
It's no problem.
Are you here looking for Ah Hao? Do you know each other?
So are you Ah Hao's girlfriend?
Stop talking rubbish.
Let's go.
Bye bye.
My #626...
It's okay! I still have handsome guy #509!
Why hasn't #509 brought the food back
for Long Ge yet?
He just called saying he's going to Kaohsiung for a day.
Hasn't he been gone for too many days now?
Happy Day Taxi Company, how may I help you?
Miss, wait a sec, I'll get your change.
Here's your NT$750, thank you.
Could you please follow that taxi?
I'm going to go park the car.
Call me when when you're done.
Thank you.
Hello? Ah Hao?
I'll wait for you on the third floor.
See you soon.
Let's go into this store first.
Ah Hao,
I think this one looks really nice. What do you think?
Let me use you to see the fit.
Arm length seems about right.
Looks about right.
Do you think we should get a smaller size?
No need.
It's outer wear, so he'll be wearing something under it.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I'd like a latte.
One lemon iced tea.
Can we get two tiramisu, please?
I don't eat dessert.
From now on whenever we eat together,
we have to order tiramisu.
Because in Italian, "tiramisu" means
"take me with you."
You want to come with me?
Can I open my eyes yet?
Wait just a little longer.
How about now?
We're almost there.
I'm opening them!
Wait! Not yet!
[Ah Hao is driving a Porsche.]
We're here.
It's ready.
Okay! Welcome, lady of the house!
'Cause I believe in love
I'm holding on, but it hurts so badly
'Cause I believe in love
I thought I'd be happy 'til the end
You deliberately drew a picture of your ideal home for me to see,
so I could give it to you.
I didn't...
So I keep hanging on
loving wrong is etched into who I am
This is enough
This is my last try
At this place without you
Learning what you said was love
In order to make you happy
I chose loneliness
and a very strong love
'Cause I believe in love
I'm holding on but it hurts so badly
'Cause I believe in love
I thought I'd be happy 'til the end
It's not that I don't understand love's frailties
Ah Hao,
come home with me.
It's just that I can't let go right now
So I keep hanging on
loving wrong is etched into who I am
Love might make me more brave
Get out of the way!
I don't want to.
The tomorrow I desire
I don't want to see your hateful face.
Get out of the way!
'Cause I believe in love
I'm holding on, but it hurts so badly
'Cause I believe in love
I thought I'd be happy 'til the end
It's not that I don't understand love's frailties
It's just that I can't let go right now
So I keep hanging on
loving wrong is etched into who I am
'Cause i believe in love
I'm holding on but it hurts so badly
I don't want to see your hateful face.
Get out of the way!
I thought I'd be happy 'til the end.
It's not that I don't understand love's frailties
It's just that I can't let go right now
I'm just foolishly hanging on
I'll never let go
I hope for the day
You understand
For tomorrow's Father's Day activities,
we've arranged for the best pastry chef to come
and teach us how to make dessert.
Before you leave, this will be your last activity.
I hope that, here at Sherwood, you can make a good ending.
Yes, Manager.
Are you quitting?
Everyone already knows.
Hurry up and hire someone new.
Also, let's have dinner together tonight.
Meeting adjourned.
Where are you going?
Another hotel came looking for me.
Why didn't you tell me?
I shouldn't be the last to know.
you've been at Sherwood so long now, we...
Vice Boss,
I've been here for so long, yet I've never been promoted.
Maybe at another place I'll do better.
Please give me your blessing.
Dreaming while in a city
I'm sure we both have them
Gray skies don't mean being alive
Let me panic, Let me be hurt, Let me love, Let me hope
Just don't let me be lonely
Rain doesn't mean it's over
For instance we can still hear
I pray
someone will be with me 'til the end
Oh no~
The female actress retreats
she's silent in the black and white film
Is there still a beautiful story
that will help me be brave enough to go feel?
Go Slowly
You must believe that my hand
will be awaiting you at every turn
Don?™t be afraid of missing it,
be afraid of giving up
Go Slowly
Trust that with every question
my warmth will be present
To be happy, there must be
a moment where we meet
Can we stay in Kaohsiung one more day? There're still a lot of places we haven't gone yet.
*[Known for its City Light Gallery located in Central Park, beautiful at night]
I want to go to Urban Spotlight*
I want to go to Shou Shan Zoo.
I want to go to Holy Rosary Cathedral.
*[The oldest Catholic church in Taiwan]
Holy Rosary Cathedral?
Sounds pretty good.
Holy Rosary Cathedral.
Holy Rosary Cathedral located near Love River.
Right on the other side of the bridge is heaven.
My mom must be there,
because my dad says,
my mom is in heaven watching over us.
Let's go there tomorrow.
Okay for you, but not for me!
Isn't your dad coming tomorrow?
Then, I'll go next time.
[Lu Guang Wu]
[Pan Neng Xian was here]
[Xu Le has been everywhere]
[Sizih Bay]
*[Located on the west part of Kaohsiung, known for beautiful beaches, clear water, & natural reefs]
Look, you guys!
So pretty!
May I borrow one?
This kite is too big for you; you won't be able to move it.
How big is this kite?
It's 3 meters tall.
You could compete with that!
I do. Pretty often, in fact.
I know now! You're Huang Jing Zhen!
The one that won that big kite competition, the Kite Master, Huang Jing Zhen!
How did you know?
He's really amazing.
Kites really are beautiful.
You guys can fly the bird kite.
Do this, and it'll get off the ground.
Thank you, Master.
Do your best.
If only inspiration was like a kite,
all it needs is some wind and it can fly.
If inspiration was like a kite,
then the wind would have destroyed it by now.
Do you want to fly it?
Wait a bit...
Hold tightly,
I'm letting go now.
The number you are trying to reach is currently unavailable,
please leave a message.
If you don't want to leave a message, hang up now,
please leave a message after the beep...
Hello? This is Xiao Ma.
Sherwood's Xiao Ma.
Your high school classmate, Xiao Ma.
You must be busy.
I just wanted to hear your voice.
To be honest, I'm a little nervous,
my brother asked me to have dinner with him tonight. Hopefully I'll still be alive when it's over.
Nevermind, I'm just kidding.
You probably don't know what I'm blabbering about. Right?
How about this, we'll talk next time we see each other.
What's this?
Ma You Chicken*, haven't you eaten it before?
*[Seasame chicken: a dish prepared with ginger, seasame, and soy sauce, very soupy]
Isn't this the stuff girls eat when they're on their period?
Anyone can eat it.
Nancy Jie Jie, you sure can eat!
What do you mean by that?
Following you guys around all day, I'm famished!
If the female lead in a novel loved to eat this much,
the male lead couldn't possibly like her,
right, Xu Le Ge Ge?
You said it.
In my novels,
there aren't any girls who eat like this.
I'm not the leading lady in your stories,
I can eat however I want!
You're right about that,too.
It might be precisely because of that,
that you aren't the kind of character I have in my stories.
What kind of character am I?
The kind that is constantly anxious and worried.
Loves to eat,
seems serious, but doesn't really have a lot of brains.
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