Crackòvia: La remontada de las galaxias Ep. II / Star Comeback Ep. II

Uploaded by Kewban on 09.04.2012

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....
In the last episode
"Get the front cannons ready. We're lunching the final attack on the rebels within five minutes."
"Yes, my Lord. May the Force be with us."
Episode II: The rebel base
The Empire is losing momentum, but they're about to launch the final strike from their indestructible space station, the Death Star.
Meanwhile, in planet Tatooine, the rebels have managed to cut the distance, and their leader is preparing the heroic defense.
Ah, you don't have to worry. Jar Jar Binks is not going to appear in this episode either.
"It's impossible for us to win. Imperial weapons are too powerful!"
"Queca! Coach, have you seen Queca?"
"Jedi coach, the Death Star is about to attack us! What can we do?"
"I've told you many times, it's impossible! I don't know what tactics I should use. What do you think?"
"Are you talking to me?" "With those side hair buns you can't hear a thing!"
"Yeah, but they really suit me, aren't they?" "The truth is yes."
"Watch out, we're being attacked!
"Watch out, we're being attacked!
"No, man, he's one of us! You always do the same thing! Is my hair messed up?"
"Wow! The X-wing is so fast thanks to the new turbocharger! I've reached the speeed of light in the blink of an eye!"
Well, when will we attack the Death Star?"
"Let it go, it's impossible!
Maybe if we attack early, very early...
Who am I trying to fool? They're unbeatable!
Now they're really attacking us! We won't succeed!"
"We can't give up! We have to fight, coach!
There's only one person who could help us. Help us could he."
"You're right!
Go and find him. He'll give you the key."
"I'll take you in the spacecraft. I've installed a new subwoofers and I'll put on the CD of the gig I recorded at the Chalmun's Cantina. Let's go!"
"Comrades! May the Force be with you."
"Thanks, coach."
"May the horse sing with you? Why are you talking nonsense?
Help me to fire these fools."
In the next episode...
"Road to wisdom very easy is.
Slap the golden droid.
How are you feeling?"
"Is that all? Am I a Jedi Master?"
"No, I needed a bit of fun!"
To be continued...